Chicken Cartilage for arthritis

I heard that chicken cartilage supplement is good for arthritis of the knee and other forms of the disease. I am having terrible knee pain after I had hip surgery wonder if anybody here has taken this supplement?

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I get knee injections which is rooster comb. I think it is called hyalgan but I'm not sure. It works great and helped my knee pain tremendously. I go to an orthopedic to get the injections. It's like having cartilage placed back in the knee. I get the injections about every year and a half. It is quite expensive and covered by insurance but the cost goes toward my deductible.

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My cousin recv'd it and it worked very well. Relieved a great deal of pain. Eventually he had to have knee surgery, but the rooster comb type of injection worked for him. Has the doctor recommended this injection or are you looking into a "supplement" from a health food store? In any case find out if there is any allergic reactions that can occur from this type of med. or any side effects to be aware of first. Best to you.

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There are two things You may be referring to.

(1) The first is what the previous two Posts were about.

Inside every person's Knees is a Naturally Occurring lubrication Fluid, called "Synovial Fluid."
Scientists discovered how to actually Duplicate this, and some Drug companies are now selling it.

It works Fantastic for me!
2 years ago, the Pain was so intense in my left Knee, that I literally could no longer Walk because I could Not use my Left Knee!
To date, I've had three Injections {total}. My 3rd. Injection was November 2011.

The easiest one to use is "Synvisc One."


(2) The second thing you may be referring to is known as "NEM."
It is a group of Naturally occurring chemicals that occur in the Membrane of {Chicken} Eggs.
Taking NEM stimulates Cartilage Regeneration in many people.

It is put into Supplement tablets.

I just stated taking this last week.
It is supposed to work within 7 to 75 days.
{Many people taking it say they felt its effects in 7 to 10 days.}
Dr. D.W. told me that if it isn't working by 90 Days, it probably won't work in You.

It doesn't cost me anything if it doesn't work, and I've been trying everything {one at a Time} that is supposed to stimulate Cartilage Growth.
I Face extensive Surgery in both of my Knees if I can't stimulate my Knee cartilage to regenerate.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------


I had 4 Prolotherapy Treatments in my Right knee last year. My Before & After X-Rays do show
Cartilage regeneration --about 2 mm. more Cartilage in my Right Knee.

"ProloZone" is more powerful & longer lasting. And it costs THE SAME as Prolotherapy.
The closest ProloZone expert to me is Dr. Rowen, about 5 Hours Drive North from me.
If the NEM doesn't work, i'll be going for my First ProloZone injections in October this year.

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well, tahnk y'all for the answers, I tried the chicken cartilage pills and it did not work for me. What is working for me is Osteo K whick I started taking it for osteoporosis 14 days ago, and it has given me much relieve of knee pain, I am amazed I think osteo K is "home run". It reduced the knee pain by 75% only in 2 weeks.

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Life Counselor1, Where do you buy the NEM? I have been getting the rooster comb injections for years and they have worked great. I didn't know they came in single shots. I wonder if that is something new. I have either received the three or five injections once a week.

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There is a treatment in Miami Florida in which the doctor take some of your blood, treats the blood and inject back to your knee, I think they call it stem cell therapy; It costs 5.000 each knee. Here is the link:

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How many "Osteo-K" do you take Daily?

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"Hyalgan" [sic] is a Brand-Name of the same lubricant.
It is the same as "Synvisc One."

There are 4 or 5 Companies that sell Hyaluronic Acid.
ALL of those Products have different, but very similar sounding Names.
ALL of these Knee lubricants "that are made from Rooster Combs" are the exact same substance. It is an Oil known as "Hyaluronic Acid."
Hyaluronic Acid is the name of the Lubricating Oil that "comes from Rooster Combs."
It is also the Same Oil that is in all Human Knees-- Hyaluronic Acid.

"Synvisc One" is the Best.
It's the Best because your Doctor needs to inject only One syringe in each Knee. That one Injection has the SAME Amount of the Active Ingredient {Hyaluronic Acid} as 3 Syringes of the others.

At this point in Time, all of the others require 3 injections per Knee.
Synvisc One requires only 1 injection per Knee.

2 Years ago, my left Knee got to be So bad that I could not use it any longer. The Pain was #10. Also, it was so Stiff
that I could not even bend my knee while sitting down.
I had to have my Brother Wheel Chair ,me to my Doctor's appointment.

After one injection of Synvisc-One, I literally walked out of the Office 20 minutes later.
It lasts me approximately 8-9 months.
Then I have to get another injection.

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I take 6 capsules of osteo k a day, 3 in the morning with breakfast and 3 in the evening at dinner

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Where do you buy the NEM supplements?

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This Website has a lot of accurate information about NEM.
Here---- s-results-in-record-time.html

Dr. David Williams {} has written about it many times, in his Monthly Newsletter.

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Some people scrape the membrane out of the eggshell so if you eat eggs you might try that. Would that not be NEM?

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I have been taking UC-II (Source Naturals) for 4 months and even tho my Rheumatoid/osteo is chronic I believe it has helped, my ankle is not clicking anymore only occasionally when I walk on it. Nor is my knee.

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This is really good news about the cartilage. Would eating beef tendons be helpful? I have had them in a Vietnamese soup.
I have terrible arthritis in my knee, elbow and hip joints. I know that those ligaments attach the muscles to the bones but am wondering if any of the cartilage is of the same material.

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Have you tried paleo (or rather almost paleo) diet. If I am not mistaken removal (reduction?) of grains is usually helpful in some forms of arthritis. I can't do research now, but I am pretty sure that it's worth checking.

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I have cut back on Gluten, grains only have one piece of toast a day now. Occassionally eat rice (brown where possible). I cannot get organic beef nor grass fed grass where I am but diet mostly vegetarian. Have not cut out all milk yet and have 6 coffees a day ! In summer I grow tomatoes, lettuce, silverbeet and beans all organically.

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Dear Newcomer,
I am going to try that for a week. My chiro says I am addicted to carbs and perhaps there's a correlation between carb quantity and the amount of soreness I experience. Humidity seems to be a factor but it's not 100%.
And this arthritis affects how much I can move to work on my bone density. UGH.
Thanks zillions.

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