30th week of pregnancy post trachelectomy

Hey. So today marks the 30th week of pregnancy. I'm safely into the third trimester. If the baby was to be born today she'd have a pretty good chance of survival. I've been holding off getting excited about being pregnant until this stage and now I'm finally starting to relax and enjoy things a little. My cervix is now measuring 1.3. There was some funneling seen on the ultrasound a couple of weeks ago but that seems to have somehow reversed itself and the above the stitch the cervix is now closed. So we'll see what happens next. The placenta previa has corrected itself so hopefully I'll not be inline for any more bleeds. The csection has been booked for 15th of February which would be 38 weeks of pregnancy. I have a weird feeling I'm going to go into labor before then but again, we'll see... My OB has put me on modified bedrest - mostly out of an abundance of caution - I'm to spend two hours in bed a day. I'm working from home still so I'm not taking disability yet and won't do until a week before the csection. I'm due another pap at the end of next month. Hopefully I'm still clear of cancer. At some point after the birth I'll be having a laparascopic hysterectomy. I'm still taking the Makena (progesterone shots) which seem to be getting more painful as time passes. Still no exercise and no sex of course. Both of these things are starting to niggle. I've already put on 40lbs and am really looking forward to getting back in shape after this baby. The no sex thing is pretty dire. But of course, all totally worth it. Anyway - let me know if anyone has questions and wishing happy holidays and healthy wishes for the new year to you all. x

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