AlgaeCal bone growth supplement

Have anybody heard about Algaecal plant-based calcium supplement or taken this calcium supplement? Algaecal company has claimed that its supplement is different from the calcium supplement on the market. It promotes bone growth and is not made out of rock (Calcium Carbonate) and limestone (calcium citrate). I plan to try the supplement but would like to know if Algaecal worked for you or not.

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We have discussed this before, you may want to put it in the search box and find other discussions. I've been taking it for a while, no idea though if its helping my bones, as I haven't had a scan lately.

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Hi NO-GMO, I have not tried this but thought about it and decided against mostly because it is expensive and has the same calcium as the others, I was not happy that it is in fact rock just like the others and they advertise by saying it is not.
However that is not to say it is not a good product in the end.
The other thread on this which will help you a lot is called MCHA or Algaecal?
I hope you find the answers.

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@ BO-GMO: You cannot believe everything a saleman tells you about the used car on the lot, nor perhaps about what they claim on their website. For example you stated "It promotes bone growth and is not made out of rock (Calcium Carbonate) and limestone (calcium citrate)."

From wikipedia on the definition of limestone: "Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3)."

So citrate does not come from limestone as claimed and limestone is also "rock". To some people such statements may even cast doubt about the reliability of other statements. To others, it was just a typographic error and the rest is gospel.

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I've had a little improvement with garden of life calcium

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You may want to compare AlgaeCal to Legacy Ultimate Bone Health. The latter has more bone-building ingredients and is less expensive.

We all need help for our bones these days.

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Hi No-GMO,

I haven't used this product you mentioned but I do use another very good quality plant- sourced whole-food calcium, not limestone. Its put out by a company called New Chapter and it's called Bone Strength Take Care. You can purchase it at your local health food store but can save money by purchasing online through Along with this calcium product I also take vitamin D3 and at least 100 to 150 mcgs of K2 which all work synergistically together to make sure the calcium gets deposited into the bones and not anywhere else in the body. New Chapter does include D3 and K2 into their product but the levels are low compared to other research I've done. So I add more when taking the calcium.

Hope this helps!

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Where do you get the K2? I can get Bone Strength at my local grocery.

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