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Fyi, is offering some free, online nutrition courses. I have signed up for one and hope to gain some insight into some of the issues that are so crucial for osteoporosis.

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Thanks for this information, Dairy. I signed up for the Fundamentals of Human Nutrition and will recommend it to a friend (who really needs it).

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Thank you:)

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Thanks for sharing this! I am studying holistic nutrition. I signed up for the same course and another on human physiology. I also sent the information to my son and husband. Very cool!

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wow Thank you for posting that link!

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Hi Dairy,

I just clicked on the website , but I cannot find out what you are talking about?
Where is it, and what should I be clicking on?


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Dear April,
Coursera has a lot of free courses on a variety of subjects. You have to scroll through the list until you find the nutrition course. Then click to enroll.

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Dairy, Thank you for posting that link. I am going to find time to listen to one of the nutrition courses.

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Thanks for the info..I have company here, but will take the time and check it out...

Take Care,

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