I have been using Forteo since August and two or three times a week the plunger gets stuck and will not go all the way in (so yellow still shows on the barrel) so I remove the needle and don't get the full dose. I then try to push the plunger the rest of the way in (over the sink)and it won't move. Then as I hold it in my hand for about 15 seconds, I hear a click and the plunger will then easily push on through. Has anyone else experienced this? I even had Lily replace one plunger but the last three plungers are doing exactly the same thing. Is it me or have others had this happen to them. Thanks for any input.

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I would suggest you talk to your Dr. and show him in person, how your using it!


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I have never had that problem but, at least in Canada, an RN (who specializes in Forteo) is assigned to you right from the beginning. She checks in with you once a month and her number is always available should you have questions or concerns.

Good luck!

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