Hi I have Osteoporosis and have tried Alentronic Acid and Strontium Ranelate and have had side effect with both. What to do now! I notice also that there is a sweetner in the Calcium tablets I take so I have ordered Algaecal Plus which is said to come from a natural source. Has anyone any info on this as I take Calcichew D3 Forte at the moment but would like to change to the above. I would like to try a natural way of trying to improve my bone quality as I am concerned about trying another medication and getting more side effects. Anyone know any ways that have improved bone quality?

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Hi, I tried Algaecal for several months. No side effects. But when I did a 24 hour urine test, it was discovered I was losing too much calcium in my urine. My doctor wanted me to switch to a calcium that he knew about....calcium citrate. He said he didn't know what kind of calcium Algaecal had in it. Later I read that too much caffeine can cause too much calcium loss in urine..... So now I'm planning to cut out the caffeine... Still don't know if I'm going back on AlgaeCal or not. I'd like to know more about it too.

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I used algaecal for a year and I learned my lesson the hard way. During the period I developed lupus, rheumatoid, and maybe fibromyalgia (doctor's unsure about that). And my bone density went down the hill. I also had a hairline fracture. I was very active before that. My naturopath said my body is toxic...

I had my doubts at the beginning and only if I did more research I wouldn't fall into this. They never said what their calcium really is, just from algae. Calcium carbonate? Calcium citrate? Calcium orotate? Calcium aspartate anhydrous? They just say it's organic. The truth as I later found out from a chemist, is, calcium from algae, or any kind of seaweed, or coral reefs, is calcium carbonate. Coming from ocean only makes it carry more lead, chromium, mercury... I would not recommend this product.

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I agree Algaecal does not sound good, but I have a question for llpenn.
On what source do you base your statement about Strontium not strengthening bone?

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I take citrical plus bone density builder. It has genistein and boron, magnesium, zinc, copper ,maganese and D in it.

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The post from llpenn is ridiculous, should we just call you DR Fujita, or are you on his payroll?

DR Fujita is the owner of Advacal, and is just trying to spread garbage about Algaecal.

I have been taking Algaecal for a few years now and it has improved my bone mineral density.

You can check my participation in other discussions on this site, and you will see that I am not affiliated with them, but I have done my research.

If any of what Fujita and the above post say are true, do you think that Algaecal would still be in business?

Do not believe the above lies about algaecal, there is no scientific references being used by this Dr Fujita to back up his story, all you need to do is go to the Algaecal website and you will see there is a wealth of information and everything is referenced properly so they are not making things up.

Also take the time to look at the customer testimonials, quite a few of them show real dexa scan results where the person has shown great improvements.

Dr Fujita and llpenn are a joke

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llPen ,Thank you for the was very helpful.

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llpenn, thanks for the information. Many of us here do appreciate it.

I've never used alagecal but just out of curiosity I took a close look at the information available on their website.

I'm a registered nurse, but I worked in a laboratory as a lab assistant before. The algaecal website gives me the impression that it is created by marketing specialists, someone who doesn't seem to have much knowledge on science or calcium. Nothing referenced supports, or even relates to their claims.

For example, they claim their calcium is superior to calcium caronate, without mentioning or understanding that their calcium is calcium carbonate.

I'm having my former boss (A Biochemistory Professor) and his wife over for dinner this weekend. I'll see what he has to say.

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I work with Algaecal and I would like to respond to some of the statements being made on this forum regarding our product.

First off, AlgaeCal can not be classified a calcium carbonate like tums, it is a natural mineral complex with a lot of science showing that it is much more effective than any calcium carbonate.

The user GillMcNulty, that registered just yesterday to jump into this conversation and take sides with LLpenn and Dr Fujita claims that she found no references to science or proper studies on our website.

Please have a look at this published study by the University of Connecticut comparing AlgaeCal to calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

This study was focused human bone building cells called osteoblasts and the study proved that AlgaeCal was superior to the other calciums.

Please have a look at the findings of this study, it can be seen on at the link below.

We are not trying to promote AlgaeCal via this forum, but a customer of ours brought it to our attention that Dr Fujita (affiliated with Advacal calcium) was spreading false information about our product.

