Vitamin megadoses?

So I've had mild dysplasia for 3 months, and since its still mild, my doctor just gave me another 6 before my next pap to give my body time to try to clear it up.

I've just quit smoking, improved my diet, starting exercising more, and am working on a vitamin regimen.

I've seen a lot of people's regimens online, that their nutritionists have put together.. but they often include megadoses of Folic Acid (8 times the recommended amount??), Vitamin C (6000%??), and Vitamins A & E.. each of which I've also read have side effects in large doses.

I'm not sure I'd try it without a Dr's OK anyways, but I'm curious:

Is this really recommended by healthcare providers? If you're on one of these, do you experience side effects?

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Hi, I started my own regimen of extreme supplements based on information I read on this site.I then decided to meet with a ND to be sure what I was doing was ok. She recommended various other supplements, those that were better and more easily absorbed, at even higher doses than what I was taking. It made me feel good about the initial steps I had taken on my own and I'm very glad I talked to her. I am now on 3 month regimen suggested by her. Good luck!

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I had an LSIL pap with a CIN1 biopsy (mild dysplasia). I began a vitamin regimen. Since then I have had two normal paps that were 3 months apart (October 1 and Jan 2).

My daily regimen is:
6400 mcg of folic acid
1000 mg of vitamin c
2 multivitamins
2 prenatal vitamins
1 fish oil capsule

I am 26 years old.

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Forgot to say that I do not smoke and the last drinks I had was a glass of wine at my wedding in September and a glass of wine on New Years. Not sure how alcohol affects HPV/dysplasia. I didn't want to take any chances. As for eating, I am not a super healthy eater. I am not overweight either.

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I get nauseous if I do not eat with my vitamins. I have not had any other health problems though. My doctor said it was okay to take vitamins.

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I also had a LSIL diagnosis with CIN 1 biopsy. Here is my daily routine (with a bit of information on each):

1 New Chapter Turmeric Force (olive oil in each capsule maximizes absorption)

2 New Chapter WholeMega -papilloma-virus.php

2 New Chapter Every Woman Multivitamin

2 Papillex
Active Papillex Ingredients (per 2 capsules): VItamin C - 70mg, Vitamin E - 60 IU, Selenium - 60mcg, Folic Acid 400mcg, BroccoPhane (broccoli sprout extract) - 200mg, LycoBeads (natural tomato extract) - 70mg, Green Tea Extract - 300mg, Astralgus - 400mg, Reishi - 500mg, Mixed Carotenoids - 8,000 IU

2 NOW Foods C-1000 Complex (buffered vitamin C) /M003072.htm

I also take 750 mg of Depakote to prevent complex partial seizures (23 years now), which really scares me because this drug leeches folic acid from my body and probably contributed to cellular abnormalities. The OB-gyn told me to return for follow-up 1 year after the colposcopy, which was in September 2012. Should I return after 6 months instead? 1 year sounds like a long time to wait, and I would like some indication that my vitamin experiment is working.

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Thanks for your replies! I was curious b/c some of the regimens seem like a lot, and a bit nervous b/c not only is every body difn't, but I've heard that man-made vitamins can sometimes fail to operate the same way in the human body as naturally accumulated ones.

With clear results, to you guys continue the regimens? Or back off a bit?

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Oh, also krazykatlady, my doctor has asked me to come back in 6 months, but just for another pap, to make sure its not progressing. From what the Dr. told me, I had small spots of mild abnormality, consistent with my pap from 3 months prior. It seems to me that for CIN1 3-6 month follow ups are the norm?

Just a guess, but since there's such a high rate of regression, and because (as my Dr. told me) the treatments can often be bad for you and your fertility, they do want to try to wait to give your body time to fight it off and improve its resistance to HPV (I should note that they never actually did an HPV test on me: they're supposed to be expensive, and not really 'matter' anyways since the dysplasia will either go away or not just the same..). She said it can take 1-2 years for the body to resolve the dysplasia, so if maybe you just had very small spots of abnormality, they figure they have some time to wait?

I'm kinda a "I gotta know!" freak, but if you're concerned, I wouldn't be shy about calling and asking specific questions for more info (how things 'looked' during the colposcopy, which/where your biopsies were abnormal, what the logic is for waiting, etc). I was too shy to ask during my appointment, and later, after worrying about my results, called my Dr. I'm glad I did. Since they see so many patients, CIN1 is probably a pretty non-emergent, routine thing for them. That alone is sortof comforting, but at the same time, any abnormality is all new and terrifying to me.. Calling helped put my mind at ease :)

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Vitamin D is also extremely important for cervical health and women's health in general...and many of us are deficient in this vitamin.

