My insurance doesn't pay for Vitamin D which I am required to take 100,000 mg daily which brings my calcium to the right level.
Does anybody have Vitamin D paid for by their insurance?
Are there sources to buy it on line in bulk?

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If you were asking for 100,000 of MG, or even mcg, per day--that would be the reason that my insurance would not pay.
My INSURANCE paid for 50,000OI.U. [Doctor prescription] per week .

I.U. [International Unites] are smaller than mcg ; mcg; are smaller than MG.

THE I,U. FOR 100,000MG [WOULD BE 10,000mcg] 100I.U.

I don't do figures well, so, i may have the multiples wrong--- but I.U. is the smallest, and

AND TOO, VIT D is inexpensive over the counter

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Blue Cross Blue Shield paid for most of mine. But mine is a prescription. Is yours? I should clarify and say they paid for the first two months; after that, they asked that I order it from an online source that they specified (Medco). The cost differential was pretty huge, so I can see why they had me do that. Like at the pharmacy, my co-pay was $13.00 for 4 pills. From the online thing, it was $13.00 for the entire 4 months' prescription.

Somebody on here in another thread referenced some online source of vitamin D for $16.00. Maybe type that in the search engine and see what comes up.

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My insurance said they wouldn't cover the 50,00iu/wk I had a prescription for. They said it was a supplement though I couldn't find that much in an over the counter product. I quit it as it seemed it was too much for my liver (I have cirrohisis).

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I would think your doctor would give you a maintenance prescription for such huge doses. But D is very inexpensive OTC at grocery stores, Walgreen's and the like. The largest OTC dose you could find would be 5000 IUs.

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Donnalc -- I don't know the site, but Google it -- there IS a source to buy Vitamin D3, in the 50,000IU dosage, on line. That's how my pharmacist gets his. But he also told me that if a person tries to buy from a health food store, even with a prescription for D3, the health food stores around here make them buy 100 tablets at a time. If you're taking the megadose daily, then I guess that's what you're stuck with. By taking the megadose only on alternating Mondays, I take approximately 26 capsules a year, so a prescription for that amount, at $13, is just right -- the date of expiration won't have passed.

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THAT makes your D cheap enough, that is about 3k per day , i AM NOT sure but think walgreens 1k i.u, runs about $5.oo for 60 or 100ct.

i am still on mega dose script for a month supply --copay $11.00. for 50,000i.u.
per week.

--so I considered vit D is inexpensive.

Today I looked online and by buying MULTIPLE bottles at a time= 3000i,u, per day is $6,00 per month supply BUT THE FIRST ONE BOTTLE OF 60 ct was $17.00 plus--,
I DID NOT READ JUST HOW MANY YEARS SUPPLY you had to order to get the $6,00 per month price!

[ 80i.u., RDA] i think is on bottles but the up to date suggestions that are being passed around -among us and other associations-- are rising 1000 - 2000i,u, per day--- to double that.

How do we know ---when we arrive at our individual maintenance level-- experiment and test every three months to stay in the 50 - 80 [blood tests] scale number.

After all i.u. sounds a high number , yet, is still SMALL in relation to our MG CALCIUM ETC.

so what is a thousand or three?


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