Bone spurs

Is anyone growing bone spurs in your attempt to strengthen bones?

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Beverly, my lumbar vertebrae have grown osteophytes. I saw them on the Xray, they look like little white lines of bone growing out sideways from the vertebrae. My osteopath says this is the body's attempt to stabalize the spine. Each of my lumbar vertebrae has a compression fracture, which happened a while ago, I no longer have any pain.
Where are your bone spurs? Are they painful?

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I don't know if I have bone spurs. Some of my knuckles are growing bumps and are painful and I think my lower back might be doing the same. Have something going on in my feet bones. I took calcitonin Salmon (not spelled right) drops in my nose until they said it causes cancer in the nose. Now it is Vitamin D, Vitamin K2 MK4 and fish oil. I also have a great imagination. I just wonder if our attempt to increase bones is growing new bone where we don't need it.

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Have you been tested for rheumatoid arthritis? It sounds like it could be that.

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I'm getting bone spurs from my osteoarthritis. Like it has already been mentioned, our bodies arrempt to repair damage whether it was from fractures or inflammation. Getting old sucks...

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I have arthritis and -3.5 bone loss in my lower spine. I just suspect what we are doing to save our bones is possible making spurs or growing bone where we don't want it. A couple of joints in my fingers have been sort of growing lately. b

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It is Osteoarthritis, not rhumatoid.

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Beverly, I sometimes have an extra nobble or two growing on my finger knuckles, there is a name for them, I think its something like Hebden's nodes. I have one that is permanent but not very big, and others that come and go. I find that if I eat a lot of sugar they get bigger, if I cut out sugar entirely they disappear, so I'm assuming it's some kind of inflamation response in the knuckles. So not really bone, although it feels boney. I don't think that's the same as my osteophytes.
I googled it, here you go...'s_node

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I have a heel bone spur. I discovered that fact this past Summer. I had pain on the bottom of my heel while walking. This led to swelling, bursitis of the bursa at the Achilles tendon, then Achilles tendonitis. The result was several trips to a podiatrist. I wore a cam boot for a month, took lots of ibuprofen and then had physical therapy for six weeks. Now I do special exercises daily, wear a gel insert in my shoe and will have to do this for the rest of my life. All due to a heel bone spur.

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hi everyone
do you know if a spur on the heel of the foot can be removed surgically? or maybe something like the medicine one uses on warts? what does the doctor say?

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Here is an article on bone spurs, just what I found when I googled, but looks fairly thorough.

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I guess this isn't bone spurs. Not pointed.

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Yes, this is a very good question, I have bone spurs/osteophytes and I wonder if they were made worse by high doses of Vitamin D and possibly Calcium supplements. I have recently had a shoulder operation to repair a ruptured tendon and to remove the bone spurs that had caused the tear. I also have them in my jaw and this also became worse.

They are often with Arthritis, certainly in my case but mine got very much worse several months after I took high doses of Vit D, that is to say 100,000 iu every two weeks x 3.

I have since read that this might cause more calcium to be absorbed into the tissue and also cause bone spurs.

Mr Doctor still insists that I should continue with this same high dose every three months but I cannot bring myself to do it until I find out more, however this ought to be enough to convince me not to take any more.

Have a look at this and other causes here.
Not sure if this link will work, if not search : Vitamin D Toxicity and Bone Spurs, Livestrong.

I hope someone will have more info on this.

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Hi, I am a bit like you, my spine is T score -3.5 (-3.7 in two places though), and I have developed a bone spur, I was and still am on Strontium ranelate which has taken my score to -2.3 in seven months, how this is possible I do not know, but all I do know is I have pain in all my bones and degenerative disc disease,not sure if there are spurs in there also. I was taking 4000 of Vitamin D3, and did hear that it can cause some problems, so was glad to read your link to confirm this, so that I can ask my doctor.

I saw a foot specialist about my Plantar fasciitis, bone spur and he told me to freeze a bottle of water and roll my foot on it two or three times a day for ten minutes and then to put Voltaren gel on it once a day, this has helped a lot. I also wear thick socks, and use gel pads or arch supports in my shoes and they help too, hope this helps someone.

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I took one infusion of the bisphonate Reclast and have ended up with over 90 bone spurs all over my body, including on my back, my ribs, my hands, my feet, my shoulders, my ribs, and the most painful ones are on my tailbone. I am relatively thin and ao it makes it hard to ait or wven lay, but that's not the worst aspect of it. Because my skin is thin through there, I have problems with it breakung open into a full fledged ulcer and then it takes forever to heal. Then I have the most unusual spot for several of them -- in my lung. It has definitely affected my breathing.

