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What has anyone gotten on having major dental work like implants during the taking of Forteo or Prolia? There are some warnings on Prolia, but I am getting mixed messages. I don't see anything about it on Forteo. Does anyone out there have things they have been told?

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Are either of these medications bisphosonates? Cos if they are there could be side effects. I am in the UK and take Strontium Ranelate because I may need 'invasive dental treatment' due to other medication (anti epileptic drugs).

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Forteo is not a bisphosphonate. Prolia isn't either, but there has been jaw necrosis reported as a possible side effect. Talk to your dentist. I have taken Forteo successfully, and now I'm taking alendronate and I recently had a tooth extracted with no problem. My oral surgeon gave me an antibiotic and a bacterial mouthwash and so far, I've had no side effects and an easy heal. It's been 2 weeks. Good luck.

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Forteo is actually sometimes administered to people specifically to build bone prior to doing dental work, so with that one I think you're in the clear. Prolia I don't know about.

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Hi rj100, just one thing I'd like to add to lilrayosun's post is Forteo "does not" cause Bisphosphonate Induced Osteronecrosis of the Jaw aka BIONJ, used to be identified as ONJ. There are many studies like the one lilray posted that says the same thing. You don't have to worry about jaw problems with Forteo, and, yes it's used to heal invasive dental work (implants, extractions and periodontitis), where it will grow new bone if you have a loss of bone due to bisphosphonate use.

Here's just another study that says the same thing:

Good luck...

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Thanks for all this input. It will ease my mind (a little) with all the dental work ahead! That will hurt enough without the worry about the medication.

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windblown: very encouraging article. thanks for sharing

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I hope you are right, because I was on Reclast and Boniva, and had major dental problems, actually had to put in dentures because the bones got so bad, and whatever is mine I want to stay mine. I know when I was on Reclast and Boniva my dentist said he sees these problems alot.

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Reclast and Boniva are both bisphosphonates. Forteo is, to date, the only drug on the market for osteoporosis (besides Strontium Ranelate, which isn't available in the US) that is NOT a bisphosphonate.

Bisphosphonates work by slowing down the loss of bone, preventing remodeling, which in the end makes for some pretty poor bone quality.

Forteo, however, is not a bisphosphonate. It is similar to a certain type of thyroid medication and works by increasing bone production, not by slowing down bone remodeling. That's why most people see such stunning improvements with Forteo. Forteo's drawback is that lab mice exposed to high doses and/or long term use were more likely to develop bone cancer. That's why humans can only take Forteo for two years.

As referenced in both the article I provided and windblown's article, dentists are now actually prescribing a few weeks of Forteo to people who have been on bisphosphonates to improve the quality of their jaw bones prior to dental surgery. Very good news for rj100. She shouldn't have any problems whatsoever. Yay!

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