Sunlight dishwashing liquid for sensitive skin

At present Sunlight dishwashing liquid for sensitive skin (formerly Dove dishwashing liquid) is no longer being produced. If you would like to see this product on the market again, contact Diversey, Inc., 8310 16th Street/P.O. Box 902, Sturtevant, WI 53177-0902 (phone: 1-262-631-4001, web address:

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This is terrible news. I have been using this product since it was known as Dove and I am now almost out of my last bottle of Sunlight. Anybody have a suggestion for an alternate product?

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Did you find an alternative? I was using Sunlight for years with no flare ups and now that I have run out, the eczema is back!!

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Apparently, there is still some product back East. A friend was able to locate some bottles in Florida. There is NOTHING in California. sold some clearance product earlier this year. (The third party vendor that Sears online is currently using is charging way too much.)

We are still trying to get some straight answers from Sun about the production and distribution of this item. The product locator function on is useless, but you can send your comments/questions to that website.

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I too once used sun dishwashing liquid for sensitive skin.
Since I can no longer find it anywhere, I now order Dove handwashing liquid soap by the one gallon jugs from I would also google Dove handwashing liquid soap to try to find a better deal. Hope this helps.

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I also used to buy Sunlight dishwashing liquid. I called Diversey to find out about DOVE (LIQUID) HAND SOAP (#2979401). They could not tell me much about the product. Sugarbootsmom, can it be used for washing dishes and other things????

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In response to your question, if the DOVE handwashing soap can be used for dishwashing and other things? All I've ever used it for was to take baths. Sorry I could not be of more help.

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After receiving conflicting information about this product, I also managed to order some from a source back East. Someone who has been in contact with the firm handling customer service for Sun Products sent me a message last week. She was told that Sun was revamping its line. She suggested that we go to and ask for wider distribution of Sunlight Advanced Hand Replenish, Sensitive Skin dishwashing liquid.

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