Anyone heard of "Save Our Bones"- Vivian Goldschmidt?

I would like to know if anyone has information on this program....either good or bad?

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One word FABULOUS!! I have found research to back everything she says. The book and emails are awesome.
It gives you hope, and gets you off the medication. Good luck!

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I bought the program also. You can get most of the information in the book, which is expensive, on line from her site if you are patient....she gives you bits and pieces. But I don't regret spending the money. I started out with the Women to Women program, but the supplements were very expensive and gave me potty problems so i couldn't take the recommended amounts anyway. I pulled out of that one after 2 or 3 months.

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My doctor wanted me on Reclast but after doing some research (mostly on this site) and deciding that Reclast is not entering my body, I bought into this program a couple of months ago. I'm pleased with the program but the proof is in the pudding and until I have another bone scan in a year (or so) I will not have a firm feel on how good it is.

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What is the program about?

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I returned my book when I saw that it contained most of the info she has online. Glad it has worked for some tho.

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I'm trying to decide if I want to pay the extra to be able to consult with Vivian in the "Save Our Bones" program.
Right now they have a wonderful discount but it doesn't include the consultation.

Anyone had the consulation with her?


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A very slick (maybe too slick) website. What bothers me is the heading on one page...."What your Doctor doesn't want you to know". This assumes that my Doctor is some unethical SOB that is willfully and deliberately withholding something from me.

Also, when you try to exit the website a popup window and a big voice yells "WAIT!!!" and tries to give you some "special" message.

Too much like the late night infomercials.... "If you call within the next 10 minutes, we'll double your order, operators are standing by!!"

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I agree with above. There are too many ads and too many mysteries. Google "reverse osteoporosis bone density protocols" online and you would be best to investigate what others are offering.

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Who needs a "program"?

Everyone can do their own research on the Internet and develop their own personalized program for free.

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I agree that the Save Our Bones website is very pushy and like an infomercial. But I do think that there are some helpful ideas. I would not spend the money myself, though, as I think it can all be pretty much found online.

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I bought both her her book and "Better Bones Better Body" by Dr. Susan Brown

V.G.'s book is easier to read, but I agree it's over-priced. I bought it on a 1/2 price sale or wouldn't have bothered. You can get Susan Brown's book on Chapters/Indigo or Amazon for far less, and it's far more informative, detailed and has references to all the studies she sites (V.G.'s has little or no references). And Susan Brown is more qualified than V.G. The "programs" are much the same.

I admit I haven't stuck to it too well, but am working on it. My doc wants me on the drugs again (was on them for a number of years), but there are so many side affects. And my dentist cautioned me about biphosphonates, esp the 1 yr shot.

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