Everything I eat turns to gas

Or at least it seems that way.

Luckily my husband is very easy-going - we actually joke about it a lot.

But meanwhile my intestines frequently feel like a cement mixer.

I had a colonoscopy as well as a pelvic sonogram in 2010 and an endoscopy in 2012, so my tests are up to date. I'm careful about food combining and am not sensitive to gluten.

I do have an appointment with a GI doctor regarding another issue next week and could mention this then. Are there any tests I should request, or anything else that would be helpful for this appointment?

Has anyone successfully resolved this issue, and if so, how?


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My husband has this issue. His GI doctor says this means he's eating healthy. We do eat a lot of fiber. Maybe it's related to the amount of fiber you're ingesting. Other than that, I have no idea.

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I remember hearing my grandmother going 'put-putt-puttttt' as she walked around the house...especially early in the morning .... my brothers called them the 'walking fa***' ...never thought it'd happed to me ;) ...guess what?????? LOL ...might as well!!

Have a wonderful evening
Kathy....aka, mybutterfly

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I have thyroid disease and have been telling every doctor I've seen (a lot!!!) over the past 8 years that my digestion is messed up (and getting worse). I have given up now and am paying for private consult with Professor Brostoff (UK). Most doctors test for IgE antibodies and if negative assume you haven't got coeliac disease. It is much more complicated than that!!

I recommend Dr P's book www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-Guide-Food-Allergy-Intolerance/dp/1906680000. It explains sooo much of what is going wrong and why we can't get proper diagnosis.

I urge anyone with gut issues to read this, your gut is vital to good health 70% of your immunity comes from it. Gluten intolerance is a very serious issue. I've not studied the other allergy issues yet as I sure I have gluten issues.

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Hyland's Homeopathic has an excellent and inexpensive remedy called GAS. I've been using it for 20 or 30 years. It works, and quickly.

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Have you had a food allergy test done? I did and it really helped. Taking probiotics has helped alot too. My Dr recommended the VSL#3 which is great. I order it at Walgreens as they don't stock it. It does have to be refrigerated. However, it is very expensive but it is worth it as it has helped with my digestion and how I feel alot. I have had IBS for 40 years or more and it is the first thing that has helped me.

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Thank you to all who replied.

Some years back I was tested extensively for allergies, both food and non-food, and the only allergy found was to nickel. Possibly I have developed some allergies or food intolerance issues since then.

Also, thanks so much for all the links and great resources which I definitely will look into!


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You might want to pick up Elizabeth Lipski's book Digestive Wellness. She has some extensive quizzes in the book that might help you identify the problem.

I listened to a great podcast today from The Dr. Lo Radio Show fro Blog Talk Radio. Episode 8-28-12 is called Pooping 101. Yes, a little gross subject name, but it was a great show!


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I find it interesting that this is a forum for hyper parathyroidism and 'several' of us have digestive issues. Gas is a normal part of digestion but I suppose it is evaluating whether undigested food is causing a more than normal amount of gas that is the question.

What effect does excess calcium and low vit D as is likely with hyper parathyroidism, have on the digestive process? Is the serum level of calcium high because the digestive system isn't absorbing it properly? And if so why not?


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Hi Uma

I have that problem and you might want to check out SIBO to see if the symptoms fix your problem. Another thing you might try is a little vinegar in a glass of juice or tea with some honey to cut the taste that helped me a lot but in time I got heartburn which I get very easy. You might want to try the vinegar and see if it helps. Some people peppermint helps other it makes worse. If you have SIBO it is not an easy problem to solve. Mine is lot of gas w/diarrhea and other symptoms so if your is just gas it may be what you are eating that is causing the problem. The main things could be grain, sugar, dairy, you may need to cut one at a time out and see if that is the problem, if not try the other. Hope this helps. Good luck, Fern

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Thanks, Dolly, reddwarf and Fern, for all your suggestions.


