sex after a leep

What would happen to me if i have sex 3 or so days after i had a leep

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I dont think anything good will come of it i would go see my obgyn and get an exam you could damage your cervix

good luck <(^_^)> Tiffany

p.s. keep me posted if they find anything good or bad

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chrissy-jean, having sex soon after a leep introduces the possibility of infection, and can also disrupt the healing process and may result in bleeding. most probably nothing 'serious' will arise, but i would encourage you to call your doctor to see if there's anything he/she recommends at this point. and, remember that you won't be the first one who didn't follow the post leep instructions, so don't let that stop you from calling. :) it's usually advised to wait 6 weeks after the leep to have intercourse, so, meanwhile, you and your partner will need to be creative to think of other 'options'. ;)

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I agree with flowershoplady! Is it worth a few minutes of pleasure to reopen the area that was cauterized during your LEEP? For instance, if you had a third degree burn that was healing on your arm, would you rub a penis on it or sperm? I would like to say most of us wouldn't. Well that is exactly what you would be doing if you have sex! You are basically risking infection, hemmoraging, reopening the wound and putting your future fertility at risk. Is an orgasim worth all that? I am sorry to be blunt and vulgar, but there are reasons your doctor says wait six weeks and they are medical!

Take it from someone who knows, rushing into sex at this point could have serious ramifications. You have made it through HPV and surgery, give your body a chance to heal. Plus sex at this point will be bloody, painful and not very enjoyable.

Only you know what is right for you, but I hope my post will make you think twice!

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I'd be surprised if you would want to... The LEEP causes damage - it's a wound. It bleeds, weeps a clear, smelly fluid, and it hurts. The risk of infection is tremendous. If for some reason you do decide to have sex, make absolutely sure your partner uses a condom.
I waited the full six weeks both times I had LEEPs. And it even hurt then.

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how did it turn out? having intercourse so soon? I have a vacation coming up in February (1 month after my procedure)

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My doctor recommended 4 weeks wait before having sex after the LEEP. I did wait 4 weeks and even then, had some pain and some bleeding.

There is a reason waiting is recommended by the doctor. I advise you do so.

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Would you be having sex because you wanted to or because you were getting pressure from your partner?

If pressure from partner, then stand firm. If because you think you might want to, then I defer to the comments of all those above...

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I agree with Satya in that I can't imagine that you'd want to... As for everyone else's comments, I agree with those as well. Imagine if you will, a scoop of tissue taken off the palm of your hand and and it is an open wound with no band aid on it it. Would you poke it repeatedly with a finger? Ick, ouch, no.

I waited about 6 weeks, and even then, I was a little gunshy about it and it took a while to feel both mentally and physically comfortable with it. I don't think any doctor would recommend it.

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I have to agree with those ladies ahead of me. I just had my first treatment last week, and love my partner, but even he realizes it would be a very bad idea to have sex right now. There are other ways to be creative ;) just be careful and very vocal about what feelings are going on where and definately keep anything out of there! I do have to ask about everyone elses experience; how long did the extra liquid . . . seep out? I'm not sure how else to put it :P

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I was specifically told after my procedure nothing "inside" (sex, tampons, douche, etc) for minimum of 4 weeks. It's all to do with healing and infection, not to mention that your abdominal muscles probably really won't be happy that soon afterwards either. Well, after the initial much happiness of course ;)

My procedure was LEEP and cone biopsy though.

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