Doctor Decides: Strontium (citrate)


2005 - spine -2.8, hip -2.9
2007 - spine -2.3, hip -2.4 (05-07 on either Fosamax/Actonel)
2009 - spine -2.7, hip -3.0 (07-09 off the above)

I came here and got all this amazing information before my appointment, looked up the drugs, actually chose my poison. Was I surprised when my doctor said let's try 464 mg Strontium (citrate). Took 1 on an empty tummy as one person here suggested. No bad reaction. Tomorrow I'll take 2/time. I am to take a Dpd (urine) test in 2 weeks.

My question: She mentioned waiting 30 minutes before eating... and I know she said a time frame before taking calcium, unfortunately can't find that answer in my notes. Anyone? ~ JJ

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hi Gatekeeper i take strontium citrate 2 at the same time 680mg. I think the timeframe is a few hours for sure. I take mine late at night away from calcium and food. Doctors are becoming more aware of the benefits of strontium without side effects. Your dexa will be interesting the next time... keep us informed.

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Hi Alli, I saw in another thread that Triena (I think I have that spelled right) takes it at 3ish in the AM. Is it okay to go back to bed after taking it? If so, that would work for me. I usually get up at least sometime during the night due a hot flash, so figure a trip to the bathroom will cool me off in two ways. ;-) ~ jan

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Can i take Strontium citrate with calcium & D with after takeing i can't thank of the name any way it was for one Year in vain. took 15 minutes

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iola asks if she can take Strontium w/calcium & D? Yes, but not together. You need several hours between the strontium and the other supplements.

I also found out if one is on thyroid meds not to eat or drink soy containing foods as it effects the absorption of the meds. So I need to wait a couple hours before I start slipping on my lo-caff mocha.<s> ~ JJ

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Gatekeeper a few people i know take it during the nite without side effects when they go to washroom. I have done it lots of times just lay it out on nitetable. Your safe for sure then as you know you are away from all foods and all meds.. Good Luck you wil be pleased with strontium's effect on bone.

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what kind of doctor (specialist) is treating you for this?

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Strontium citrate is a supplement which you can purchase at any health store or online.

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I take 680mg strontium citrate, and was told to take it two hours either side of food. I have breakfast early then take the dose about 10.30, followed by lunch at 12.30. It rules out the morning coffee break with friends.

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Dear Gatekeeper---I have been taking it for over a year now with no side effects; as I usually get up in the middle of the night, that's when I take my 2 pills; no problem with lying down (like Fosamax!) I like to leave 2 hours between it and any Calcium, Vit D or Magnesium products. I take my Calcium during the day and a Magnesium at bedtime; a pharmacist told me Calcium and Magnesium were more effective when separated (despite the way it is often sold!). Good luck!

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really asked: what kind of doctor (specialist) is treating you for this?

This is my primary gyn doctor. She is a Godsend. I had already started treating myself, 10 years ago, with supplements to the point that I was beginning to think that I had no idea what might interact with what. That was about the time my DH brought home a flyer about a female doctor that mixed east w/western medicine and knew her supplements. I made an appointment post haste.

I spend A LOT in $upplements, but dang, I feel good for someone who's bones are dissolving. Too bad I saw her PA 2 years ago, maybe I wouldn't have lost what I'd gain? At least my cholesterol has gone from a high of 293 down to 202, using a supplement!

I really feel great today since I didn't have my soy mocha till 2 hours after taking my thyroid meds. Sheesh! I picked up some decaf instant coffee and will start making my mochas with that to protect my bones.

I have my strontium ready for when I wake in the middle of the night now. Thanks for that info. ~ JJ

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Triena, thanks for the info, good to know that I can take it in the middle of the night, that will take some of the pressure off. I'm a bit of a grazer and rarely seem to have an empty stomach unless I'm out working in the garden. Wrong time of year for that, but soon. :) ~ JJ

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Gatekeeper, It sounds like you found a great gynecologist. I also take a lot of supplements, including strontium citrate (680 mg elemental strontium).

