Calcium Renal Leak Diagnosis 24 HR Urine Test

Hot off the press! Been waiting for the 2nd opinion from my endocrinologist's colleague (boss!:) His diagnosis is that I have calcium renal leak, as opposed to hyperparathyroidism. Not sure if that is good news or not. At least with the hyperparathyroidism, you can remove the parathyroid... My endocrinologist wants to put me on HCTZ. I am really conflicted. As much as I don't want to be on any type of prescription medicine, even a low dosage one at that, I don't want to lose any more bone. Do I have any alternatives?

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I seem to recall that if your body is out of balance in Calcium, Magnesium, or Phosphorous there is an effort by the body to discard the excess to get closer to balance. This can result with low magnesium or high phosphorous. You can also try taking boron which spares magnesium.

The body will discard calcium if its losing it for any reason, like lengthy bed rest or other reasons.

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Hi Tango, Thanks for your response. Any idea as to where I may find the proper ratio? I seem to recall that calcium and magnesium need to be 2:1, at a minimum. Perhaps more like 1:1. I sure don't have a clue as to phosphorus ratio. I did just get my shipment from Vitacost. I had found out that I was using the wrong magnesium and the wrong potassium, so I purchased the right ones, hopefully!

I really don't want to go on prescription medicines if it can be avoided. Maybe I'd be lucky and have no side effects, but I think most prescription medicines are poison.

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You can do a 1:1 calcium/magnesium ratio. Normal is 2:1 respectively. Try taking magnesium citrate pills. Do you avoid high phosphorous junk foods like Sodas? Much of the phosphorous is hidden in things like meat but levels are low in fish and vegetables.

Boron is shown in research to conserve magnesium, so you might try it. Vitamin K2 in the MK-4 and MK-7 fractions has been shown to control calcium in the soft tissues. It also likely has a role in preventing kidney stones, so it would be worth trying.

I take the NSI Advanced K2 Complex that has 1000 mcg of K1, 1300 mcg of Vitamin K2, MK-4 fraction, and 100 mcg of Vitamin K2, MK-7 fraction. I get this from Vitacost, $15 for 90 pills.

Potassium would be worth trying as orange juice or low sodium V8 juice.

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Hi SpunkieBlondie! I'm with you! I believe that prescription meds are toxic and I refuse to take the meds for osteoporosis. Do you have osteoporosis or osteopenia? I'm conflicted on EVERYTHING and am so confused on the right amounts of anything to take, what brands to take, when to take it, etc. etc. etc. that I only take a multi-vitamin with minerals and extra calcium in the form of calcium citrate. The other calcium that I've tried makes me dizzy and sick to my stomach, and also, I can't swallow pills anymore so I either have to grind them up, chew them, or dissolve them in liquid and drink them. I've been using Vitafusion brand gummy vitamins and the same brand for gummy calcium citrate. I only take 500 mg calcium daily. Even after I take one I feel a little ill. Mega doses of anything affect me adversely, but I also have fibromyalgia, myotonia, GERD, heart disturbances (SVC's with syncope), and inflammatory issues that are leading to a possible diagnosis of Sjogren's Syndrome (this leaves you totally dry inside and out and that is why I can't swallow pills anymore--they get stuck in my dry throat even with water).

I know that I should be doing more with supplements, but I do go to the gym and except for having painful, creaky joints from arthritis and some fatigue, I feel pretty good (at least this week anyway ;-) My second scan is in January. I guess I'll find out just what good, or bad, I've done by trying diet and exercise as an option.

You mention that you've now got the "right" magnesium and potassium. Which ones are the "right" ones?

I don't know anything about Calcium Renal Leak but I hope you're o.k. Good luck.

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One of the "right" magnesiums are magnesium glycinate. We're supposed to take 400 mg per day. One of the "right" potassiums is potassium citrate. I got this off of Dr Wm Davis' Heart Scan Blog. He did an entire article about osteporosis and heart issues. He maintains that most people with osteo, also have heart problems. And vice versa.

With Tango's help, with respect to the ratios, maybe that will help my renal leak problem, without having to resort to meds.

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I hope so! Good luck and thanks for that info. I'll add it to my list.

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Tango--I do not drink sodas of any kind. I take the Life Extension Super K, which has vitamin k2. I just got my shipment and opened it up today, from Vitacost. I took magnesium glycinate and potassium citrate this morning, in addition to the vitamin k and 2000 d3. I also had a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses in hot water, for good measure.

Right now, prior to re-taking the 24 hr urine test, I'm off calcium. But, typically I take Cal Apatite with Boron.

