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I was wondering if anyone uses any of the coffee substitutes such as Cafix or low acid coffee. I know there are a few out there but don't know if they are ok for us or not. I did a little research and found out (much to my dismay) that decaf is really bad for us due to the type of acid in it and we are better off with regular caffeinated coffee (1 cup per day) as it is less harmful than the decaff. But really wondering if there is some other type of coffee substitute that we could maybe find at health food stores etc that would be ok for us.

As always, any suggestions so much appreciated.


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Hi Sandi,
Don't really know since I have started drinking tea in the mornings. For me it is mostly decaff and Green Tea. I also have very hi b/p and am on meds of course for that too .

I will be anxious to read more about this but have been living without coffee for awhile but do occasionally have the decaff. (again for the hi b/p mostly).

I also have fibromyalgia as well as, hypothyroidism and osteoporosis. Unless perhaps if you drank MANY cups of regular coffee through out the day, I do not know why one cup of regular or otherwise would hurt you . I did used to like to have it in the morning but usually not throughout the day.

I do not know why it would be bad for you to drink reg. coffee unless you have hi b/p as well as any other med. problem that might not react well to it.

I will be following this discussion thread. I do know that green tea is very good for you, either decaff. or regular.

Hope you get some interesting answers.


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I am a weight loss surgery person and need my protein so I had been putting protein powder in my morning coffee and a little of the flavored cream type additives whipping it altogether and having it with whip cream on it was a big treat in the a.m. I have read that if you have osteo caffeine is not good for you...leaches calcium from your I started with decaff. Then I read that decaff was even worse due to the type of acid in it and I went back to the one cup of regular caffeinated each a.m. When I was at the health food store last week I saw an advert for a coffee substitute with bamboo instead of coffee beans. So I started poking around on Google. I would try some of these substitutes if I was sure they didn't have a calcium leaching effect as the acid does in decaff. Trying to do everything I can to treat my osteo without going on the drugs...because if it comes down to that I think I would refuse. So hopefully we will have some people post who know about the substitutes. Sheesh...I have given up my diet cola (and know now I was sure addicted to it) but we must have a few pleasures left to enjoy surely???!!! ; )

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I also drink green tea. It has the caffeine, but some studies show that it is beneficial to bones unlike coffee. The other thing is, I don't know how much coffee you drink, but you could wean yourself down to one cup a day. One cup of coffee is not going to make or break your bones. reen-tea-instead-of-drinking-coffee/

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Yes, it is about one cup a day...ok a little more but not much. I'm new to this and really want to do all I can!!!! Thank you!

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I eliminated coffee from my diet. I do drink alcohol, however.

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Well, maybe that would make it all easier...out with the coffee and in with the alcohol. Sounds like a sane idea to me! (gotta have some humor)

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I went off the coffee for about six months (oh, the withdrawal headaches!) Had to wean myself off the stuff (even though I only drank two cups a day to begin with). First I had 3/4 a cup a day; then a week later, 1/2 a cup a day; then 1/4 a cup; finally nothing. And I really did not miss it (although the aroma when my husband made his cup in the morning -- Gah!)

I switched to peppermint tea (no caffeine). But then we went to Spain for a work thing, and there's no such thing as decaf there. And the jet lag, and early morning meetings -- I needed a cup of Joe.

And I haven't been able to go back off it. I limit myself to one cup a day. The studies I've read say that most results are inconclusive regarding moderate or low caffeine consumption and bone loss.

After Spain, but before deciding to just give in to temptation, when I was trying to go off caffeine again, I switched to green tea. It has caffeine, so I didn't get the withdrawal headaches, but research has shown green tea to be beneficial to bone health.

Alas, no matter how many times I quit coffee, I always go crawling back. Rather than putting myself through all that again (and the agony of defeat), I'm having my one measly cup of mud and refuse to feel guilty about it.


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I think this is where I will end up at too. I have about a cup and a half to two tops...first thing in the a.m. with the protein powder etc. I truly look forward to getting out of bed for this treat...with whipped cream. I have pretty much given up pop so that is good. I will allow myself the little bit of coffee and concentrate on other stuff.

Thanks evreyone for all your help.


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Sometimes the happiness of going with something you love - a good cup of hot coffee-- might help since sadness isnt good for bones either. That is what I tell myself since I am really happy drinking coffee. I havent had a coke since my dx, so that is my trade off.

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I like the way you think!

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I only have one cup a day and couldn't live without it! My sister recommended I give up caffeine and suggested something called "teeccino" a mediterranean herbal coffee, organic and caffeine free! I found it my local Texas grocery store so I'm sure they have it pretty much anywhere. Honestly, I couldn't give up the coffee, but this teeccino stuff tastes pretty good. They have different flavors, I think.

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