Virgin coconut oil as lubricant

Hi ladies, I was reading about virgin coconut oil and was wondering if anyone has used it as a personal lubricant during sex? Has anyone used it or know if it's safe? I'm looking for an alternative to synthetic lubricant that may have some healing properties. If anyone has any comments please post.

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There was a post a long time ago by a former cervical cancer patient who used coconut oil and said it was great. So, actually, I've been using very small amounts as a lubricant (as little as I can get away with). I haven't had a bad reaction or anything, but I do wonder whether it's safe. It seems pretty strong and I wonder if it could eventually have things growing in it. But, I really didn't want to use anything synthetic, although there's a particular lubricant (ones with carageenan) that some suggest might be somewhat protective against HPV infection -- although I've read other places that say it isn't.

But, here's an article talking about how carageenan, already in some personal lubricants, inhibit HPV's ability to bind to cells:

If the above article is true, I wonder why that information isn't being passed along to sexually active people. Seems like if condoms are already somewhat protective (maybe 50-70% effective, depending on the circumstances) and then you add a lubricant with carageenan to provide additional protection, maybe the rates of HPV infection could be substantially reduced??

Anyway, that's off topic. To answer your question, yes, have used coconut oil, with no seeming bad results, but I would like to hear other people's experiences.

Here's someone who recommends coconut oil:

The reason I tried it is because it supposedly has anti-viral properties and, whether it really does or not, it was actually psychologically appealing to me to try because I think of it as protective, even though I haven't seen any hard evidence -- maybe a sexual placebo for those of us afraid of "reinfection" -- whether there's any chance of reinfection in our particular circumstances or not.

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yes, i have hurd that it has antiviral properties which is one of the reasons why i wanted to try it. thanks i will look into the other stuff u mentioned. it makes me sad that with all this info out there there is nothing being done to raise awareness. hope to hear other comments

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Hi Hopeful08,

I personally use Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) not only as a lubricant but as a wipes and vaginal suppository. Since I used it, the doctor said my cervix looks better. no more itchiness, inflamation, bad smell and no more yellow discharge. You can read more about VCO on this website

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Do you have any idea what caused the yellow discharge for you? Do you think it was bacterial or somehow HPV related? Mine has been a bit yellowish too. I took antibiotics then diflucan for yeast. I guess it all got a little better. I was on birth control for a while and it always seemed like my discharge was the same while being on that. I stopped taking it about 3 months ago and my discharge is still similar. I know it can be in your system for a while. I just want my normal discharges back - you know where it's clear at one point, thicker at other times etc! Boy do I wish I had never gone on birth control. Prolly a good reason why my HPV is sticking around. I want things to get back to normal soon!

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Carageenan seems very promising. I don't know whether to try that or the VCO first. I want to try something because in July I will begin my cervical escharotic therapy and would like to see the changes if any my ND sees on my cervix. Am very excited to begin treatement.

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Hi ladies,

I think the yellow discharge is bad bacteria which worsens the HPV condition. The VCO really helped me a lot. I am under the care of a naturopathic doctor now and she said VCO is the best antibiotic coz it's natural. Our vagina has good and bad bacteria. If you use artificial antibiotic, you will kill good and bad bacteria and eventually the bad bacteria will regrow and not the good bacteria. So, bad bacteria now out numbers the good which makes the environment there to be susceptible to any infection. The last time I saw my Gyn, he was amazed coz he said my cervix looks better than before.....before I used VCO. Just look for the pure VCO and try to use it, you will see and feel the difference. I pour about 1 tablespoon of VCO into a small glass and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes and slice it then insert into my vagina reaching the cervix. be sure your hands are sanitized. And after shower, I pour a small amout on my palm ang rum on my vagina including my anus. I feel fresh too.

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So it would be safe to use as a lubricant I assume if people insert it in their vagina

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Yes VCO is safe because it is a natural long as you will use the pure VCO I mean added ingridient. Some people drink it too.

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My question would be is it safe to use with Condoms? I know they recomend water based lubricants with Condoms because Oil breaks down the latex in the Condom. Anyone Know?

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I'm pretty sure it's not safe on latex condoms bt I use non latex condoms anyways so I thnk should be fine as long as they aren't latex

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Has anyone used carageenan in a lubricant. The tests done on it seem pretty promising. Would love to hear if anyone has had promising results with that.

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