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hi, gas.....
a few things come to mind, very simple things:

increasing your water intake

taking probiotics

getting testes for helicobacter pylori

taking activated charcoal for symptom relief

taking things that help with digestion as well as probiotics such as:

chia seeds, tumeric with black pepper supplements, drinking fennel seed tea, adding a little clove to your fennel seed tea,

digestive enzymes,(there are those as well as general ones geared to irritable bowel symptoms if that is a problem),

vit d3 helps with stomach acid balance especially with GERD

cutting down on the amount of pill supplementation of calcium because it can reduce the normal acidity needed for digestion,

and paying attention to what foods triggers the gas and timing of the gas episodes after eating.

i know this is very general but i hope it is helpful.

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Faylou, Are you aware of any digestive enzymes specifically for IBS?

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hi, i took one from a company called altman, called Zymkal IB, i would just look in a few stores and see whats available,

reactions are so individual that you would just have to go by one that works for you....

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Cut out (or WAY back on) sugar & artificial sweeteners.

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Sauerkraut helps, too--not from a can. Buy freh, raw sauerkraut or make it yourself. It's easy, and it keeps for months.

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I have the same problem only mine is a lot of belching. I can be perfectly fine for weeks and all of a sudden I get heart palpatations and a lot of belching and than I get real tired. Because of this my Blood Pressure spikes up so they have me on a blood pressure medicine and prevacid. I hate taking the prevacid because I know it is bad for your bones. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Here are my ideas. Take a look at wheatbellyblog.com where many people have written in about resolving digestive issues ( among other health problems) by giving up grains, especially wheat. Or you can read the book Wheat Belly. I have done this myself. Used to have terrible digestive problems. I eat a low carb diet now and no grains or legumes.
Other things I found helpful: fennel seed tea, ginger tea, lacto fermented sauerkraut, DGL liccorice taken before meals, probiotics ( best to buy the kind with at least 30 Billion on the jar). HOpe this helps. It might be worth trying giving up the grains just as an experiment to see if you resond well..

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I attended a conference over the weekend and one of the presenters suggested this protocol for eliminating the need for PPIs.

Marshmallow root extract. You can read about it here - see step 5:


Ginger root tea. Put a few slices of ginger in one of these tea ball infusers and pour boiling water over it. Let it steep for 10 minutes.

http://www.amazon.com/Progressive-Stainless-Steel-Mesh-Ball/dp/B00004RIZ7/r ef=pd_bxgy_k_img_y

Drink these concoctions for at least a week and then see if you actually need the PPI.

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hi all,

i found this very interesting,

the chia seeds i've been using them for almost a year have helped me enormously with IBS, fatigue, regular bowel movements.

i never paid attention to the small print (nutritional breakdown) i tried it and it helped.

i've spent time researching chia seeds after i heard some bad things that it is not good to take,.

so far i haven't found any of that information, and having been using it has only had for me been beneficial.

i thought i''d pass on some of that info.

chia seeds are very rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium, omega 3, protein, and a rich source of various essential minerals.

but i only now did i examine the measurements of my regular 'spoonful', and i've discovered i was taking about three tablespoons at a shot, (i mix it in water , stir and drink, if it sits a bit it becomes very jelly like and can eat it with a spoon, very neutral taste and you don't have to grind it)

i never paid attention to the scoop size ( some old scoop that came with a protein mix) i was using i assumed it was a tablespoon or 2 maybe, turns out its a 60ml scoop which translates to 4 tablespoons, i used a bit less.

so, i was shocked to see how much calcium and protein is in it.

so i would highly recommend chia seeds as a food source for calcium, magnesium, boron, fiber, protein, and iron.
and omega 3.

i'm going to cut down to 1-2 tablespoons a day and see how that goes for me.

there is lots of info on the net

here is just one link:


i'd be happy to receive updates if any of you do use chia seeds to see how it works for you.

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Thanks again to all who replied - definitely a lot of things to try here!

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