I would like some into put on this please. I've been diagnosed with the big O. I've had major back Surgery. I was on Actenol for about 2 years. I stopped taking it about 3 years ago. After all the reading and info on this type of drug I decided against it. My Dr. said I have to do "something". I'm taking 2 Fosteum, 2 Calcium, 2 mag, 1 vitamin D and 2 fish oils..Daily. I havent heard any talk about Fosteum. What does anyone know about it.
thank you, Marcia

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Why not try strontium citrate? The research on Strontium Ranelate is very solid and there is no evidence that the ctirate salt would be any differently handled by the body.

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Do you know anything about fosteum? What is the advantage to strontium citrate? I'm not sure what that is. Or compared to the fosteum. Can you explain more. I thought that's what fosteum is. It's not a drug. it's supposed to be a natural product. But it's not over the counter. Isnt the Stontium C. a vitamin?
Isnt anyone taking that???????Or heard of it?

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Hi Marisa, I've never taken Fosteum, but there are some who do on this community. Not sure if they still take it or not, but here's a link on the discussion of Fosteum here at Inspire. ry=fosteum&submit.x=0&submit.y=0

Scroll through the link above to find those taking it. Also here's a link to the manufacturer website

Good luck...

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I don't know anything about Fosteum, but strontium is a mineral just like calcium is a mineral. On the periodic chart that chemists use, strontium is one level below calcium. Minerals are less complex than vitamins. Strontium is heavier than calcium and yet gets incorporated into the bone much like calcium.

Tens of thousands of women throughout the world have used a patented form of strontium...strontium ranelate. It has a synthetic ranelate salt attached so the manufacturer, Servier, a French company, can patent it and protect its sale and finance the necessary research to prove its efficacy. Servier has not, however, paid the fees to the FDA to have their drug approved in the US. So what many in the US have done is to use other common salt forms of strontium such as strontium citrate.

"2 major phase III clinical studies, SOTI (Spinal Osteoporosis Therapeutic Intervention) and TROPOS (Treatment of Peripheral Osteoporosis), were started in 2000 to investigate the efficacy of strontium ranelate in reducing vertebral fractures and peripheral fractures, including hip fractures. In the 3 years results, reported in 2004, strontium ranelate showed significant reduction in vertebral fractures with 41% and hip fractures with 36% compared with patients treated with placebo. [2]"

You should not use this if you have renal or kidney disease. Also, rarely, some people have a deadly hypersensitive reaction to it. I have taken it since December. Initially, it gave me slight headaches, but not anymore. You must take some calcium during the day, but don't take strontium and calcium together, the calcium prevents absorption of strontium. Do your research on this online. Most doctors know nothing about this though and so will not recommend this.

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My dentist's wife has been on strontium citrate for 2 years her dex scan showed 8% increase and she took it the wrong way with food. No side effects and feeling great. I have been on SC for 3 months now and hope for good results. No side effects.

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I'm so happy to get info and to connect with this group. thank you so very much. .thank you

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do a web search for Fosteum, there is a lot of info, but tonight, the heart is missing so i cannot link the page, and can't copy the article due to copyrights

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Thank you..I have a LOT of reading to do for sure!!!!!!!

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I'm sorry I dont know any Dr.s. . I'm guessing you have to make a apt for a exam. That's usually the route. I think you will just have to start making phone calls. Both my pain Dr. and my Gyno wanted me to take it. You might have to have a bone scan first. They will want to see the results first. I'm not sure, but that's the norm.
I take 2 DAILY
I've had so side effects that I can tell. But sure have been doing a lot of reading. And the people on this site have been great! Where in Canada are you? I'm in Az. now, but from Detroit. Close to Windsor. I would start looking up Dr.s closest to you in the states and make your apt.

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This site
that I found a couple of days ago really has A LOT of info in one place, including about Fosteum that you take Marisa.
Please let us know how the Fosteum works for you as time goes on. Good luck with your bones.

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Boy, am I learning a lot today. I'm so glad I asked for help. I'm also feeling a lot better about taking the fosteum.. I would like to know if more of you are taking this and for how long. What else are you doing to improve the bone loss?

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what is called the "plant food" in fosteum is genestein. i have been trying to find the correct dosage of it non-prescription but it's hard to compare the products out there to the fosteum. worth looking as i have heard that fosteum is expensive. the decision should be based on your scores, risks, previous gains from meds, etc. and if you decided on the fosteum, you can monitor its benefits by getting ntx testing before you start and again in a few months.
good luck

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I took Fosteum for two years. I was 53 when I was diagnosed with osteopenia. My insurance plan would not cover the cost,
so I paid for it myself. I stopped after two years because my bone scan showed that I had continued to loose bone mass in my spine. The e-mail address for the manufacturer is I would be happy to answer any questions for you that I can. I now take Fosamax, 35 mg. I am considering stopping Fosamax because of all the potential side-effects. I did e-mail the
maker of Fosteum in the past and my e-mails were answered.

Have a nice day,

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I wish I could give you prices. but I have no idea. You'll have to inquire.

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