Aortic Calcification - Calcuim Here's my story and questions

Hi to all,
I posted the followiing on Natji's concern over Aortic Calcification from Calcium supplementation. I am still looking for responses. I thought it best I post under a seperate topic. Let's see if we can find specific words of wisdom from those that have had success. I stared "D" and keep uping the dosage it is not increasing my bloodtest. I have NOT started on K, freightened bcause it is fat soluble. Wondering if I should stop calcium supplementation altogether?
Please, I don't care to hear about pharma. type meds whether oral or I V boniva, reclast. I would like to deal with this naturally. I will take pumpkin seeds as suggested and will start on prunes. ANYONE HAVE ANY SUCCESS STORIES dealing with my specifice problems and questions
Here I go! Sorry this is so long
I would like to bring this discussion back to the forefront. First, to find out how everyone is doing and second to confirm that yes, calcium can land where it shouldn't. I had a CT of the lungs (I'm an ex-smoker 2 years clean, YEAH) Well, for a yeah there seems to be a boo. My emphezema is mild and stable YEAH....Aortic calcification BOOH. I only have osteopenia but when my right hip flairs ouch! I decided to take a PERSCRIBED calcium Cal-folicD. It is calcium Carbonate. I thought that Calcium citrate is the one we should be taking....that's my first question. If a drug company is putting in the wrong calcium than I see no hope for me understanding this whole thing. I am now only taking (again Calcium Carbonate) Cal with D ( I do take extra D because my D was down to 20) In spite of the addition D I can't get it past 34. Now I'm reading, thanks to U kind people that I should add K2 which will clear out the aorta and perhaps help my bones. DO I UNDERSTAND THIS CORRECTLY. I'm frustrated and upset. I broke my humerous in 2 places last Dec. and I want no more of this. I am persuing the calicification of the aorta by having a coratoid (sp?) doppler and I will follow up with "REAL Heart specialist in NY". I also have an appt. with an endo which I'm waiting 3 months for. If anyone can tell my how U have progressed since August (the last post) and what you are doing and taking I would be soooo greatful. I have CFS and Fibromyalgia so my short term memory (it's called fibro fog) at times makes me feel I am not comprehending and I may do more harm than good. Oh and yes, my chlestrol is a bit high at 209-217. My dr. recommends zetia but I would rather try red yeast rice and loose some weight. Your comments on the RYR would be appreciated as well. Sorry for the diatribe. I don't post often but when I do I tend to get a years worth of question into one post. Thanks for any help. Happy Bones and Heart to all

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Good morning to everyone,
I just found this article. Make sure you read the last sentence fication.html?cat=5

just more confusing facts on Calcium and calcification.

enjoy the w/e

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I have severe stenosis of my aortic valve and like the Arabs say, a drowning man will reach for a snake. In my case, it is 8000 units of vitamin D3 in oli and vitamin K1 and especially K2 that both has been said to remove calcium deposits. I continue to take my calcium supplements along with strontium citrate. I have already had bypass surgery and at my advance age do not relish the idea of having my aortic valve replaced.

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Somewhere I read that calcification of the aortic valve was due in part to low blood calcium. I know that has little if no logic to it but it may be true in my case for my calcium blood levels were very low due to Ceiliac Disease yet I got stenosis as well as osteoporosis.

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Members tell you the same things. You are HOPING FOR some wonder drug-effect with vitamin and minerals and you are willing to do any combination but see results from August to September==no way.

if you have been doing wrong to your body- then count on 3 months, for each sick year, of natural healthy tactics=unlike wonder drugs [pharma] to show change--

OTHERS, like Bob, humbly tell what they've experienced--we take that information -- sieve, like we' re panning for gold-- toward our personal plan -- filtering with what other pertinence we've heard here, we put it with our own body's facts and tear into the plan with zest and hope --often with success.

All of us are doing just that; filtering and plotting-- looking for the package.

so much depends on the individual's [condition]--tests.

To some 8000 i,u, vit D --ea day would be too much- and if they were taking that much it likely would be to 'load' their vit D need to [and they would be watching for that day] find their personal maintenance level. At that time== be watching [with tests] to know 'when' that level happens. it wont be 8000i.u. per day --more like 1000i.u. which in itself is still more watching.

As a gatherer, like yourself, I have picked up on their experiences and searches that there is need for Calcium and Vit D, and Magnesium and Vit K and Strontium==together as partners that causes a
natural body work. Using these same nutrients, altering combinations to correct any of a number of problems in the works.




I hope that this long awkward spiel helps.

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justosteopenia answer--great lead.

good answer== that covers question,: should you stop calcium,.

not for changing heart - calcium deposits .

NOT FOR THE SAKE OF THE REST OF YOUR BODY. dont stop calcium suppl.

the diff in calciums--the one in your prescripton is cheaper than citrate while citrate gets available fastest. they have same value--otherwise?

there is another reason that makes citrate better--may be its inter play with magnesium?' but not better than liquid or powder calcium over all. '


now you are back to the original theory of balancing with calcium, magnesium, vit D, K, --etc. for the sake of your lungs? and [hip] bones..... justosteo quickly settled that ! progress.

you said that you increased D but no change in blood test--did you mean blood calcium or vit d level.. increase from 20 to 34 is nice --seems to me; it could have been 0 increase


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Bettyrenshaw, Thanks. Bob Wallace I'm as confused as U ;-p
Valve replacement YIKES, at any age is scary. I will pray that your "snake oil" works (D, K etc) I too will follow up with this and the endo next month.