Which supplement and dosage lowered your cholesterol from 293 to 202? My doctor wanted me to take a statin years ago for my high cholesterol. I said I wanted to try flush-free niacin first and he said OK but don't take more than 1000 mg daily. My cholesterol went down initially but then over the years went way up. I recently started taking a statin drug. My doctor didn't have to try to convince me this time around. The numbers were too horrific! This is why I'm curious about what you are taking.

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I'm on a supplement called Cholesternol II made by:
Natural Innovations
Unfortunately nothing on the supplement there, but you could contact the company if interested.
The ingredients are (per 5 capsules/day):
2000 mg Hong Qu (Red Yeast Rice)
625 mg Garlic
500 mg Silymarin (Milk Thistle)
292 mg Cammiphora Mukul
50 mg Co Q 10
17 mg Policosonaol

She said the 202 would have been lower had I been properly hydrated before having the blood test. My good is 97 and my bad is 95, always had high good.

Btw, for me it is more expensive to use this supplement than a prescription... Almost $60/month, but no side affects. I also lost 20# in the last year, otherwise my lowest before this time was 211. I can only hope to lose more weight and not have to buy & take this stuff. ;-) ~ JJ

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Perhaps this will interest some with high cholesterol or BP. I don't have either, so haven't tried it. This MD won a nobel prize in 1998 I think it was.


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I take strontium in the middle of the night. With it I take
a bio-identical form of estrogen. I take the estrogen with
the strontium so that I don't take it in the morning with the rest of my bio-identical hormones and the Armour
Thyroid, which shouldn't be taken at the same time as the estrogen. Does anyone know if it's OK to take the
estrogen at the same time as the strontium?

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Hello Jaqueline

What is the bio-identical form of estrogen, please?

My knowledge is limited, the only sups. I know to keep separate is calcium and magnessium. I take calcium citrate and have been told I can take with or without food, it absorbs OK either way.

I had less bone loss when I started Vit K 6 months ago. I think I read on another post of yours that Vit K helps calcium stick to bones and not arteries.

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I have no rxperience of cholesterol treatments as I don't have a problem. But I have heard of a couple of treatments that you might like to look into. One is called Sytrinol, the other is called Nattokinase. Both have impressive references. Take a look.

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Gatekeeper, zeta, & nornd, Thanks for the info on cholesterol-lowering supplements.


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Yes, wonderful to hear the words Strontium Citrate from someone else. Since doing some research on alternative measures for bone loss, I have been knocking on MD doors and writing about it as a far better option than Biphosphonate danger drugs. It is close to being FDA approved. Still I was surprised that my Rheumatologist knew nothing about it. I have promised him some printouts at my next visit.
Calcium time allowance:
I have hear three hours on either side of Calcium intake since the two compete for absorption into the body.
Most of the precautions suggest that Strontium-C be taken on an empty stomach in the evening and the 1200 Calcium(plus 500 Magnesium/ 1000+Vit D3 etc.) be taken in the morning.
For interim times when drinking milk et al just give the 2-3 hour allowance for Strontium C intake.

You should not have any side effects with Strontium Citrate.
You can 'google' it and get a lot of good info. Dose suggested is 680mg. (2 capsules)/day.

Note: Petrolos, the European synthetic form of Strontium Ralonate is not the same.
That medicine has been coupled with Aspartame, the sweetner, which has side effects of its own and there have be reports -though uncommon) of blood clot side effects.

One sure to pick an over the counter company that has a reputation for quality control and purity (ex. Doctors Best and Vitacost in the USA). Unfortunately, China has been producing STR-Ctr. as well and at the moment, no one feels particularly confident in the purity of what they manufacture.
I have other information and websites to visit, if interested.

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The Strontium my doc sells is made by Pure Encapsulations, ever heard of them? They're in MA.

I take most of my calcium in the evening, makes me sick prior to that time. The strontium I'm taking around 2-3am. About 4 hours before or after eating. ~ JJ

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