There is no foundation to any of his statements, and we wanted to set the record straight. We encourage any questions from users of this forum, we will gladly answer them all.


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Now I really think algaecal could be a scam. I was a lab assistant for 3 years. I know how "research" works. How much did you pay for this "research"?

I have to tell you this paper is a joke. It seems none of those people have any experience with bone metabolism. You can click on their names to see their other research.

They used cultured human fetal osteoblast cells instead of live human adults - totally ignored that in the real world, calcium compounds such as calcium carbonate and calcium citrate are broken into ions by stomach acid before anything can be absorbed into body. In other words, when calcium reach the bones, there is NO calcium carbonate, calcium citrate or "algae" (if you believe this is a "noval" calcium that live outside of rules of science). They are all equal before they even meet osteoblasts in the bones. In other words, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, will never show up in the bones in their original form, and will never get a chance to meet osteoblasts in a real human body.

This means this creative test methodology is totally wrong. The correct, standard method is to orally administer calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, then test bone density numbers, as done in all major clinical studies - but that would be way too expensive for you alagecal!

Also their "test results" of ALP activity, PCNA expression, and DNA synthesis, and 2 days for Ca(2+) deposition, and their conclusion are like apple to orange - no relationship. What's worth mentioning is that they actually found calcium carbonate to be better than calcium citrate! What a joke!

I've seen it all. Business pays, researchers are given a goal, then they will do anything, including "innovative" test design and data manipulation to reach that goal. Then publish in a nobody-know journals (there are many of them out there to meet the demand. Universities review staff on the number of papers published - huge demand for those journals nobody will ever read).

Instead of paying big bucks for this research why pay a couple of hundreads and let them tell you algaecal is calcium carbonate?

Yes, I'm a new member of this community but I don't appreciate it that you label me as someone I'm not.

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. I did a google search calcified seaweed and it is indeed primarily used as plant fertilizer. Wow.

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Mr McNulty, while we appreciate your perspective as a lab assistant, we believe that the 6 member research team of doctors at the U of CT and Harvard Medical School who designed and implemented the Algae human osteoblast study have a little more credibility! You are asking readers of this forum to believe you, an un-credentialed internet pseudonym who is likely affiliated with an AlgaeCal competitor, over an independent University team of doctors professional reputation is at stake. Thankfully most AlgaeCal customers are more sophisticated than to swallow your unsubstantiated speculation.

Most people understand that the vast majority of research is funded by companies who have an interest in positive results. If not for company-funded research, there would be few valuable medicines available to treat you and your loved ones. The fact that a company pays for a University to design and conduct a study does not mean that the result will be manipulated to promote the company's product. In fact the opposite is true most of the time - there are more times that studies show unfavorable results than favorable, and most of the time the new ingredient is found to be ineffective. Fortunately, in this case a very positive result was found by the researchers. University researchers are paid to do independent research, not to get a result for a company. If these researchers cross the line, they stand to lose their profession and their living so it happens very infrequently. What is little understood is that the researchers are kept honest by the peer review process when the study is submitted to the journal. Normally several more blinded researchers read the manuscript and evaluate/comment on its weaknesses. If the study is flawed, the journal will not publish. In the case of the AlgaeCal osteoblast study it has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal so it has passed the scrutiny of both the research team at U of CT and the reviewers at the esteemed journal, "Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry".

As for your suggestion to run a "proper" human clinical trial comparing AlgaeCal to calcium carbonate measuring bone density - good idea. It is underway and the 6 month data has just been received. You will be interested to see the results posted on the algaecal website early next week. Now, with 4 studies ranging from absorption to human bone density showing AlgaeCal with superior results to calcium carbonate, how do you look suggesting AlgaeCal is nothing more than calcium carbonate? Have more than 30 scientists collaborated in four algaecal studies to fix the results, or is AlgaeCal truly a superior product for bone health? Actually, don't bother answering. We've heard quite enough of your baseless slander.