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Thank you for your replies, ladies.

I actually had my first HPV test in December, 2011 along with a pap, since my OB-gyn automatically tests all women over 30. Because it was my first visit at 30+, that included me. My pap came back normal, but the HPV test was positive. I was told to return in July, 2012 but couldn't get an appointment until August. At that point, I tested positive for HPV again, only this time my pap came back abnormal. I was immediately referred for a colposcopy (September, 2012). Naturally, I was terrified of what she might find and any potential pain, but I took 600 mg of Motrin beforehand, and the intense fear I felt was worse than the actual procedure. Her first words when she looked were, "It doesn't look too bad," and I didn't know whether to laugh at her "complimenting" my lady parts or squeak out a scared, "Oh really? So I don't have cancer?" I did not feel the biopsies, which she took after telling me to cough at a count of three. She said the ECC "will feel like a pap," and it did. Results took 10 days, and I asked for a copy of the pathology report via email. The condensed version reads as follows:

Specimen #1 (cervix 6:00): LSIL, HPV, CIN1. Specimen #2 (cervix 12:00): LSIL, HPV. Specimen #3 (endocervix, curettage): benign, no condyloma, HPV, or dysplasia present.

Jap9151217: New Chapter vitamins are great because they are whole food and you can take them on an empty stomach without feeling nauseated. Also, buffered Vitamin C is easier on the stomach than ascorbic acid, so I opted for that instead. As for the fish oil, I read on the New Chapter WholeMega page that taking 1 capsule before your 2 largest meals is most effective.

Cheryl67: Interesting news about Vitamin D. I also had bloodwork done in August, 2012 checking my D levels, since I turned up deficient back in 2010. I then took 2000 IU daily for 2 years and was told to go back down to 1000 IU in August, which is the amount I currently receive in my multivitamin. I truly believe that my folic acid is an issue due to Depakote, but between Papillex and my multivitamin, I am getting 800 mcg a day.

For those who are curious, I am pleased to report that I have had zero side effects from the vitamin combination I listed in my earlier post. I bought a 31-day pill reminder with pill boxes divided into 4 segments and take my 12 pills a day like clockwork. This should help you remember. Trust me, I get some funny looks from guests because this thing is so massive, but it gets the job done and even has an alarm to remind you (if you opt to buy it). 1_4?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1358230914&sr=1-4&keywords=30+day+pill

I also bought Tori Hudson's "Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine," but the protocol seems like a lot to remember, and I am not comfortable inserting suppositories (or much of anything) inside my body. I haven't had sex in over a year and do not use tampons. I also do not smoke, have no children, and have only used oral contraceptives for 1 year (10 years ago). We'll see how this crazy journey turns out, but overall, I feel very fortunate to receive quality medical care and have access to naturopathic knowledge, as well. It is a good balance, and of course, I hope for the most favorable outcome. Best wishes to all.

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It would be great not to feel nauseated. I absolutely must take the vitamins I have now with a meal. I have thrown them up before when I haven't. I will look into that brand. Thanks!

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Hey ladies just a few days post Lletz, had an irregular smear last summer, went for colpo, biopsy came back CIN3. I was due for lletz under local but when I went to the clinic the Doc. said she wasn't getting a chance to visualize the margins properly and that it had spread from the cervix to the walls of the vagina (yes I was fairly freaked out.)

Had been researching vits, diet etc so have been taking Vit. D (which I take normally over winter to boost immune system), folic acid, vit. c and calciferous veg., onions, mushrooms, green tea and garlic regularly as I've read that these are all good for the immune system and to fight cancer cells.

One big thing I've done, as the rest was really easily incorporated into my life, was to cut out sugar for a solid month and to keep my intake of sugar low otherwise. The Doc. said she was pleasantly surprised to see that the dysplasia had improved since she last saw me about two months ago, I explained about the vits and diet change and she congratulated me on it.

I still decided to go ahead with the procedure as I personally felt it was the way to go but I was very happy that I was able to turn things around in such a short time myself with not a huge amount of effort. Also I'm not feeling too bad, a bit tender and tired with minimal discharge. They put me on an antibiotic straight away (I'm not a fan but I don't want an infection) as I'd presented with inflammation after the biopsy. I have my probiotics ready to go when I'm finished the course.

