VACCINE for people already INFECTED with HPV

Hi, Gyn recommended me today that I should get the HPV vaccine, even after actually having HPV (amongst other type 52). Does that make any sense at all? US & German National Cancer institutes say NO... What do you think? Can you share experiences?

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hello, sadsomeone.

if you were in the u.s., then it would be recommended that you get the gardasil vaccine up til the age of 26. here's a link from the cdc that says it's recommended though less beneficial because you've already been sexually active and exposed to hpv:

also, i think it's great that you've had an hpv type specific test. you may already know about hpv type 52, but i was curious too, and here's two informative research articles about the differences in significance (statistically) of the hpv types that are all categorized as 'high risk' but have significant differences in their risk to disease:
From British Journal of Cancer:

This one is older (from 2004), reported by UroToday and Reuters: virus_polymorphisms_tied_to_persistent_infection.html

Back to your question, there have been benefits shown about 'reinfection' by having the can search this message forum for more info about this subject.

let us know how you're doing.

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There is research in Canada with the vaccine being used therapeutically for oral cancers and I think cervical too. If I find more info I'll share.
If I was offered the vaccine I'd do it; I figure it can't hurt.

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I dont have anything "educational" to add...other than I did get the vaccine when I already had HPV (per Dr. request).

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This is a question that's been floating around here a lot lately (understandable, since the vast majority of us here ARE already infected).

I am going to ask my new gyn about this when I see her next week. I think many of us feel that if it boosts our immune response, then it could/should be beneficial (as a recent study showed). But the one question we haven't found a clear answer to yet is could getting the vaccine once already infected in any way increase our risk?

Originally, I was going to ask about getting the Gardasil vaccine, but am now going to ask about Cervarix instead, as it covers more strains. My older daughter just finished her 3-shot round of Gardasil this past year. However, when I inquired about it for my younger daughter at her checkup recently, the pediatrician said to wait, as already vaccines are evolving that would be more effective on different strains. Am guessing she meant Cervarix, but not sure.

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My gyn recommended it because she had met the lead researcher on a project who said they found benefits but just hadn't gotten FDA approval yet to make public announcements.

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@ashboo: can u share results of your personal story? ... interested! Thanks!

@rest: I have read a positive reaction on it in 1 place (Centers for disease control and prevention), but a negative one in 2 places (National Cancer Institute - USA & German Institute for Cancer Research)...

The point is that applying normal common sense, it just makes no sense: A vaccine is not a cure, and helps to prevent a specific virus against which it's developed. But maybe, I'm just not informed enough yet...

Thanks for posting!!!

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Yes, it is recommended, and no it is not foolish to get vaccinated although the diagnosis for HPV has been confirmed. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Web site (2008), although not all HPV types are covered by the vaccine, those that are covered by the vaccine may provide protection to those types that the candidate currently does not have. For example, an individual with HPV may have certain types. However, they may not have all types including those covered by the vaccine. Therefore, it may be helpful to be vaccinated against those types that the candidate has not yet gotten. The CDC (2008) also mentions that there are currently not test available to determine whether an individual has had HPV in the past, or which types.

There is new research being conducted in genetic and molecular epidemiology in the area of cervical cancer and HPV. This information may reflect changes in testing for the identification of various HPV types.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2008). HPV vaccine information for young women. Available at

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i think all the current guidelines/recommendations in the u.s., say that women up to age 26 should have the vaccine, even if they're sexually active (and thus regardless of whether they've been exposed to hpv).

sadsomeone, there are multiple strains of hpv, and you can have hpv in one area of your body and not another (even within the cervix and/or vagina).

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Can I get both? I was started on Gardasil by my gyne before I knew my strains. One dose left. (Her theory is that I would build antibodies. I don't know if it works, but I was willing to be a guinepig.) I spoke to Dr. Huh's research nurse about this & could not get a clear answer - other than, "in some studies...but we don't know." Cevarix covers a few more strains I'd like to avoid. I'm still hoping the nine-valent Gardasil (V503) gets fast-tracked by the FDA.

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Sorry I didnt see this post earlier lol...

I have been dealing with different types of HPV or reoccurant ones for over 3 years now... I do not know bc my Dr. and lab do not have them typed.

In 08 I managed to clear CINI for 1 pap! ... then back to abnormal... now (3 weeks ago) I was diagnosed with CINII. I think this was due to my poor lifestyle changes I made in the past year or so.

I am 23 and have no children.. My Dr. is very conservative in treatment. I have had the guardisil shot (but I cant remember if that was before or after I cleared it that one time in 08...I think after).

I am now waiting 6 months to see if I can clear CINII on my own... using supplements, not smoking, excercising, eating right, and loosing weight (just an added benifit of my new lifestyle). I hope I can reverse this so I do not need a LEEP.

I am taking crazy amounts of vitamins LOL... a multi, folic acid, Papillex (HPV supplement), DIM, and antioxident blend.

Hope that helps... if you want to know more.. I would suggest an email (I am not too tech savy to see new posts in journals LOL... but messages are easy and give me an alert)

:) <3

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I just saw my oncologist on Monday and asked him about me getting the vaccine. He said the data isn't clear, but that he strongly believes in vaccination and the real downside would be that insurance probably wouldn't cover it. So, I'm going to look into it and just pay out of pocket if I have too.

However, I had thought Gardasil was more comprehensive than the other vaccine?? Am I wrong?

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