DHEA for osteoporosis?

I've read a little about DHEA and how it may be useful for osteoporosis, though, being a hormone, it apparently has somewhat different effects in men and women.

Does anyone have experience with or more information about the use of DHEA for osteoporosis?

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DHEA-> testosterone and can build bone.

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The results of a new promising study have just been released:
In the study, women taking DHEA for 2 years had a 2.6% increase in spine BMD (but no change in hip BMD). For men, the DHEA had no effect.

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A naturopath had me taking DHEA in hopes of stimulating my adrenal gland. My endrocrinologist wasn't thrilled with me taking it. He said it would promote testosterone production and cause excess hair growth in women. Also, as I am a soprano, he was concerned that this could deepen my voice. Maybe good for an alto, but not for me. I don't think I'd look too good in a moustache.

I wonder if any of the women in this study had these side effects.


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