I think the vits help but also cleaning up your diet, particularly of sugar, is the way forward. We have spent years being told how bad 'fat' is for you but I think the real issue in our modern diets is sugar. Reduce that and your immune system will have a better chance of protecting the body from pathogens.

Best of luck all.

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I used to feel nauseous after taking my daily multi which is why I never kept up with any of it. I went to a local cancer support group where an integrative doctor opened my eyes. He said not to bother buying vitamins at the local drug or department stores. I remember he said GNC is good but I think what to keep in mind is that it is made from whole foods. When I started taking my whole foods daily vitamin I never felt nauseous. There is also some kind of seal/designation for good vitamins that will actually do something for your body but I can't remember what the letters are.

For selenium I was eating a raw brazil nut daily. I am looking for a good sublingual vitamin D. I don't take extra C but maybe I should, and I like the "buffered" suggestion.

I shop at a local health food store and they give a free issue of a health magazine every month. They have some interesting writings about vitamins but I sometimes wonder if companies pay for the mention (these are articles, not actual ads).

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I just called and asked my OB-gyn if I should come back in March (6 months since my colposcopy/CIN 1 diagnosis). Another doctor did the colposcopy, and even though that doctor requested a 12-month follow-up at the foot of the pathology report, I will stick to 6 months just to be safe and hopefully get a letter in the mail telling me I am LSIL and HPV-free. With the amount of vitamins I take, I would be surprised if my CIN 1 progressed! If my results are still LSIL/HPV+, I will probably add coriolus versicolor from Mycology Labs (2 grams daily) to my regimen. I also heard that taking 150,000 IU of beta carotene for 3 months leading up to the next pap helps to clear it. This sounds like a lot! I know they sell it in 25,000 IU capsules, so I would need 6 per day. Has anyone tried either of these methods, and does it sound safe to add them to everything I am already taking (that I mentioned above)? Thanks, ladies.

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Heyas, Vitamins can't hurt you, that's for sure! But your body only needs so much. If you take any in excess, you'll just end up wasting money and peeing them all out of your body - your body only absorbs what it needs and then gets rid of the rest.

You should be able to find a chart somewhere online (or from your doctor) that can give you the proper amount of mg of each that your body needs to function healthy.

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Too much of some vitamins CAN hurt you! CAN poison you.

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Yes, tabor. I totally hear you! That was actually my main concern, but I've been on the regimen I listed above for 4 months with absolutely no problems or GI trouble. I even wrote to my OB-gyn and listed everything I am taking (dosages included), and she told me to continue. Next time I see her, I will ask her about the coriolus versicolor and beta carotene.

Coriolus: English%20March%202008.pdf
Beta Carotene: (in the first video, the ND talks about it)

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Dear Friends,
Someone here had written that, "If one takes too much of a certain vitamin, it is just pee'd out." But there ARE risks associated with taking too much of certain vitamins, so please, friends, do check your regimen with your MD or RD (registered dietician). The darling clerk at Vitamin Palace is not the same. Your mom is probably not an expert. Your online buddy is most likely not an expert! So check with someone with an either an MD or RD.

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tabor: Sound advice. Vitamin C is one of those that the body can easily rid itself of excess. I take 2000 mg daily.

The links below provide useful information about vitamin toxicity, symptoms, and which supplements are most likely to cause it.

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thanks for these replies.. just to follow up, i spoke with my doctor, and her advice echoed some of my concerns, as she suggested that you have to be careful with some vitamins. she noted that in addition to toxicity issues, a lot of the times vitamins need other nutrients to be absorbed properly, and that man-made vitamins can react differently in the body than ones gained from foods (she was specific about vitamin A/beta carotene here). her advice was to use common sense and to focus mainly on eating foods that are good for you (fruits, dark leafy greens, less meat, and very little sugar) supplemented with a good immune focused multivitamin (since I did some math, and am not sure I can physically eat enough to catch 'em all)..

not sure quite what to think, since so many folks swear by uping their doses, but i think i'll follow the doctor's advice. after all, even stoping smoking and improving my diet has been a pretty big overhaul for me. i go back in in 5 months. so we'll see what happens..

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gcmiller, Congratulations on Stopping Smoking! and on improving your diet! Both are important! You are clean! You are beautiful!

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