Fosamax vs generic

Two years ago, my dexa-scan numbers were spine -2.4 and hip -1.9. I'd been in the -1.8 range for several years before that. Stopped drinking soda with phosphoric acid, began drinking glass of milk every day (mostly), became more careful with calcium and magnesium supplements. Work out at fitness center 3 days a week (most of the time) - walk the treadmill in the summer, but walk golf course 3 days a week in winter months (Florida).

Went in for bone scan again and was really expecting an improvement in numbers. Very disappointed. Spine did improve to -2.1, an improvement of 4.4%. But hip went to -2.3, a 6.9% loss.

Was first diagnosed in 1999. My new two-year goal is to stop drinking caffeinated coffe and switch to decaf, to drink 3 glass of milk a day, continue working out, to drink more tea, which I've read is beneficial to bone-building despite the caffeine. I'm also switching from calcium carbonate to calcium citrate.

I was taking Fosamax from day 1, but two years ago insurance switched me to the generic and I'm wondering how much of a mistake that way. I've read through the page of info sent with the generic and no where does it say who makes it.

I'm going to see my doctor in a couple weeks and ask her about switching back to the Fosamax rather than the generic. I realize it costs more, but this last dexa-scan certainly raises questions in my mind.

Has anyone else had any problem like this?

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Blackgorilla: Well, the good news with your bone density results was an increase in your spine. Whether or not the generic drug is not working for you as well as regular Fosamax is certainly not something that I could answer. I had a very bad experience with Fosamax and would not use it again under any circumstances. If you have been reading the postings on this site you will realize that it is not any one thing that makes a difference with bones. I had a slight improvement in my scores both spine and hip and I attribute this improvement to many factors: I take a good multi-vitamine as well as caclium supplements(I try to get most of my calcium from food). I take magnesium and Vit. D3, I also take a good quality Fish oil and I take trace minerals. I also take Vit K. Again, I try to get this from food sources. I purchased a platform which I stand on for 20 mts. daily - a Juvent machine(I'm sure you have heard of these). I also took a compounded estrogen and progesterone but may have to stop this because of complications. I walk almost daily and do weight training three times a week. I also have to be aware of the acid/ackaline balance in my digestive system. Personally I feel the combination of everything we do makes a difference in our bone density. I realize that does not answer your question regarding fosamax or generic but perhaps will give you some insight into what I feel we have to do to get improvement. Take Care.

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Thanks Caleigh for your response. I, too, take the same vitamins you do and I think my fitness center work and walking the golf course really help. The fact that I raised my spine count really surprised me. But, at the fitness center I added a new machine probably a year and a half ago and I think that one is totally responsible for that additional spine. Such good push and pull on bones.

I also garden, which is supposed to help. I can't take the estrogen because of breast cancer. I'm now a 5 yr. survivor, yippee!!

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the Fosamax. I've read a lot of about things like that, but have never had one single problem with it, so I count myself very fortunate.

I do know that just as it takes a village to raise a child, so, too, it takes a multi-faceted approach to good bones. I'm hoping my new two-year program yields a good score in 2011. I'm on Medicare and can only have a bone scan every other year.

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I would think the generic is based on the same formula and should yield the same results. I personally disagree with taking bisphosphonates, but that's a decision that is personal for each of us.

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Brand name Fosamax vs generic, difference should only be in the fillers used to bind the ingredients. Probably not a big difference that I read at a earlier post at this site.

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Char, thanks for the informative website. Will discuss with my doctor in a couple of weeks.

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AMONG LOTS OF MEMBERS, THERE ARE HARD, NEGATIVE WORDS FOR THESE DRUGS; HOW THE BIOPHOSES DO THE BONE AND HOW LONG IT TAKES to undo their effect and get that out of the system -- when you do decide to change from them-?

And, what I have read on the biophosphenates and THIS IS FROM MEMORY--fosamax is made by Proctor and Gamble .. the makers of Tide.

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Hi bettyrenshaw, thanks for your comment.

As I posted, I've never had any problem with Fosamax or generic. I've actually been surprised to read so many negative comments, both here and on other conversations.

I don't know how long it would take for the drugs to get out of one's system. But, at this time, I don't plan to find out. I see my doctor tomorrow and will be refilling the prescription.

Also, Fosamax and Fosamax +D are registered trademarks of Merck & Co., not Proctor and Gamble.

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