50,000 units Vitamin D side effects??

Can upset stomach and dizziness be a side effect of mega doses of Vitamin D? I have taken two doses and only have 4 to go.

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call your doctor a bout the symptoms, should at least have a conversation with him

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I will send him an email so he will have it first thing am. He is great about responding. Thanks.

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Vitamin d 50,000
Vitamin D2 Is Much Less Effective than Vitamin D3 in Humans

The CHOLECALCIFEROL Vitamin D3 form is the human form of the vitamin and is available over the counter and online if you search AMAZON/GOOGLE for "BIOTECH 50,000iu cholecalciferol"

Many people find taking your vitamin D3 with the largest meal of the day produces the best results as that is the meal with the most fat. Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble molecule.
Be aware that 50,000iu a week is NOT a megadose.
Full body sun exposure generates 10,000iu~20,000iu in a few minutes providing you don't burn and so it is reasonable to suppose, as human DNA evolved when humans lived mainly naked mainly outdoors, that these are the amounts our DNA evolved to function best with.
50,000iu each week = 7142iu/daily
that is a reasonable amount for people also getting uvb exposure to correct vitamin D deficiency and should lead eventually to a level around 50~60ng/ml although it would be quicker to use 10,000iu/daily (one 50,000iu D3) EVERY 5TH day and then cut back to one each week after 60ng/ml has been attained and maintained for a while.
Topping up your vitamin D tank by DR. WILLIAM DAVIS shows what he finds generally happens in practice.

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I meant to start by saying that the usually prescribed form of vitamin D is ERGOCALCIFEROL vitamin D2 and this is the form that is least effective, most likely to cause side effects, tends to speed up the metabolism of the vitamin so is shorter lasting, and sometimes isn't used at all by some people who cannot convert D2 to the human form D3. So changing the type of vitamin D used may solve the problem.

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My naturopathic physician prescribed 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 to be taken with my calcium, K2, and other vitamins in the AM. This was after he evaluated my blood test. Strontinum citrate is to be taken separately in the evening. I was having dizzy spells after awhile that were extra bad whenever I exercised. When I reduced my D3 to 5,000 IU per day the dizzy spells went away. I'm also taking Phyto-ADR as an adrenal gland supplement. I believe that dizziness is a sign of a chemical imbalance in the body. Your doctor should be regularly testing your blood to check and see if you are getting too much D3 in the blood.

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The primary symptoms of high Vitamin D intake tend to be similar to those of low Vitamin A levels. Your intake is not high enough to be having classical high Vitamin D symptoms. One side issue that does happen with higher Vitamin D levels is that the body produces more of the MGP and other calcium handling proteins. These need to be carboxylated to be effective and they create bad effects if they are not, so adding a good dose of Vitamin K2 is well advised for bone loss patients, usually around 1000 mcg of the Vitamin K2 - MK-4 fraction. As added motivation, Guniea pigs are given heart disease in research by giving them cholesterol and high levels of Vitamin D, resulting in high levels of uncarboxylated proteins!

Is Vitamin D the only thing you are taking? Large doses of calcium can produce constipation and magnesium oxide is often included which can have the opposite effect. Moderation in the dose might be useful as this is a big change for your body which has a number of adjustments to make internally to work with the higher Vitamin D level. Many are also low in magnesium intake which balances with calcium in the body, so increasing Vitamin D and thus calcium intake can make a low magnesium level magically worse. Try an organic form of magnesium such as magnesium glycinate if you want to try it.

Recent research has shown that Vitamin K2 moves calcium out of the soft tissures and strongly stimulates bone building, reducing the bone breakage rates of bone loss patients. The value of Vitamin K2 is not well known among doctors and its rare in the diet. Vitamin K2 has been used in Japan since 1995 as a treatment for bone loss and heart disease. Vitamin D3 is much needed and actually is an important part of the calcium regulation system of the body, if your D is low your body regulates calcium absorption badly.
You can take Ted's advice on Vitamin D.

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Thanks. I have gotten some really useful info. I have some research to do now and I have been give some great stuff to work with. My list of questions to my doctor has just increased to.

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