bone graft, anyone??

I suffered a spiral fracture to my right femur on June 15, 2009 which was repaired with a plate and 13 pins. One year later, it is still classified as "non-union", in other words, not healing. I was on Actonel for about 3 yrs and Fosamax for the past 4 yrs. The fracture happened from a standing position, nothing fancy like water skiing or hang gliding. I really don't know if my leg broke and I fell or I fell and my leg broke. I had no idea about the side effects of the osto meds I was on and none of the ortho's mentioned it. It was only when I needed some dental surgery that the oral surgeon had me check it out on line. I saw the ortho dr. yesterday and he says that basically my only choices are to hope for a miracle, or have a bone graft to hopefully stimulate bone growth. I really don't want another surgery, but may have to go that way since I don't want to stay in this wheelchair the rest of my life either. Has anyone else had a non healing femur fracture that required a bone graft, and if so, how is it doing now.
Thank you for any helpful input.

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JMT, thank you for sharing. Your story sounds so much like mine. I also rec. 3 units of blood prior to surgery, not quite sure what that was about. If they told me why, my brain didn't process it, I guess. After almost 14 months now, I took it upon myself to go outside my medical group to consult with another doctor. He raised my hopes. He says there are many things that can be off in my body that can be inhibiting the healing......he wants to find them. I have a whole battery of blood tests I will take back to my medical group and see if they will order them. If not, I guess I can always pull out the neglect word. I have done all they have asked of me for over a year, now it's my turn to ask for a few things. I am so glad you are doing better, I hope you continue to improve.

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When I read your story, I thought "when did I write this"??? I'm sorry to hear that you are in the same boat. I, too, had a battery of tests done. They found that my body does not absorb Vitamin D correctly. You need Vitamin D in order for the calcium to work.
I requested water therapy. When my husband and I were in SC last summer, I found a therapist who had a treadmill in the water. A quick call to my doc and the RX was faxed to the therapist and presto...I was able to go back to therapy in another state while I was on vacation. It really helped.

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Our stories sound very much alike. My fracture is just a bit above my knee replacement also. The ortho who did my surgery told me I gave him a good old fashion challenge. Said he did hips and knee's etc... all the time, but that my fracture really put his skills to the test. He also told me that had this happened 10 years ago, he would have most likely amputated my leg. He said the type of fracture I have rarely healed, but that he has had good sucess with the type of plate he used on mine. I guess I should check around to see if I can find a pool with a treadmill, that would be great. I am a certified aquatic fitness instructor and know all too well the benefits of the pool. I know they want us to do weight bearing exercises and walking with weights and such with osteo, but right now I can do neither. I get to the pool as often as I can, but have to rely on friends to go with me since I have a hard time loading and unloading the wheelchair by myself.
I sure hope I can convince my dr to order the tests that the other dr wants me to have, I just really feel that something is amiss and that is how we are going to find it.

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