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I am having some side effects from strontium citrate and am hoping for some advise. I started taking it a week ago 680 mg - 2 capsules together. Was having headaches and constipated. Stopped two days ago, symptoms cleared up within 2 days. I would like to try it again as I am afraid of the existing osteoporosis medications. Does anyone know if strontium is effective if I take 1 capsule two times a day, hoping that may help with side effects.

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Why not start back with half a dose 340 mg and stay with that for a couple of weeks and if you're symptom free do what you suggest take a divided dose twice a day. The only thing you'll have to be sure of is that you haven't consumed any calcium for and hour before and an hour after each of your strontium doses.


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Thank you for your advice. I will try that and see how I feel. I was wondering if anyone knew if splitting the dose changed the benefit of taking strontium citrate or is it simply just get the 680 mg per day.

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Its often the wise to start any new supplement with a minimal dose in the beginning and then gradually ramp up to a final recommended dose.

Dividing doses is usually better than a single daily dose as long as you still comply with any recommendations associated with the supplement in question. The only downside of divided doses is the complexity that it adds to your life.


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