Will it GO AWAY?

Well it's been two weeks since I found out I have hpv. My boyfriend is still with me, my father is supporting me, and I've been drinking vitamins. I've been living life pretty normal, except I changed my eating habits, and I sleep more. I've been partying and clubbing alot, and going out with friends in order to also relieve any stress, keep myself happy, and keep my mind off HPV. However... it all came back today. It hit me again... I HAVE HPV, WILL I DIE? WILL I HAVE KIDS? WILL I STILL BE WITH MY BOYFRIEND? WILL THIS GO AWAY FOR GOOD? ... all these questions hit me, I was almost crying at work. And to top it all off, its been 2 DAM weeks and the stupid hospital STILL hasnt sent me my appointment so they can take some samples from my cervix so I can find out what type of hpv I have and what they need to do to me!!! I'm so worried, I'm going to make calls tommorrow to get a private doctor to do this procedure, because the stupid hospital takes FOREVER. UGH GUYS PLEASE TELL ME THE TRUTH! Has there been cases where HPV goes completely away in time??? Does it really clear up on its own if your body is strong enough? Can someone PLEASE tell me! BE HONEST!

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most people have hpv and most people don't know it because they clear it on their own. it's estimated that 80% of women will have had an hpv infection by the time they're 50 years old....so when you're out some time, even at the grocery store, look around and know (!) that 8 o ut of 10 women walking around have had an hpv infection.

sounds like you have a plan....call the doctor to get the appointment made.

i'm sorry this has you so scared and anxious....it's particularly stressful when you're in a waiting mode... use your time/energy in a positive way....rather than doing all the 'what ifs', learn more about hpv and ways to help your body clear it! and do good things for yourself.

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I'm always amazed by this 80% of women having HPV. I look at all these people around me and it just doesn't seem like they would have it. I am so jealous of the nice married couples who had only been with each other and nobody else. I wish someone would have told me that would have been the only safe way to go. I don't understand how none of my friends who have had lots of boyfriends never had an abnormal pap or genital wart and I get all this crap from one partner. What a fool I was to think it wouldn't happen to me. I don't know how I'm ever going to get over this. I know I should be more positive but it's really difficult. This is going to take time. Hopefully someday I will be able to stop with the pity party. I know some women have it so much worse. Like you princesaax3 I too worry about what could happen in the future.

Anyway, all we can do is pray and try to treat our bodies right to help clear this infection. All we can do is try to move forward like flowershoplady says (which is not always easy I know!) With your age Princesaax3 you have a better chance of clearing this. Just stay on top of your paps and you should be fine. And just be well! (It's so much easier to be positive for someone else. I can't seem to stop beating myself up over this!)

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Thanks for your words guys, and antiviral.. dont beat your self up! keep on going, and try to do activities to take your mind off things.

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Yes you have HPV, NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE! YES YOU CAN HAVE KIDS AND A BOYFRIEND!!!! If he leaves you for this, he's not the one for you!

Okay... I've done my shouting! This is something you are aware of and treating. Don't panic and worry... it starts a vicious cycle. Worry= Stress= compromised immune system= ACTIVE INFECTIONS=More worry...
I'm not saying ignore your concerns, but dwelling will only make you misserable and you'll miss out on life.

Much Love!

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THANK YOU froglady76, this really helps... I need someone like you to shout at me so I can SNAP OUT OF IT!

God Bless! <3

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It goes away! Mine has gone away in the past.. I think it has come back due to a different strain.

I have just started meditation classes... you should really try this!!

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Oh, in regards to HPV becoming undetectable from the HPV test, I have heard of this situation with one person who is/was HPV positive. It was a long time for her to get to that point, though. I'm not sure why or how that happened, but like I said, the immune system learns how to handle the virus and suppress its expression. If I ever took an HPV test and it showed up negative, I would be happy, but I would also be the last to believe that my body "rid" itself of the virus.

