CO2, venous results after starting Calcium and Vitamin D3

Anyone have or had this situation. I have Osteoporosis and started taking Calcium (200 - 1500)and vitamin D3 (3400) per day. I had low D. I started eating a lot of green leafy vegatables and upped my exercise. Had a blood test 2 months to check D level and Comp. Metabolic Panel. The CO2, venous level came back 32 was suppose to be 30 or below. The doctor was not concerned about that. I had all these tests done before I started Strontium Citrate and other supplements so I had a starting point if anything did go wrong. I just had another panel done (2 months later) to see how these new supplements were reacting. Everything was perfect except the CO2, venous which was 31 now down from 32. Again they were not concerned about this. I have never had this test come back slightly high. Could it be the big change in my diet, Vegtables, all good foods, etc. and the Calcium and D? Is my body just trying to regulate itself now? The Strontium and other supplements were not a factor and the score did go down 1 point. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Haven't a clue, but wanted to add a reply since oftentimes seeing a post with a reply will stimulate others to join in. There may be someone who has some info on this. I don't even know what CO2 venous is. What are its' implications? Is it carbon dioxide?

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I would guess that this is the CO2 level of the blood returning to the lungs. As we get older, the typical values of blood oxygenation tend to decline slightly below 98% while I assume the CO2 levels would rise. Since I train regularly and run long distances, my blood oxygen is still at the 99% level.

If you have been training to build up your bones, this might be one reason for the drop in CO2 levels in your blood. If not, you should start some weight bearing or yoga from exercises.

Your body will do better with all the natural elements it needs to build bones, such as Vitamin D and Vitamin K2, magnesium, boron, and other minerals, exercise, and extra protein.

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often a number slightly above the norm or slightly below "doesnt matter." Each lab sets an arbitrary normal for many values and a slight deviation isnt signifcant for that particular value. similarly if we say blood glucose of 100 is good, 101 may stand out in red or be in the abnormal panel, but isnt signifcant. dont worry.

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