Vaginal Hysterectomy Pain and Recovery

Hi all,
I was under the impression that after a few days, maybe a week, I should be feeling nearly perfect.
That is all that I had read, and also what everyone has told me, even one of the ER docs.
I had a hysterectomy on Wed July 8, came home Sat July 11 (my birthday) and was back in the ER Mon July 13 with severe gut wrenching pain. Well after being in the ER all day and taking serious doses of Morphine, being examined by a few doctors, my own doctor came to the hospital to check me out.
Well anyway my doctor asks me if I had been taking my pain meds ("yes" i responded), then he asked if I had been taking my antibiotics? (I responded, "No, what antibiotcs?") as I was not discharged by the oncall doctor with antibiotics.
My doctor asks if I wanted to stay, and I didn't so I went home. He did tell me to come back by the end of the week.
So friday comes around and I am still in agony, especially if I am on my feet more, (but I was told in the hospital to move around some). I have this pulling sharp pain feeling. I go to see my doctor and he once again examines me, and begin to sweat and I nearly jump off the table due to the amout of pain I am in from the examine. My doctor told me that "no pain" like I expected just wasn't possible. He told me that it seems I am experiencing a high level of pain but nothing out of the normal. He said I was fortunate that he did the vaginal hysterectomy, and that the vaginal procedure for me though a difficult one came out very well.
Can anyone out there share with me what there pain levels were, what was norm, what I should expect realistically, and recovery????

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I had my hysterectomy on March 24. I thought I was gonna die the first week. I had an infection that stunk up the entire house! I started wearing my normal jeans 11 days after. I'm recovered completely now, but sex is not as good as it use to be. Pain with deep penetration and a little blood. That kinda sucks.

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hi jen,
i had a TAH abdominal one on july 7th, i am feeling great! i think everyone heals differently...i am up doing light sweeping,walking some,resting alot hubby has someone here taking care of me for at least a month,but i am taking my EST so i am not having any sweats,mood swings,or vaginal dryness,i am sore where they cut my tummy but that is to be expected,i am drinking lots of water,my bowels are moving on there own, and like i said i am feeling great, just try to rest and do as little as possible but keep moving some so you will heal faster,my obgyn took everything too. good luck on your healing process:-)

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I had total vaginal hysterectomy 4 weeks ago and still have abdominal pain. It seems like my doctor doesn't care and is sending me back to work in 3 days. My stitches still haven't even come out and I'm still taking Morphine for the pain. Am I crazy, is this normal?

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I can relate to your pain. It only hurts when I lift, extensively walk , laugh, cough, or sneeze. I am seeing my doctor again on monday. I tried to cut back on the meds, but thankfully I am off work for about a month longer. I am jusy occassionally taking percicets for the pain. I can't be too groggy with a 3 year old at home.

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My doctor gave me 2 more weeks off for a total of 6 ony to have my work say no. So look out world, next week its back to work 4 weeks postop as a paramedic. I can give patients Morphine and pop my own with them. I feel like no one cares that I'm still in pain, worse than before thge surgery!!

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Hi, I had a vag hyst on August today is exactly one month and I'm still having pain where my cervix used to be. I did have a bacterial infection, which once treated gave me a yeast infection. So now that those are cleared up, hopefully things will heal. I have not seen any stitches. I was bleeding every day up until about 4 days ago, now it's just some light dishcharge in the morning. I'm tired of the pain, I originally had a failed Novasure in May, so it's been 5 months of gyno issues.

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