My LEEP pathology showed CIN-I with clear margins (even though a couple months prior I was CIN-II, which was the whole reason why I went for a LEEP in the first place). My last Pap smear was also clear. However, I still consider myself HPV positive and a carrier of this virus. Although I know people think I am being pessimistic for thinking this way (i.e., thinking that HPV is permanent), I consider myself being proactive about my health so that I never get a "flare up" of this virus ever again.

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hi beinfab, glad to hear you're getting normal pap and hpv test results! keep in mind that most everyone has has an active hpv infection at some point in their lives, so it's great to know that you no longer test positive. it's when the active hpv infection persists that there's an increased risk of dysplasia/cancer. continued good health wishes to you!

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Argh, I messed up and deleted my original reply (the one I wrote an hour ago)! Basically I wrote that I believe that HPV does not go away, according to my physicians and other websites. When doctors says it goes away, what they usually mean is that the infection clears itself up over time. Eventually, your immune system works itself and suppresses the expression (aka, the cervical changes) of the virus. When your body gets to that point, you are typically never bothered with HPV again. You can live a normal life; unless you compromise your health or are not up to date with your Paps, you are not going to die from HPV.

A virus is not like bacteria in that the latter is living and dies with antibiotics. Viruses only live within the body, which is why you usually pass HPV through close skin contact/sex. You have HPV on your skin, but usually it dies almost immediately because the virus can't live outside of the body for too long.

What does happen is that you become a carrier of the specific strain(s). This means that you won't get it again and it won't affect you if your partner has the same strain(s), but you can pass it along to someone else who's never been infected with it. Thus it is always important to be honest with your partners and use protection...that way you can protect your other partners (if you're in a non-exclusive relationship) and yourself from new strains.

It is still crucial to be up to date with your Paps; although "flare ups" are rare, they do occur, especially if (as I said before) you compromise your immune system. This is why some women notice cervical changes when they become pregnant, even though they probably haven't had cervical changes/a LEEP in years.

I know what I said seems really negative, but it's not intended to be. I think it's really important to be well-informed, and you shouldn't let yourself go crazy over the HPV. Be proactive with your life and your overall health; like I said, HPV will not kill you! :)

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LOL, flowershoplady, I'm not getting HPV test results; it is hard to get an HPV test where I live, although I'm 99.9 percent sure I am still HPV positive (despite being clear on my Pap tests). As I said in my original post, I knew a gal who was always positive on her HPV test (even though she had clear Paps)...then all of a sudden showed up negative. If I did have an HPV test and it was negative, I would never assume that the virus is out of my system; suppressed, if anything.

I just think it's an odd virus.

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beinfab, yes, it's a complex virus. AND, if you are with a partner that has the same strains as you, it CAN impact you.....it can make it more difficult to clear a currently active hpv infection because of the increased viral load, and you can get an active hpv infection in more than one location....remember that it's in the skin type tissues....so it can be in various parts of your cervix, vaginal, vulvar, anus, etc. Sorry to hear you're not in the U.S. where hpv testing has finally become more routine, at least if you're over 30, though some doctors are still not fully up to speed with all this.

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No you do not sound negative. What I understood about HPV. You can get normal paps but HPV never goes away. I think it is in remission. But what scares me I understand a person can't die from HPV but it eventually turns into cervical cancer and no one knows how long it is before that is an issue. Help I'm scared.

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Hi nervousnelly, I just want to clarify something you stated regarding HPV. It does not turn into cervical cancer. HPV is very, very common; 80% of people will have at least one active infection by the time they are 50. With stats like that you can see that having HPV does not necessarily mean cervical cancer is going to happen. In fact only a small percentage of women with high risk HPV will develop cervical cancer. Some women may develop dysplasia and it is usually either removed or regresses without turning into cervical cancer. For most people, the active infection will clear (it still hasn't been agreed upon in the medical field if cleared means dormant or if it is completely gone from the body, although majority seem to believe it becomes dormant). Having HPV (high risk) only means that a person has been infected with one or more of the strains of the virus that have the potential to cause cervical cancer.

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nervousnelly, as simplynat posted, having high risk hpv doesn't mean that you are at high risk....just means you have a virus that can potentially cause cancer, but does not do so in the vast majority of women.

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