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I just stated Forteo. My MD provided a sample to start. I do not have health insurance. I applied to Lilly and was denied assistance. I researched the cost of Forteo and found that a month's cost is @ $1000. Has anyone found it cheaper? Thanks.

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no but keep applieing keep on until they say yes

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My Forteo is $1100. I have not found anything cheaper.

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I just finished my 2 years of Forteo and the results were excellent! I went from a -3.5, breaking 8 vertabrea, to a -2 and no breaks for 2 years!
The cost is a huge one.
I called Lilly and was told BECAUSE I had insurance, ( my own, which I paid $490 a month for!) that I did not qualify, but, if I had no insurance, they would ship to my door free of charge.
They also provided a few phone numbers and because my family income was higher than $24k...I think that's the limit, we did not qualify for assistance.
The forteo cost is $1000 per month of which my co-pay was $400.
So, my friend...I begged...that is correct...every Dr. I have, spine, Osteo, GP etc...I told them the cost and they got me samples...lots of, my advice is to call Lilly again and try for help if you have a small income...get the other phone numbers...sorry, I didn't keep them and then beg your heart out.
Good luck.

If you need tricks on the shots, I can help you...use the 31 gauge is much smaller than the 29 and don't eat for 2 hours before taking the shot.
Drink water only for about an hour and take your shot before bedtime, so you can lay down after.
Grab a little tummy fat, place the needle against the skin with the plunger toward the floor and roll the needle up, over and into the helps with the bruising.
I found my legs were to thin to inject so the tummy is where I did the shot.
Also, if you get the "pukes"...carry little baggies in your purse, I did for the first three or four months until I got the routine right. I would suddenly feel hot and clammy and wham...not much notice.
The whole thing might be overwhelming but hang in there, Forteo is the best thing out there and worth the effort.
Best of luck.

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I wonder if this is why you were denied: (and please rethink this choice.)

Lilly settles Zyprexa Lawsuit for $1.42 billion
By John M. Grohol, PsyD
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

As many news outlets were reporting yesterday, Eli Lilly has officially settled a lawsuit charging that it illegally marketed the anti-psychotic drug, Zyprexa, in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Eli Lilly did not have to admit to any wrongdoing in the case, but civil litigants will get $800 million, the Feds will get $438 million, and $362 million will go to approximately 30 states who were involved in the suit.

The AP is also reporting that the company will have to pay “$615 million to resolve the criminal probe, and plead guilty to a misdemeanor violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for promoting Zyprexa as a dementia treatment.” This is the largest settlement amount for a corporate whistleblower case.

Putting this into some context, Eli Lilly reportedly had sales of $4.8 billion of Zyprexa in 2007, and $37 billion since the drug was first introduced, making it one of Eli Lilly’s biggest sellers. Zyprexa is approved for prescriptions for people who have bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. While doctors are free to prescribe any drug for any indication, drug companies are not allowed to market such unapproved uses directly to doctors.

Hopefully this settlement will act as a warning to other drug makers that it ultimately doesn’t pay to market off-label uses for one’s drug, as eventually it will catch up with you. While the monetary damages may seem like a drop in the bucket compared to how much money the drug has made, the negative PR usually isn’t something that’s beneficial for a company’s image. Eli Lilly & Co. (LLY) shares were down 2 percent on the announcement at the time of this entry’s publication.

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Hi everyone, Thank you for for information.I asked my MD (big university hospital) for samples and the pharmacy controls samples. They said "no' to additional samples. I am going to plead my case with Lilly and hopefully they will accept my application for assistance. I found these sites for cheaper Forteo. I have not ordered from a Canadian Pharmacy for several years. At the time, I received the Rx packaged exactly as the US Rx.
Toll Free Calls: 1-866-799-3435 (Use Discount Code 10781)
Toll Free Fax: 1-866-793-2987
International Fax: 1-514-227-5271

Business Hours: Monday to Friday – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Mail us, P.O. Box 370, Postal Unit B, Montreal, QC H3B 3J7, Canada

Quantity Price Price/mL
3 mL $900.00 $300.00

From $879.99 USD/syringe


Merry Christmas!

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I took Forteo as well and did really well with no side effects. Went from -3.6 to -1.9 in one year and am maintaining an osteopenia score 3 years later. I was under the impression that you could qualify for assistance from Lily if you didn't have insurance. If they are saying no to you I'd keep looking for another way around this price, and find someone (several even) to give samples. Drs that have this drug have to give out their samples or discard them when they expire, so I don't see why they can't help you out. In our area the price is now $1,200.00 (retail) on Forteo, so good luck finding someone who can lower the price.

If I run across anyone with a lower price I'll post back here...Good luck!

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Is it worth buying into a health insurance company that covers it? It might be less that way, although I am all for begging and pleading! I have BC/BS and only pay $50 a month copay. You might find AARP can also help with their insurance if over 50. I am into month 8, so I don't know results yet, but thanks for the ideas from EmmieKau. I was having no trouble injecting into stomach fat (I have enough) but suddenly find "thicker skin" even though I change spots. It is hurting more to give it and didn't before. So I'll try some changes to readjust that part. Good luck. It is suppose to be the best bone building product in the market.

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Yvon, did you look into Needy Meds? Just a thought...Here's the web site. You may qualify since you have no insurance. Not sure what the financial income limit is but look into anyway

Here's a couple more from a list posted by the NOF. Not all links are on Forteo though. The first 4 and bottom 2 links would cover Forteo. See if any would help. Good luck and let us know what you find out-OK?

If you need assistance for paying for your osteoporosis medicine, here are some resources that may be able to help you:

The Patient Advocate Foundation
Visit or call (866) 512-3861

Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA)
Visit or call (888) 477-2669


In addition, if you haven't contacted the drug company that manufacturers your medication, they may also be able to help. Here is contact information for the drug manufacturer patient assistance programs:

• (800) 521-8813 Actonel, Warner Chilcott

• (888) 587-9438 Boniva, Genentech

• (800) 545-6962 Evista, Eli Lilly

• (877) 214-3475 Forteo, Eli Lilly

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