My docs at Mayo said that what makes them painful is that theyform on the nerve ends which gives you the raw pain.

I also didn't have much luck with having one removed either. I had it operated on and it wasn't two weeks later and iut was back with a vengeance. I don't think I will go that route again.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. By the way, I wouldn't rely on Wikipedia sites to heavily. Anybody can go in and write on that site so don't take what is there as the gospel truth. Other sites such as thhe FDA or looking up a particular drug lo n the company's site is usually more trustworthy.



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I had my Reclast infusion in Feb. or March of 2012. Since then I have had joint pain, back surgery, hip surgery and pneumonia. I had two teeth cut out by an Oral Surgeon because my Dentist refused to touch them since I had the Reclast infusion. The latest for me is heel spurs. They say they don't know what causes them but reading on this web site I have a good guess as to what caused mine. My question is has anyone had a problem with diarrhea or gall bladder after the infusion. I thank those of you who have continued to stay on this website and answer questions. All I know is I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I don't even tell anyone about my ears ringing as I am sure they are tired of all my complaints. Oh do I wish I would have checked out the Reclast instead of just agreeing with my Dr. He did immediately put on my chart that I am allergic to Reclast and he appears to feel bad about it. He has also diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease which I am not sure if that is because of the Reclast. Before the infusion he just had Osteoporosis in my chart.

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In the photos of bone loss there are huge holes. How can bone rebuild out in space? I think bone attaches to what is left, not necessarily remembers where it was, and that includes bone spurs. Just my imagination working overtime.

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After I first started taking Fosamax in 2001, I developed painful bone spurs on the bottom of my feet near the heel on both feet. My dr said it was plantar fasciitis and had nothing to do with Fosamax. I sincerely believe there was a connection since I had never had any foot problems before. Every doctor I mentioned this to thought I was crazy and my GYN tried to scare me into continuing the Fosamax.

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I came across your post today and thought I'd respond because, like 'Cubbiefan' and yourself, I had an infusion of RECLAST in early, 2009 and have had multiple negative serious health issues since. I have painful bone spurs also in my hands and feet.

One thing that caught my eye was your mention of the "ringing in your ears." This is one of the things that is aggravating as the dickens that I've acquired since my infusion. I've written on various discussion threads here about my diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation and 3rd stage Kidney failure, etc., since my infusion also. I have very few days where I feel half way normal now. In answer to your question about Gall Bladder & diarrhea; those are two things that haven't been a problem for me at this point.
You are definitely not alone with your symptoms and problems since Reclast. I'm with you when you say, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!" I couldn't have said it better! I wish you better health in your future.

@Beverlyfz, I apologize to you for going off topic on your discussion thread.

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I have had a Heel Spur, or as Drs. want to call it, "Plantar fasciitis, a few years ago.I could only walk on my toes, of one foot.
A vitamin took it away, but then the formula was changed!
it came back. I went to Podiatrist, from there a P.T. which she used ice , wore the boot when I went to sleep etc.
Nothing help...
Then I did have the nasty shot my Dr. wanted me to have..It was SO painful , and only lasted for about 6 months, then the pain was back
I did allot of re-searching found another Vitamin that worked.

I bought" Acid-A-Cal " a Vitamin from amazon. com...
OMG it took a few weeks, but the bones spur is gone, and that was over about 5 yrs ago.
I also had a bone spur in my throat from a car accident when I was 20 yrs old.
Acid-A-Cal dissolved that spur away also..
I stopped taking Acid A Cal and the spurs have never retruned (thank goodness)

A few months ago , I gave acid a cal to my sons girlfriend, her bone spur went a way..
I do not know if this works for everyone, as it is very suddel (sp?)..

I also did not take as much acid a cal as the bottle recommends, and did not finish the bottle after the bone spur was gone.
Acid A. Cal is about $10.00, and painless..

I have never taken reclast etc.

There are other discussions on Inspire about Bone Spur..You might want to look it up here!

Take Care,

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Thank you Mariah. I know I went a little off subject but as the bone spurs are something new to me I didn't know whether to blame the Reclast or not. I am having physical therapy for the bone spurs. I will also check out the Acid A. Cal. I have pretty severe acid reflux so I will have to check that out before taking it. Thank you all again as I am sure my family is tired of listening to me.

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