Calcium deposits in eyes

My 51 yr old sister had a stye treated by her GP. After a week of drops it wasn't much better so she saw an eye Dr. He said she has dry eyes, an infection and calcium deposits in her eyes which he is treating with drops every hour and different drops every 3 hours. Said she was lucky to have come in when she did as this could have gotten worse. I've never heard of this - anyone familiar with??? Thanks!

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I have calcium bands in my eyes Just found out today.
The dr. said it can be removed by scraping.
Next appointment is Jan. 4 2010. Will know more then.

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Hi Debbie,

I had styes when I was young (teenage to 30 yrs. old). Hot compress helped a lot (soak a face towel with hot water and place on the eye, but not too hot to be uncomfortable). Or, a steamer for your face also helped, not only the eye, but wonderful for your skin.

As for the calcium deposits, I get them often (many times during the past 10 years). When I feel the particle (sand like), it's very annoying. But, it's a quick and easy fix ... my ophthalmologist (also a fabulous eye surgeon) would just flip my eyelid; and within a second, scrap the calcium particle off. Then, I can see comfortably, without the feeling of having a piece of sand in my eye. There's no recovery time. It's instantaneous relief ;-)

I have started to take Vitamin D3 and Magnesium a couple of weeks ago. I believe that these supplements will help build my bones as well as preventing the calcium deposits from forming.

For dry eyes, I use Systane by Alcon. When I can't remove my eye makeup remover completely, washing my eyes with a eye wash (e.g. Collyrium) helps a lot.

Hope your sister feels better soon,
Sylvia ps. Washing your face, including eyelids, with Dove soap is beneficial. That may be the key for me not having skye any longer.

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