Fall but no broken bones

Well, I did it again. I fell walking my dogs the other night. I slipped on acorns. The good news is that I did not break any bones. I severely sprained my L ankle, R knee abrasion and R hand contusion. On crutches and in a boot. Oh joy... and Thanksgiving is coming

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So very glad to hear you did not break any bones. What supplements are you taking and what numbers do you have?


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Oh KMF, so sorry this happened! I hope this heals fast and the pain isn't too bad.

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Sounds like good news - no broken bones - and the bad news - all the pain! Hope you recover quickly. Sounds like a good reason to sit and enjoy others preparing the Thanksgiving feast for you - take advantage of the silver lining in your fall! :-)

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It is so easy to fall and hurt yourself. Thank goodness you didn't break any bones. Have plenty of rest, to allow that sprained ankle to repair. At least it shows that your bones must be improving, although I think a DEXA scan would be a better way to find out in the future.

Take care! and happy Thanksgiving.

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Thanks... trying to have patience with my recovery

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But no broken bones! Yea! I feel your pain though. Maybe this will make you feel better. A few years ago I fell and did break a bone in my foot. Anyhow, I had one of those big frankenstein boots on with crutches. And I had been nominated for a major award. So, there I am with my floor length satin skirt, velvet top, crutches, big ugly boot AND a shaved head (had shaved it for the roll I played.) I was quite a sight! Feel better now ? :)

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..and of course I meant "role" not "roll". I have played no food items to date.

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I used a chair as a step stool and fell this past August. I broke my foot - ballerina fracture - and was in a boot for 2 months. I don't think it would have broken regardless as to whether I had osteoporosis or not. Coincidently, a collegue of mine broke her foot the same week in the same spot. She is 10 years younger than I, in great shape, and has no osteoporosis. I think I am healing faster than she is. I am still in flats, but occasionally wear heels without a problem. She has not graduated to heels yet and is still quite swollen. Our x-rays look the same. Go figure. Heal fast and now that Dec. is approaching, we should all watch the ice (except me, I live in San Diego).

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