Bettyrenshaw, I have been neurotic almost about my vitamins. I've been taking fish oil (4-6 a day) and glucosamine, chronditon, msm for about 15-19 years....does fish oil work...well U tell me, in my circumstances it seems not. Move free for the OA I believe helps. (this is just 2 of my regime of 16 vitamins, minerals and herbs I take) I just started resveratol and pomegranate for the Calcium deposits. K is something I will leave up to the endo. Now we are getting into scary stuff that I am not familiar with.
About five years ago I came off all vitamins. I was a mess. Many of it helps the fibro and the OA but none of this has done anything for my heart, I guess. My dad and his twin sister had bad hearts, so it maybe genetic and I am predisposed. I will find a cardiologist and will take all your advise on the calcium and magnesium. It seems I've been taking the wrong kind of both.
My D level is what went for 20 to 34 in six months but now I've read taking 3,000 is not a big deal, so I will up my D. I'm going to put this all in the heads of specialitst now cardiologist and endocrynologist. I am in over my head.
I thought that when I stopped smoking I would feel wonderful but NOT! I'm sure I would be much worse off if I was still smoking. Much of this is probably due to the fact that I smoked for over 45 years so I've been getting away with it and now is payback time.
THanks you call for your DIRECT responses. At least now I know which direction I should go in....changing my cal and mag.
THE GOLDEN YEARS HA! Yes, getting old is NOT for sissies.
Everyone have a great Sunday and enjoy the nice weather if U R in the tri-state area.

Blessing, Justosteopenia

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all sounds good--that you are working ends toward the middle experimenting~! you sound like myself=

I bet you have umpteen different vitamins and Companies sitting -almost hiding them--while you jury them? then eventually include them again!

Magnesium 400 up daily--half as much as Calcium1000 to 2000 daily? ---- from food and suppl .
You need Mag for your heart and nerves right up front--energy--bet it is tooted highly for fibromyalgia

--are you vegitarian OR CLOSE, have you had your ph acid alcallyn tested. you may need THINK enzymes --stomach juices to help with the multiples of vitamin in digesting==DAILY LOTS OF raw foods? FRUIT.

i am sure you have. how bout lots of vit C. you took bad care of that in smoking days. vit B's all of them - big on 5 6 12[with folic acid]..

You taking a good multiple for the trace minerals in case the body calls for them? yeah, then enuff folic acid incl there, but it is a must==and esp since it is partner with B12,

THE WATER SOLUABLES LEAVE BODY DAILY, THE oils DONT HAVE TO BE ADDED DAILY--THEY STAY IN THE BODY. you said you feared K for that reason==does your blood coagulate normally when your scratched/ cut? THAT is to be reckoned with.

IT APPEARS AT THIS TIME THAT amt of K OR THE k2 and Strontium are still coming to gather by our Inspirers.. I CANT SAY THAT ABOUT THE [OUTSIDE] SCIENTIFIC WORLD. i think that they are -- in truth- watching these discussions--if not, they should be-

On our side are some serious delvers who can seek and find very nicely ! .

READ AND Reread discussions, follow those suggested sites; up your vit C I call it the nurse vitamin--there with every procedure.

i do preview and still I make typos and poor phrasing , when I COME BACK TO EDIT---I OFTEN DO WORSE. SO GOOD LUCK ON GATHERING FROM MY INPUT~~betty

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I also take resveatol 270mg and pomeganate but I consider the K vitamins the most esential and I base this on my readings in Life Extension magazine which is written by M.D.s. Next would be vitamin D.

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taking blood thinner?==consider that when taking K--EVEN ASPIRIN.

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Hi Betty,
I am no way near being a vegan. I due take at least 2,000mg C, 400mg mag, garlic, b-12 shots and B, there's more but we can stop here or you would really get bored. I DO NOT TAKE AN ASPIRIN,YET! Bcause I take so much fish oil and garlic and they are considered blood thinners. This new finding has me baffled. My sis takes aspirin along with the above. I will wait till I see a doctor.
I did read something and have taken Krill in the past, I may go back to that type of fish oil as it is better in that it gets thru the blood brain barrier...I'm not sure about the other reg. fish oil. There is so much out there. My brain is overwhelmed.
You're writing and explaining is just fine. Where RU from? I never heard of a Petre Dish.
Thank you for all your suggestions. Eventually I will change the calcium and mag. to the proper form (for now I'm not taking any cal.). I've started resveretrol and pomegrante and will hold off on the K until I see a doctor and find out how bad this is. It seems though that it is a precursor to H Attck..One day at a time. I have to get my a** off the couch. If U find out anything be sure to share and I will do the same.
Thanks again,

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Hi Bob,
I aslo read Life is an amazing up to the minute magazine. I just don't have the money to do all they suggest. I would love to try the new weight loss pill they have recently been touting. Everything is on hold till I get some medical answers. The endo. can tell me what vitamins I can cut out and what to add I HOPE! if not; it's back to the drawing board.
Warmest regards

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I have found doctors to know little of supplements. It is not in their training. That goes for your endo as well.
I buy the Life Extension Super K2 but not from them but from Amazon at much less and free shipping.

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Let see you have osteopenia and a calcified aorta. Where do you think that calcium your taking is going. I would bet on the aorta with the help of the vitamin D. I'm going to keep this simple you can research it and make a judgement on what you should do.
First stop the Calcium and V-D.
Look up Osteopontin which is the precursor for osteoblasts that are putting Calcium in the arteries at the expense of your bones.
Start on EDTA 500mg 1 in the AM-2At bedtime This will break the calcium build up in the arteries.
IP6 (Ie. Inositol Hexaphosphate) 2-4 Grams spread over the day on an empty stomach. This will help clean up the arteries and direct the calcium back to the bones and blunt the osteopontin action.
A good Multi vitamin to put back some of the other stuff lost in this process.
Talk to your Doc about this after you do some searchs on this. He/She might have some other ideas they know your needs best.

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