*NEW* Cervical cancer/HPV VACCINE Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Here it is:

See the *NEW* NCCC Public Service Announcement (PSA) that will play on TV Stations and Internet sites nationwide in the USA. Contact the NCCC if you would like access to it for your local TV station or Internet site. It is in English and Spanish!

Feel free to contact your local TV station or internet sites and encourage them to play this FREE Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Check it out at:


Happy Holidays,

www.nccc-online.org NCCC Home Page. (See PSA on NCCC Home Page too)

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love it :)

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Its great, i only wish i could be one of those ladies smiling.

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Wonderful PSA....and it's about time!:)

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I really like it too! Thanks, Alan and everyone else at the NCCC who helped...

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This is great! Thank you, Alan, and NCCC!

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Do you think we could air that in canada? we need something like that up here.

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love this PSA because it mentions VACCINATION too.

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Here is site for the info. on Press Release too that went with PSA.

http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/National-Cervical-Cancer-Coalition- 1096422.html

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I posted earlier but I don't see it now. I guess someone purged my comment. There was nothing inappropriate about my prior post.

Both the video & the press release fail to state there may be other causes of cervical cancer. You are not doing a service for those of us who have acquired cervical cancer from other causes, such as DES. These factors need to be brought to light also.
Until I got CC, I was never asked about my family history of DES so I never got the care I should have.

The name of your site says: "National Cervical Cancer and HPV Coalition."
Why don't you support all people with cervical cancer, no matter how they got it?

Just my thoughts. I hope you don't purge this post also.

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We are supportive of all cervical cancer cases. In fact, my wife, Randi, who died from lung cancer, not cervical cancer, was a DES baby. We have done a good amount of review of research on DES. Thanks for the feedback. It is useful.

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nurkao, i agree that it's great to raise the subject of women who were exposed to DES in utero and for there to be increased education about this risk since DES related clear cell adenocarcinoma is a risk to those woman who were exposed. maybe more gynecologists should ask their patients whether their mothers took DES. i think its also important to remember that clear cell adenocarcinoma is considered very rare (1 in 1000 of the women who were exposed to DES in utero). since most (nearly all) cervical cancers are hpv related, and, the girls/women who can be vaccinated are too young to be in the age group of those exposed to DES, i think the public service announcement has value in keeping the message as simple as possible. it doesn't detail the different types of cervical cancers which isn't really needed, in my opinion, because i think the PSA focuses on cervical cancer overall, the importance of the vaccine (which still doesn't prevent all hpv related cervical cancers), and the importance of gyn exams. i don't think this minimizes nor exclude what you and others with clear cell adenocarcinoma have experienced.

but, i wonder... perhaps there should be a separate public service announcement that simply makes the point that women should ask their mothers if they took DES, particularly since those mothers are getting older which makes getting the info more difficult or impossible.

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Thank you, Flowershoplady, for your reply.
I totally agree with all you have said.
It really floored me to find out that I should have been watched a lot closer & given a more extensive PAP because I was exposed to DES.
I was never once asked about exposure to DES until after I got clear cell CC.
From what I have read about DES they stopped prescribing it around 1970. That means women around 40 & over may be prone to get CC from the DES exposure.
Although most women who have been exposed to DES, get CC earlier in life, they are not sure if there might not be more cases of CC from the "baby boomer" era women.
They say that the second generation - my children - may not be affected by their mother's exposure to DES but the research is not conclusive.
Thanks again for your post.

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