Fosteum for Osteopenia/Osteoporosis

Fosteum is available for menapausal women who have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis. Fosteum also has a very positive effect on vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes) of 30% reduction within the first month and with continued therapy, up to 60% over the course of a year. Fosteum is a prescription medical food product which is intended to treat a disease and must be monitored by your physician. The FDA regulates FOSTEUM like any other normal prescription, however it is a natural source that has the highest rated saftey of anything the FDA can offer you for treatment of a disease (it's called GRAS status). NOT ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS ARE SAFE. Supplements are very different from prescriptions, they are for a HEALTHY population and one shouldn't think that taking a supplement (by itself) that contains some of the ingredients of Fosteum or any other drug will be beneficial to their condition.

It's important to know that Fosteum is an extremely pure form of Genistein from the "legume" (bean) plant. Fosteum increases bone formation at the rate of your typical bisphosphonates or HRT (3% per year), however the side effect profile stands alone. Fosteum has never had any cancer reported, breast density changes, vaginal cytology changes, no DVT's (blood clots), or necrosis of the jaw (almost 8 years of data). This product has many, many safety and efficacy studies and should be first line treatment for patients who cannot or will not take HRT or bisphosphonates.

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