Dr. Oz and Calcium

On Oprah today Dr. Oz says to take 1200mg of calcium with 600-700 mg of Magnesium together. He said that it will keep constipation down. He did not say they should not be taken together or that they don't absorb as well but constipation is a bad problem. What are your thoughts? Victoria

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1. It is advised by dietitians and others that one take only 600 mg of calcium at a time. Calcium is a big molecule and is not easily absorbed by the gut. The body will waste -- or eliminate -- the calcium beyond 600 mg. This is whether it is in your food or in a supplement.
2. Constipation and gas are common complaints amongst those who take it in calcium carbonate form.
I have heard no complaints from those who take it in calcium citrate form.
3. What about your Vitamin D3? What did he say about that important vitamin?
4. As to one's diet -- grains, fruits and vegetables (along with food sources of calcium) are more desirable than supplements AND serve to keep your bowels in good shape. Along with ample water.
Lucy Buckley PT

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Question: How does Vitamin D3? differ from regular Vitamin D?
Where do I buy it?


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D3 is also known as cholecalciferol -- it is better for bone health than D2 -- more effective in helping calcium get absorbed.
Just check your supplements to see if D3 is included (either as D3 or as cholecalciferol.
By the way, there is excellent information on the NOF website about Vitamin D --- just cliick at the top of this page on the right to get there.
Lucy Buckley PT

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Thank you for correcting my error. He said 1200mg of calcium per day! I did not proof read my email..........I take Calcium Citrate and have constipation very bad........in fact so bad that a few weeks ago I did not take calcium for a week. I have to take stool softners each day.............He said to cut down on constipation to take your magnesium and calcium together.........totally for the day 1200 mg calcium and 600-700 mg a day of magnesium. I did not hear him talk about Vitamin D3..........I buy Twin Labs Anti-Allergy Vitamin D3.........I take 1200-1600 mg per day and I take my vitamin D3 with my calcium..........ARE WE TO TAKE D3 with calcium or alone???? I have never been told not to. Thank you for the responses. Victoria

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Thanks, Lucy, for explaining D3. I checked my Vitamin D bottle and, thankfully, it is all cholecalciferol.

At your suggestion I will check out the NOF website regarding Vitamin D. D.

My next quest is for the right type of magnesium. Does anyone know what kind we should take with
our calcium & D3?

Thanks, Linda

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Hi Victoria,

I used to have constipation because of the calcium supplements. but my doctor told me to
spread the dosage out over the course of the day, and that has helped. I take 500mg after each meal during the day, and the constipation is gone! Thank goodness!

However, I also eat 5 fruits and veggies a day with several other sources of fiber. AND water is
very important to drink even if you don't like it. I also joined a gym and exercise for 45 minutes at least 4 times a week. If you can't do that I think that walking for exercise will help.

I hope that these suggestions help because constipation is horrible!le


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