Small hard lump on my cervix

Hello I am new in here. I have had a history of mild dysplasia in pretty much all my pap smears. My OB/GYN did a biopsy years ago & nothing was detected. All was good. I have had a few misscarriages. The last misscarriage I had I went to the ER due to non stop hemmhoraging. The surgeon did 'exploratory' surgery on me & found out I had endometriosis. Finally found out the reason why my periods were always so awful & irregular. Anyway the surgeon 'scraped' the scar tissue from my pelvic cavity & organs that had built up for eighteen years from the endometriosis. Since the surgery I had a cyst on my ovary & that same surgeon drained the cyst in out patient surgery. She says the endo didn't come back. My periods were finally normal after that first surgery. I really have had no problems since that surgery. Except that cyst, which was remedied. Even my pap smears showed no dysplasia any more. I some times, not often, give my self exams just to make sure things are in tact and good working order, you know? Today in the bath I found a very hard small lump/bump on the tip of my cervix. Yes I can feel my cervix, some women can & some cannot. Any way this hard lump is on the tip of my cervix pretty close to the 'os' (opening of end/tip of cervix). I am super anxious right now. I know a cyst is nothing to worry about. However, this is a very hard lump. It does not in any way feel like cyst does. Cysts are palpable and almost like a water balloon. I have had discharge recently. I just thought my hormones were going crazy because im going through divorce & Im super stressed. Its also ovulation time for me so I brushed off the discharge. I know I should go to the dr. That won't happen til next week as I just moved here from out of state and don't have a dr here. Today is thursday and I know I won't be able to get in tomorrow. Im just wondering if there are others on this site that have had this hard bump and what was the outcome? It is smaller than a pea, just slightly smaller. Please respond.....Im not gonna tell my family until I know what it is. Thanks and much love to all of you.

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Hi Kim,

I just found out I probably have CIN 2-3. Doc said that is what it looked like. Had a colpo two days ago and am awaiting the results....very anxiously. I know how you are feeling. I too was having bleeding post intercourse that I first noticed in January. I too have felt my cervix (though I don't make a habit of this) and felt something similar to what you are describing. This was right before I had my colpo, so I'm wondering if it was indeed a lesion that I was feeling. I can't help but think all these things are related. I have only had one abnormal pap, that was about 8 years ago. The ones since have been normal until now. I know it is hard not to be worried, I am going through the same feelings right now. I'm trying to tell myself to be positive and hoping that I caught everything soon enough to not only catch it before it becomes cancer, but to also save my hopes for future motherhood. It sounds like you have been monitoring your situation as well which is the best thing you can do. Please go see a gyno and go from there. I don't think we will ever be rid of our fears, but by getting it checked out, we are doing what we can to control it, and that has to count for something.

Good luck, I hope everything turns out with the best possible outcome.

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You need to be seen by a doctor - it's the only way to know for certain - it may be something mild and benign or not, but in all likelihood, a doctor would want to biopsy the area of concern, send the specimen to pathology where it will be examined under magnification. Good luck with this and please don't hesitate being seen because until you are, it's all just an unknown.

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Nabothian cysts can be hard and not like the larger cysts associated with other areas as well as the ovaries. These are generally associated with the menstrual cycle and go away on their own. However given the prevalence of HPV it's best to get it checked out by your gyn. I also cannot determine a time frame in all of this and when you've had your last pap or hPV test and if you are even able to get the vaccine as you do not mention your age.

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VERY SCARED. I too have just discovered a lump on my cerix. Hard, small, painless. I use Nuvaring for birth control and do them back to back to avoid periods (suggested by my gyn). However, occasionally I do still have a bit of a period. With all of this being said, I discovered this lump while checking my "ring". I have been having some heavier than normal bleeding. Dark/near black blood. Also for the past week it feels like a lymph node in my groin is swollen and its very sore (I think it's a lymph node but I NEVER have had a lymph node swollen here before-didn't know they were even there) with soreness radiating to my very lower right pelvic area around to my low back. Not extreme, mild yet ever present and has been slightly increasing over the period of a week.

I am more than a bit nervous as I have been diagnosed with HPV many years agao and have had abnormal cell growth/biopsy before. It's been several years since that biopsy and I have had two children since and have just turned 40. I have read now that there could be mulitple causes for this knot on my cervix but combined with the groin lump/lymph node I am starting to get upset. It's a Saturday and I cannot call my doc nor do I think an emergency room is needed. But I do get annual PAP's so could cervical cancer pop up like this 9 months after my last Pap? Just need any advice (really reassurance!), especially about this knot and lymph node swelling!!!!!

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I started my period on Sunday the 4th september, and on wensday i was taking a shower when i decided to check my inter vaginal health.. Like KIM above i too have a very low cervix. on the bottom and almost next to the hole i have the exact thing she said. its never been there, this period has been very heavy and ive also had black blood clots globbing out with my period. I have no children or insurance, Im Turning 25 this month. I take advantage of the local planned parenthood for these things,, and they dont have the most dedicated doctors.. ya know, i hope something has no been overlook. How would i get tested or get the HPV vaccine. Could one lump be Herpes?

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