Apple cider vinegar--good or bad for osteoporosis

Having taken a twice daily acv tonic to maintain an alkaline body for several months, I just read online in a few places that acv is not advised for those w/osteoporosis. They seem to be implying that acv is good in preventing osteoporosis but not good when one has o/p. Why would this be? Is it even an accurate statement? Would appreciate input on this because I feel better taking an acv tonic and am trying to reverse my osteoporosis. Thanks.

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I take acv everynight. It helps me with my intestinal issues. I have not heard that it is bad for op as I have op also. I think the benefits outweigh any risks. Look up Braggs acv on the internet and it will tell you more.

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HI blondie50~

I mix apple cider vinegar with water a few times a day. My naturopath says it's a good alkaliner (I made up that word). She recommends Braggs unfiltered organic, which I just got. I previously used a store brand generic.

However, I wouldn't necessarily believe all the wild health claims they make on the label.

My dentist says that at the dilution I take, a scant tablespoon per 10-12 oz, I don't risk damaging my teeth. To be on the safe side, I use a straw and try not to expose my teeth too much.

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The other day I was in the pharmacy line for cat meds, and two gents in front of me were discussing taking a vinegar bath to ease sore muscles. Anyone ever heard of that? I wondered if doing so would have an effect on the pH of one's body... and thus ease muscle stiffness?

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Thanks for all your replies. It makes me feel better about taking it. It definitely alkalizes my body. I may try using a straw. Usually I drink 2 tsps acv diluted in water and drink it down in fast gulps. Some add it to fruit juice.

As for muscle aches and soreness, it definitely works. Add acv to warm water and apply. I recently sprained my wrist and it helped take down the swelling and soreness. Of course, I immediately first applied ice.

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When treating a horse with a swollen leg either soak a bandage in vinegar and apply to the leg, or mix whiting and vinegar into a paste and apply . . . So it will undoubtedly have the same effect on a human - but you will smell quite strongly of vinegar!

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We mix 1 tbsp Braggs ACV with low sodium V8 juice for a morning juice. Tastes really good. Like a Bloody Mary......

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Ha ha Arizonaed that sounds good. Think I'll start taking it!

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