I want you to understand that your allegation of manipulating clinical research is potentially libellous and challenge you publicly to reveal your true identity so that papers can be served to you. We will see how strong your scientific arguments are when examined under the careful scrutiny of a court of law. I hope that your errant comments don't prevent many people from choosing the most effective way of nourishing their bones.

Again here is the link to the Algaecal Osteoblast Study for those that want to further investigate.

Dean Neuls
AlgaeCal Inc.

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I'm stunned by the unprofessional response from the Algaecal CEO.

First of all, this is a public forum where people come together to share their experience, knowledge or understanding of any health issue or product. You don't threat someone just because they have a different view on your product. I'm not sure how you handle things in Canada, but here in the US we enjoy freedom of speech and we respect privacy. Let me make it clear for you Alagecal: everyone here has the right to provide feedback, comments on your product, positive or negative.

Secondly, you didn't address any of the issues Gillmcnulty pointed out. Citing who did the study doesn't help readers like myself. Gill made a good point: if the calcium compounds would never meet the osteoblasts in the bones, what's the value of putting them together in a test tube?

I found this forum by accident while I was looking to possibly purchase alagecal after some research. So I'm not affiliated with any of your competitors. But your immature response concerns me even more than the issues raised about algaecal in this forum. I would not do business with you.

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Just read your comments on Algecal. Couldn't agree with you more. I've been on it almost two years. After the first year, all scores had improved...all still below where they should be but no other treatment has improved them as much....

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Dear CEO of AlgaeCal
Just found out that your company is the same one who "manufactures and sells" the "True Blue Coral Calcium" on the "" (at least you guys share same address and fax number). Could you please tell me which one is better, True Blue Coral Calcium or AlgeCal, or they are the same? Thanks!

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Hello jjyang,
Sales promotions are not permitted on the community.
Please contact the company directly.

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I don't know who to believe in this debate.

--How many studies back up the effectiveness of
calcium derived from algae in treating Osteoporosis?

--THE GARDEN OF LIFE company also makes an
algae/calcium product. Has any one had luck with
their product??

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The reason I am asking the CEO is I think it is a little bit "funny" that same company (or owner) sells two kinds of clacium supplement and claims that both are the best without telling people they are from the same company (or owner). I used the barcode on the AlgaeCal bottle to find out it belongs to CFU Distribution ib Blaine, WA. The CFU Distribution owns the webiste "". The contact information on the website is the same as AlgaeCal (address and fax).

My point is maybe AlgaeCal is not a totaly bad product. But if people can buy calcium at $0.08 or less per capsule to get the same result, why spend $0.35?

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This is all overwhelming to say the least - re. the AlgaeCal. For peace of mind I'm sure all of us living with osteo. issues want the latest 'true' test findings info. We're savvy and not as gullible as some chose to believe - we know that each indiv. will respond differently to various treatments -- I feel before I take ANYTHING I research the heck out of it i.e; reading studies from everywhere - especially the books that tout healing w/o drugs (my focus) - some of them examine the various drugs out there. BTW - I just saw an article about the neg. side effects of biophos. drugs in my health newsletter. So sad that the FDA is allowed to take their time getting the word out there... I knew about this at least 7 yrs. ago. Another reason to be grateful for this site - issues are discussed.

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I have been on their GrowBoneSystem for a month and half now with no side effects. However, being a slim person (5'5" at 120 lbs) I only take about 2/3 of the recommended dosage. I am still not sure if strontium is the best choice for me. I did have a dexa scan recently in order to monitor my score with strontium. 10 years ago at 52, my T score (overall - 2.9) is about just a bit better than now ( overall -3.1). So I believe this is normal deterioration(more loss right after menopause then slows down). I was just on Fosamax for one year 8 years ago then no drugs, my decision based on research. During the past 4 years, I took Garden of Life's Living Advanced Calcium with all the known required ingredients for bone building all discussed on this site.

With all the discussions going on here, I will have to do more research about strontium (citrate). One thing, I am still trying to find out the formula to adjust the T score with strontium being it makes one's bones denser. Some say you should reduce the score by 10%, some say by 50%. ??

3 weeks ago, while walking, I was run over by a boy riding a bike. I suffered bruises and knees hurt and bleeding, no fractures, Thank God. I am fine now.

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