Sexual and emotional issues after LEEP

Hi all,

I had the leep done about 2 months ago. I found the emotional aftermath harder to deal with than the physical effects of the procedure. My boyfriend and I worked through the mood swings, breaking down in tears for no reason, and waited a full month before intercourse. That month without sex seemed to change our relationship dynamic and we're having a hard time getting back to where we were. I'm worried because I have less interest in sex than I did before, and even when I am into it, it's almost impossible to climax. It was hard for me to reach orgasm before but now it seems unattainable. Has anyone experienced these issues after leep and did it get better? Any suggestions or comments are much appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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Hi, after my first LEEP i felt terrified of sex! It really effect me and my ex (sadly). I too already found it hard to climax and really struggled with this after. My ex felt very pushed out and left in the cold. He was wonderful though and we split for other reasons.
I just want to say that what you are going through is not unusual and your not alone. Its wonderful you are able to talk to each other about your feeling!
I did get over some of the negative feelings of sex and start to enjoy it again. I am now single and have no desire to be intamate with anyone in the near future as I feel I still need to heal emotionally after my 2nd LEEP.
Hang on in there, it sounds like you have a good relationship with both your self and your partner. You could always try some informal counselling to talk over your issues if you felt that might help!
Here for you x

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I relate to you; after my first LEEP I felt very emotional too. I was not expecting that! I would break down in tears over nothing. Thank God that passed:) That only lasted for me about a week.
And sex was uncomfortable at best -and my husband and I waited a month. For me, I had to take sex very slowly and it took some time before I was able to relax and enoy sex again-but it got better! I had a LEEP in September and by November I felt back to normal sexually! Hang in there, be gentle with yourself and it will get better! For me, it helped to know even though no one wants a LEEP-I was so lucky that this treatment was available and it may have saved me from worse health problems and for that I am grateful.

hughes-how was your 2nd LEEP? I am having one in a few weeks...

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BellaChiara, mt 2nd LEEP was very painful but I think I worked my self up before as the 1st one was huge and very painful. The 2nd one was a lot smaller and over very fast!
Good luck with your second one, will be thinking of you! I know its horrible going through it once, let alone a second time!
If you had one in Sept, how come your having another one so soon? From my experience they try to leave at least 6 months between treatment and follow up so that the cervix heals ect. I had 2 follow ups to see if the CIN would regress! When it hadn't, only got worse they did the 2nd! I had 18 month gap, this was slightly longer than it was supposed to be due to moving ect.

Good lick to both you ladies. We are strong and we can deal with this. We need to give our bodies a break and remark at how wonderful it is! xx

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hughes- i had a pap a few weeks ago and it was abnormal; my doc. called and said she wanted to do another LEEP within a month. she didn't say anything about 6 months...hmm...

thanks for your feedback-good to know others experience...:)

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I'm sure your Dr. is doing it for a reason and its best to follow proper advise many times. It wouldn't hurt to ask why they are doing a second one so quickly! It may just be how that clinic works??
Most Dr.s want to try and see how the body fights after the first LEEP as often it will progress by its self. Then again it could be like mine and only get worse!
So confusing this CIN business hey! Good luck anyway x

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It will definitely get better. I had my LEEP done in August and it wasn't until christmastime that I felt more at ease emotionally to have sex. There were literally times when I would try and just start crying halfway thru because I was so scared. I just had my 2nd follow up appointment to confirm that I am still cancer free, and once I got the green light, I am starting to feel even more like my sexual self. You will get there, just give yourself some time (and some credit!) You've been thru a lot. As far as the orgasms thru intercourse, I've always had a problem with that, and still am. In the meantime, vent whenever you need to. We're here for you <3

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