Virgin coconut oil

I wanted to know if it would be benificial to take the VCO pills in addition to using the oil as a vaginal suppository? Or would it be like doubling up on antibiotics and just a waste of money? Any feedback will be very helpful.

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I say skip the pills and use a tablespoon and do some more research and find some other things to do also. What exactly are you trying to clear?

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I probably should have metioned that I have the HPV strain that causes warts and I recently found out that I have LSIL. I read that VCO is an antiviral and can help.

I have never been the healthiest person, Im one of those people that never had to make in effort to stay thin. So I let genetics do it's thing and ate what I wanted. Let me also say that I have a killer sweet tooth.

I have pretty much done a 180 in my diet cutting all sugars, eating veggies, and taking vitamins. I don't know a lot about being healthy so I'm researching and asking questions.

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Do some research - you probably won't find anyone in the medical community backing coconut oil expect as a way to put on weight if your treatments have left you too thin.

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In the natural world I've heard that VCO actually causes weight loss. I wouldn't be concerned about that though. There are a lot of natural ways to boost your immune system and improve the overall health. Sounds like you are on the right track. Keep up the research. Good luck!

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So virgin coconut oil is useless then?

Any other ways to naturally boost your immune system?

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Whole food green drinks and/or echinacea. Pau D' Arco douches are supposed to be helpful. I think Pau D' Arco is anti-viral. Look it up. You can buy a cheap book from Borders used books online about herbs that have lots of useful information in them. The Green Pharmacy is a good inexpensive book . Books are a good way to get a lot of information quickly and then you can use the internet to do further research on herbs of interest to you.

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Pau D'Arco is good I took it for too clear up numerous things including an ovarian cyst. However, it should only be used for short amount of times and not often because it can mess up your red blood cells.
VCO is actually really good for getting you healthy. I consume lots of it ever since I got diagnoised. Also, coconut milk is beneficial. I use the oil in place of unhealthy oils in some of my cooking/baking, I drink coconut milk with chocolate with my breakfast instead of cow milk, and eat coconut yogurt and ice cream instead of ones made with cow milk. It helps with healthy cell reproduction can help AID in fight of viruses and bacteria and nourishes the flora in your intestines which is where a lot of your immune system is located hence the old saying "a healthy gut is a healthy person" It's also a medium chained fatty acid unlike most oils that are long chained. Long chained goes directly to fat stores in the body to wait for your body to need more energy, then it will turn into energy. However, medium Chain goes directly to energy so it gives you energy faster and won't make you as fast as other oils. I've also noticed that it make me produce breast milk a lot more. So if you're ever breast feeding and your milk starts running low start drinking coconut milk and it will raise it up more than enough. I think it would be benificial because it does help a lot with healing the body in numerous ways. And when I went back in for my retest after going crazy for coconut the tests results came back great infact the doctor was literally amazed how well my body got over the HPV and moderate to severe cervical dysplasia. She wanted to know how I got my body to do it so well. The only thing that I did any different after my diagnoises was go crazy for coconut. Now, I'm not an expert by no means and I don't know for sure that the coconut was what really helped. But it doesn't hurt to try. I havn't been able to find ANY side effect aside from diarrhea if you consume to much VCO at a time. So just add it into your diet and see if it helps :-)

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Wow that's really interesting keepNpossitive. Thanks for sharing!

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