on october1 i ewent in for my yearly pap smear. 8 years ago i was treated for cervical cancer and every year since then my paps came back normal . on oct 4 i got the call saying my pap looked alittle funny.. my appointment was moved up from one year to feb. i am scared i may be having a recurrance. anyone else have tis happen?

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What did your doctor mean "a little funny"? I would ask for what grade the pap smear came back. For example, ASCUS, LSIL. Did you have an HPV test? If not, ask for that too. I have realized that you need to demand answers. I stressed out so horribly with my first OB/GYN because he was so unclear about EVERYTHING. I went through so much. Call your doctor immediately. Ask for a colposcopy with biopsies if necessary. Not knowing is so much worse than knowing.

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