How does all that sound to you?

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ShawnMarie--Read this! It gives the amounts and types of minerals that we should be taking. -and.html

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hi Spunkieblondie
Have you had any bonemarker tests done yet to see how much bone you're losing? It's good to get a baseline if you're also going to get your 24 hr. urine calcium checked too. Then when you do start treatment, whether through meds or supplements, you can see if it's working via bonemarker tests without waiting a whole year for another bone scan.

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Hi Andrea, Thanks to you, the next urine test also has me doing the bone marker test. What are the things that you have to avoid? Sodium and sugar? Is there something else, I forget. I wonder if I should be avoiding those, too? Boy, take away all the fun things in life!

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You general nutrient plan seems to be pretty good! You could do some detailing by adding 10 mg manganese, 6 mg Boron, 50 mg Zinc, Silica, and a multi-vitamin to improve bone building. Magnesium is a calcium blocker, so you can experiment with taking more magnesium and see if that works.

You might be able to improve your kidney profile by taking 6 grams of fish oil. I don't know if this will help your specific problem, but it will make your kidneys work better.

There may also be some reason you body is getting rid of the calcium that the doctors are not thinking about.

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hi Spunkie
here's a great website about your (our) condition

Read it and click all over the links to find out about diet, meds and everything. Like you, I was initially against taking hctz, but after reading about the positive benefits of it, I decided to go on it.

Basically, keep your sodium, caffeine, alcohol and sugar at a very low level.


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Hi Tango, Thanks for your thoughtful response. I forgot to add that I take a multi-vitamin and I also take 1/2 teaspoon of Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops. Are you familiar with that product? I counted 54 trace minerals in it! I'll check in the morning to see if what you listed is in it.

Is there one product that I could buy that would have these elements in it? My bathroom is looking like a drug store with all the bottles lined up--which I hate! Or do I need to just buy them separately?

Thanks for all your help!

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I also excrete too much calcium. I was shocked thre years ago when I found our my osteopenia was now osteoporosis, although it is in my family. Still, I'm not heavy but not tiny either-I'd been doing free weights for 10 years, and I felt like I eat enough calcium. So I had the 24 hour test and I am excreteing calcuim. I go to a bone speciliist who is also an activist to get the gove and insurence companies to take osteoporsis more seriously. She put me on HCTZ and actenol. The first six months showed only a slight change in excretion (Iwas on 25 mg) so she put me on 50. that did the trick. The folowing year my bone density had gone up. Still, I 'm uncomfortable being on so many meds, even though I have no side effects. I had to go off the HCTZ for a day for some minor suregery and was shocked how much less I urinated. I am looking at staying on it all until my next tests in the summer and then trying to go off for a year. I'd like some advice from a dietition-are there any things I should look for when interveiwing dieticians?

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Postpone the meds a little longer and see if you can handle this without it. I'm in my third year and still losing bone but my work has put my blood levels (except Boron) into an average range. Baby steps.

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I have my multi container and Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops in front of me. I've posted about the Concentrace before, but no one has been very interested. This stuff is off the charts! Each serving has 250 mg magnesium, 690 chloride, 3 mg potassium, sulfate 37 mg, lithium 395 mcg and boron 370 mcg. There are 54 trace minerals listed! A bottle costs $15 and lasts 90 days or more.

My multi has: zinc 11 mg, silicon 2 mg, manganese 2.3 mg, phosphorus 110 mg. How is that Tango? That should be better...?

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Andrea, Haven't read the link yet, but I will. Thanks for sending it! Haven't had a large block of time to devote to it, with my granddaughter being just a week old.

I've cut out caffeine, thought it would kill me, but it didn't. The hard part will be giving up red wine!

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Andersene, Any suggestions as to how I can deal with it, without meds?

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After several 24-hour urine samples (18 months), it was discouraging. Then last month, I finally had a normal count—while at the same time my dexascan showed my scores even worse. My spine a little worse, and the other much worse. So once again, more questions. Our bodies react differently and our healing is a whole body thing (I believe) so I have no suggestions for you. I can only share with you my experience. We seem to share our reluctance to embrace the pharmaceutical bottom line profits. I'm still searching and walking the path of faith--litter with rocks of fear and worry. :) Congratulations on your baby granddaughter.

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Well, for me, it's a fine dance--wanting to avoid prescription drugs, yet not wanting to be so stubborn as to hurt myself in the process!

I don't understand the "renal leak" process. Is it that my kidneys are leaking?

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