What is the differance between Petroleum Jelly and KY Jelly

I have had vaginal cancer after 26 radiation treatments it was removed. OK I was told to use a dialator which I have done...with Petroleum Jelly...Now they tell me I was wrong I should have used KY Jelly..can anyone explain why

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Hi Mazie,

The difference is that petroleum jelly is oil based & KY Jelly or Astroglide or other "personal lubricants" are water based. Petroleum jelly or baby oil can alter the ph & or environment of the vagina.

For the dilator ( I had/have to use one too) try the thicker formula for Astroglide -- it's similar to pertroleum jelly but water based. Hope this helps.

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where did you get the dilator? i should probably get one. my doc just said have alot of sex. i'm afraid of hpv....so i don't know if i want to. :)

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Your Cancer Dr will give it to you. HOld off on the sex until you are ready. I did

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Petroleum jelly is not water soluable, so itn doesn't easily wash away and can cause the material the dialator is made from to deteriorate. Even better than astroglide you can try Wet. You can order it on Drugstore.com.

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my insurance doesn't cover it. we've been back on our doing the deed for awhile. i just i don't know...seems scary for reoccurence sake.

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