Are chripractor adjustments recommended if I have osteoporosis?

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Hey HoneyFoxx, I go to a Advanced Proficiency Chiropractor for various muscle skeletal issues. It has not been problem because of the osteoporosis or Coumadin. But I am not having my back/neck manipulated, there are other safe treatments done by Chiropractors.

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Thanks, Char42;
I have not seen my chiro since the diagnosis but will
inform him. I'm sure he has alternative treatments.

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I go to the chiro at least 2 or 3 times a month. If you have a good one who knows about your osteo he knows exactly how to adjust you. I've never had a problem with my chiro adjustments. I have dizzy head a lot and that is the only thing that will help it. I also have a lot of lower back pain & shoulder pain (I work at a computer all day) and he helps that. He tells make sure I keep my posture good. He is also a nutrientist so I get a lot of my vitamins etc from him. I think I had rather give up my md than my chiro.

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I do not recommend chiropractor treatments for those with osteoporosis. Adverse outcomes have been seen and I have taken care of patients with spine fractures following chiropractor treatments. Osteoporotic bones, I feel, are too fragile for these treatments.

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Hmmm. My md said it was ok to go to a chiropractor. He said my numbers weren't that bad: -2.9 spine. I went several times to a chiropractor eariler this year. I told him about my O.P. and said I didn't want my spine manipulated, so he used this device which pounds on the spine kind of like a jackhammer. He said it wasn't enough to do damage, and it didn't physically hurt, but it sure felt like it was hitting moderately hard. It seemed really loud when he was running it up and down my spine. I didn't notice that I felt better afterwards. What really helped was when he found the tight muscles and pressed on them till they stopped hurting. Although he would just do one "hot spot" and move on. I wanted him to work on it a little longer each time. Unfortunately, he wouldn't let me choose what treatment he did, so I quit going. I would rather have had him just work on the muscles, but he insisted on doing the jackhammer thing as well. I noticed on the bills that he charged about $40.00 more for the jackhammer thing.

He had me turning my head from side to side, and also tilting up and down as far as it would go. To strengthen my neck, he said.

I quit going because it seemed like a ripoff. It worked out to about $125 for 10 minutes, max. Down the spine once with the jackhammer thing, then work a couple of tight muscles, then "you're done."


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Hey susanrae
I had "jackhammer" treatment and it was wonderful, broke up scar tissue. After 3 weeks of treatment my hip and groin has stopped annoying me. Noticed riding my bike with less discomfort, the pot holes of Milwaukee can cause back and hip issues. Now mostly on the sidewalks with the bike.
One other treatment was done with a activator tool, felt good and my leg lengths are now within 1/4 of a inch. Wish this chiropractor clinic would move to Florida, my area has no advanced proficiency Chiro's.
Therefore I only get to this Chiropractor during my yearly trip to Milwaukee, some Chiro's are useless.

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Hi KMFDallas:
There are many low force chiropractic techniques that work very well especially for soft tissue. As you may know, soft tissue affects boney structures and vice versa. As long as there is no rotation in the manipulation, adjustments should be fine. You would have to be awfully frail and the technique poorly administered, to be hurt by a correctly performed chiropractic adjustment.

Woody McMahon

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