DHEA & Strontium Citrate

Is anyone taking both strontium and DHEA? If so, have you experienced any problems?

I read that estrogen shouldn't be used while taking strontium but can't find anything on DHEA.


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Hi Annah- I am wondering where you read that estrogen should not be taken while taking strontium? thanx

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I also would like to know where you may have read that as I may start both next.

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Hi ladies,

Here's the link. I did see this same info at other sites as well.

http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1077-STRONTIUM.asp x?activeIngredientId=1077&activeIngredientName=STRONTIUM


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thank you :)

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I have been taking DHEA and strontium for 6 1/2 years. No problems. BIG increase in BMD. I take 50 mg DHEA every morning and I took 680 mg strontium citrate in the middle of the night until my bone density was normal. Now I take 340 mg. Life Extension recommends DHEA for osteoporosis, depression, lupus, Addison's disease, and as an anti-aging supplement. You can read what they say here: http://www.lef.org/protocols/metabolic_health/dhea_restoration_01.htm?sourc e=search&key=dhea%20replacement%20protocol

I increased my BMD without supplementing Vitamin K2. I started K2 a few months ago. I'm 70. I'm hoping my bones contiue to improve, now that I'm taking everything needed. (I do get some K2 from free-range eggs, butter, and kim chee.) My whole regimen is here: http://www.inspire.com/groups/national-osteoporosis-foundation/discussion/m ore-success-stories/

Men and women at risk for hormone-related cancers should avoid DHEA.

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I have never used estrogen, but I have been using Pro-Gest natural progesterone cream for more than 15 years.

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Could you please remember where or what you read about not taking estrogen and strontium together, because that is what I am going to be doing I started the strontium and just saw a Dr. That tested my hormones and is going to prescribe progesterone and some estrogen and small dose of testosterone bioidentical. Thanks!

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Aluma, I visit so many various sites it will take me a while to locate them but I most certainly will look for them.
I don't have the time today as my Sundays are pretty full with church and other activities.


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I had this bookmarked. It's very interesting and implies hormones and strontium can go hand-n-hand.


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How would one know if they are at risk for hormone related cancer until they got it. I did take DHEA for a short while at 10 mg. Quite some time later (like a year) I developed a few instances of post menopausal bleeding. There was some cervix irregularities, but a totally negative biospy. Not sure what to make of it or whether to go near DHEA again.

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Some people have a family history of breast cancer, which is hormone related. Some have had a hormone related cancer themselves, which could recur. It doesn't seem that the bleeding a year later would have been caused by the DHEA, but if it worries you, it's better to forget it.

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DHEA is banned in Canada and Australia and requires a prescription in Europe. I am not saying DHEA is bad but I think it deserves respect.

Thank you for posting that article Annah, I just read it. Unfortunately I did not read anything implying that strontium and hormones go hand in hand?

I know strontium ranelate has only been tested on post menopausal women and that is the population it is prescribed for. I figure that in a way, since I am taking estrogen, I am no longer post menopausal (although I am). Or, I am no longer "estrogen deficient". It worries me.

This is the link Anna posted a couple of weeks ago

http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1077-STRONTIUM.asp x?activeIngredientId=1077&activeIngredientName=STRONTIUM

click on interactions, scroll down to estrogen.

I am really more worried about the lack of tests done on premenopausal women ( or men) with strontium ranelate. Like, it is a complete unknown apart from some people saying they know women who are taking both. Lara Piz- I think she takes both but I don't know how much strontium she is taking.

I plan to stop the strontium when I finish the bottle. I felt I needed to take the risk for a jump start because my back was hurting me so much just on estrogen. I am feeling much stronger after only 1 month on strontium- is it the strontium- I don't know, I have changed so many things at once- but I am going to stop sometime after 6 weeks (so that I will know I am not allergic re DRESS for future reference) now that I am feeling better.

