Upper inner thigh pain

I want to hear from anyone with gradually worsening pain in the inner upper thigh area (where your leg meets your genital area). I have been 1 year and 2 months out of treatment. Internal/external radiation and when I stand up I have to steady myself before I start walking and then I walk like an 80 year old!! I am in constant pain, even when I am just being still. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what are you doing for it. Doctor did suggest Physical therapy, which I am all for, but when I do anything physical (like swim) the pain is worse??? Help.

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I do not have that.....yet, but my radiation oncologist indicated it is common after treatment. My doc also practices accupunture. He said he can help most if my aches n pains with accupunture. He is setting rooms up now at cancer center to offer six& services. I am seriously considering it.

I don't have bad groin pain, mine is more hip pain. You might want to look into accupunture.

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I know your feeling meowcat69, I have inner thigh pain which the pain also is in the front of the thigh that just aches...I also feel like I am 80 years old and have been this way for five years with no luck. Accupunture would be something that I have not tried but insurance does not cover that. Good Luck my lady and many prayers your way.

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GROAN!!!!! 5 years!! Well, thanks for the post and the good wishes. I have the aching in the front also. I am so grateful to still be here, but my quality of life has taken such a nose dive, sometimes it makes me a little depressed. I have 6 grandchildren with whom I used to run and play with and now I can bearly stand and hold the 8 month old for more than 10 minutes without my lower back torturing me. I hope the physical therapy works.

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OMG!!!!! You have just described me!!! I have been in UNBEARABLE pain since Nov./Dec. of last year. Just woke up one night in the middle of a deep sleep with massive hip pain. It subsided with aleve and I was able to go to work but as time progressed so did the pain. I took a medical leave of absence in Jan. aand didn't return until mid March. I was a server at IHOP in Branson Missouri. Needless to say I had a difficult time enduring 8 streneous hours on my leg so I am no longer with them.

Rewind a bit.....I have had several scans since this all started and all were clear with the exception of mild osteoarthritis of the left hip. Not near enough degeneration to cause such an intense pain. I finally had another PET in Feb and it lit up. I was told at that time that I had an abcess that had blocked my ureter....They told me I had hydronephosis....I had a swollen kidney due to the blockage. I was also told that the "glow" on my scan was a physiological process from the blockage and abcess. I had surgery to have a kidney stent placed, however,
I continued to hurt even after the stent was placed so my rad onc decided on a needle biopsy ( HOLY SHIT!!!! To say it hurt is an UNDERSTATEMENT---however, the nice lil Dr had me nice and "juiced" up for it and kept adding the 'juice' until.....Well,I believe my exact words were---" will someone kill that purple bug over there on the curtain"....What a ride......

Anyway,after being offered the hope that it wasn't cancer, they now believe it to possibly be. A PET on Friday should tell. I should of had one earlier but because of the VERY CHRONIC pain I suffer from, I was unable to lie there for it. Lying flat on my back hurts like hell!!! They have me on some good meds that should have my pain atleast temporarily under control. We'll see....If not sedation is the next step.
Keep in touch so we can chat about our painful situations. I STILL believe most of it to be rad damage................that rad shit will muck ya up, BUT it can and most often will save your life. A serious catch22...........................

Hey Skinsfan!!! How ya doin' babygirl??? I was soooooo happy to see your post!
Hope all is well with you and your partner and I pray for your healing everday as you have suffered enough!!!!!
hugs to ya lady............

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