Canada may also ban stontium citrate at any moment according to my vitamin store here. I think I am going to stock up even though I don't plan on taking it right away- I just found out that I cannot even buy banned supplements like DHEA in the States and then bring them in across the border- it is also against the law! Of course I could forget to claim it at customs but it really is a crime. I feel pretty miffed about this- not so much for DHEA but if they ban strontium citrate I am going to be really mad.

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Aluma, this is from WebMd:

# Estrogens interacts with STRONTIUM

Estrogens might decrease how fast the body gets rid of strontium. This could cause the body to have too much strontium and potentially cause side effects.
Some estrogen pills include conjugated equine estrogens (Premarin), ethinyl estradiol, estradiol, and others.
# Male hormones (Androgens) interacts with STRONTIUM

Male hormones (Androgens) might decrease how fast the body gets rid of strontium. This could cause the body to have too much strontium and potentially cause side effects.
Some male hormones include testosterone, nandrolone, oxandrolone, and oxymetholone.

I'm sorry I haven't searched for the article which favorably mentions strontium and estrogens together. A family member had an emergency surgery and I've been tied you. All is looking well for the patient thank God but still needs a lot of care.

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DHEA is not banned in canada. you have to get it through a prescription - not over the counter. maybe that is what is going to happen with strontium citrate too.

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As a fellow Canadian who does take Strontium, I was wondering where the info that Strontium may be banned in Canada comes from. I have searched everywhere I can think of but can find no mention of this. Yikes!

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Strontium Citrate is now banned in UK and in Europe. This as from Feb 2012. I am mad about it. Have taken on/off for six years. Have reversed my osteopenia.

Protelos S. Ranelate is being pushed in the UK. I 'refuse' to take PSR as it is buffered with Aspartame, Maltodextrin and Mannitol added to which, the Strontium is chemicalised. Will be a sad day if it really is going to be banned in Canada as well as... Hmmmm.

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Debdug, it is just me saying that based on a conversation I had with a sales person at my vitamin store. They go to training seminars (or whatever) put on my supplement companies, and the main one in Canada for strontium citrate is AOR, and people from AOR told this salesperson that Health Canada may ban at any moment but they do not have a time frame and really AOR doesn't know anything for sure. But Health Canada is pretty conservative wrt "supplemetns" that really are more like drugs, which is what strontium citrate is as the 340-680 mg level so I wouldn't doubt it will happen. I also note that AOR has removed strontium citrate from all thier bone combo products and it now only exists in their dedicated strontium citrate product- just curious.

I have also not been able to find K2 MK4 at quantities greater than 120 mcg and I am wondering if this is a Health Canada issue as well- I have not had time to find out, do you know? As far as DHEA goes it is my understanding that while one can obtain it by prescription, not many phamacies even carry it.

Personally, I am going to stockpile strontium citrate- maybe 10 bottles, just in case.

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HighImpact : Yes. Sounds sensible to stockpile. Ten bottles will give you 2 months worth if you take on a regular daily basis - that is 680mg per day, bottle containing 120 capsules of 340mg. (Do check the use by date). They say to be effective need to take for eight years! Also, need to take the supportive supplements as well as. All a bit tedious, but, there ya go!

No, have heard nothing re K2-MK4 - though sounds like banning that would be a bit over the top. K2 is good for the bones - but could be that pharma want by hook or by crook to have the bisphosphonate drugs out there, and all supplements/alternatives off the market place, come what may! Will be most interesting to see the development of this latest Bis drugs trial - jury verdict and judgement should be in soon.

As for DHEA, not permitted OTC sales in UK and Europe.

Hope I did not interrupt your thread.

Go well -

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I've just bought a bottle of SC from Health Monthly in Jersey. Hope that helps x

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Hi Ho, hi Ho, it's off to the States we go!!!!! Was using AOR but the cost was ridiculous at the local health food store. Started going to the States and getting Dr's Best but then found them on Amazon.com for a much better price. I had been looking for Jarrow Bone Up ( which cannot be shipped to Canada for whatever reason although Dr's Best can - go figure.) Actually was looking for Bone Up because of the K content. Very frustrating as all of us try so hard to get some normal bone growth/strengthening back and get potentially thwarted yet again!

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