robotic hysterectomy surgery

Hello I am looking for some post surgery expectations...What do expect and what the pain will be like?....I am having robotic hysterectomy surgery through the vagina and just want to know what to expect if anyone who has had this surgery could help with these questions....My doctor hasnt really explained that aspect of it...They did tell me to expect to be out of work for 6 weeks....I thought this type of surgery was suppose to reduce the pain and out of work time....I have been going thru some emotional issues....I did want to have more children but my health does come first...My surgery is April 21 and I have been out of work for emotional reasons I drive a School bus and just feel its for the best right now

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Good Morning......

The way my doctor (gyn/onc) explained it to me was it does not matter which procedure that you have, they are all pretty much the same on the inside when it comes to healing. I had the DaVinci which was wonderful in regards to pain and healing, but my doctor stressed for me not to overdue it. I have also read and confirmed with my doctor.....if you overdue it and pull something lose your organs including your intestines can fall down. This does not happen often, but when it does it can be a much worse surgery to deal with than the hysterectomy. I was able to start work in a new job just after two weeks which was fine for me, but I'm at a desk all day. With you driving a school bus may make it harder as you may still pull on the inside as you stretch.

Is your surgery just vagina, or will they be making incisions and removing from the vagina?

Hope this helps.....

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They will be making incisions and removing from the vagina....I am just concerned cuz I have talked with few people and they said that the bowel pain is horrible...I am just trying to prepare myself so I know what I should expect....Any information anyone can provide I will appreciate.

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Hi Cuzican,

SO sorry that you are going thru this. I had a radical Jan 14 of 10. My guess is your being out of work for 6 weeks is because you drive a school bus and use alot of muscles turning the wheel etc. (I've never driven a bus).

You are in the hospital around 1-1/2 days. I was up and walking about 10 hours after I woke up. I wanted to walk, they didn't make me. I knew I had to MOVE. I felt slightly nauseaus for about 15 minutes when I sat up in the chair but never got sick.

I felt like I had been hit by a bus for the first couple days. :-) I did have lots of belly swelling and bruising for about a week. I was driving my car 8 days after surgery- an exciting trip to walmart with my 2 kids. Do NOT lift anything over 10lbs for a couple weeks. My vaginal area was sore for a week as well--must me when they actually remove the uterus/cervix. The tops of my thighs were numb and my right thigh is still slightly numb but I've been told it can take 4-6 months for that to go away. My left thigh "woke up" at about 7 weeks. It's no big deal and doesn't interfer with anything.

I was weepy for the first couple three days between the emotional roller coaster and the anesthesia etc. My sister came down and my girlfriend kept my 2 boys for the weekend so I could have some peace and quiet. I didn't need pain meds except motrin.

The catheter was annoying for a week but livable... I was SOOOO happy to pee on my own and figured it was a small price to pay for my health. I went to bed early during the week and took afternoon naps on the weekends for the first few weeks.

I was back at the gym working out (no abs) at 3 weeks doing spin class and the precor machines. Went on a business trip (no driving my boss drove) at 4 weeks. And worked a trade show in Vegas at week 6. People were AMAZED. I kept a pos attitude, and figured I had to help my body recovery as much as possible by keeping everything moving and I think circulation is a HUGE part of helping us heal.

I will be 3 months post op and am abolutely FINE. I have no bowel or pee issues. I have no pain anywhere. Energy level is higher than pre surgery and I am more appreciative of life.

You will get thru this, get your body ready before surgery by exercising as much as you can or itleast walking everyday. Your body is strong and wants to heal, help it as much as you can.

Also, I wrote a post a few days after my surgery to describe what was done pre-op --parts are graphic, but I wish I had known a few things.

Best of luck!

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Hi Cuzican,

Good morning....

Like lovescritters, I too had my surgery on Jan 14, 2010. Mine was a total hysterectomy (uterus & cervix). They used the DaVinci robot which is similar to what you will be having. I spent one night in the hospital. When I first woke up I was not feeling much pain at all due to the happy drug. Throughout the day, that drug wore off and they switched me to morphine. The greatest pain I had was from the gas which they use to expand the abdomen. Not everyone experiences pain from the gas. Good example, if I moved then I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. Never did I feel pain on the "inside". The pain was also from where the gas was pushing on my incisions. Please note: There was nothing that was unbearable, but it is surgery and you are best not to expect to feel great.

If possible I would recommend having someone stay overnight at the hospital with you. I was very thirsty for the first few hours and was constantly asking someone to hand me something. I did not have to go home with a catheter, just had it for the 24 hours and LOVED it as I knew I could keep drinking as much as I wanted without having to get out of bed.

My experience was a lot like what lovescritters mentioned. I had the swelly belly too until I looked down one day and realized it was back to normal! I would recommend having lose clothes to wear for the first few weeks. I was able to wear jeans after the first week, but I could not button them. The gas is usually gone after the first couple of days. I would also recommend (ask your doctor first) taking something like Milk of Magnesia for the first few days so that you do not strain during your first few bowel movements. My vagina area was sore, swollen and bruised. I too was a little weepy for the first few days, but not too much. I slept on the couch for the first few days. The bed was just too much strain on the incisions for me.

It is very, very important to keep up with the breathing exercise which they will give you. I had to have a CT scan the morning after my surgery and they found that I was beginning to develop pneumonia in my right lung. I'm a healthy active person and this was a surprise to me. The reason was....I did not want to take deep breaths to expand the lungs. I did not have complications from this, but I found out how serious ti could be if you do not exercise your lungs.

I also ended up with a urinary tract infection which is common from the catheter. Keep this in mind if you are feeling too much pressure when going to urinate so that you will know to call your doctor.

I would highly recommend finding a little pillow that can take with you to the hospital to use on the way home to put in between you and the seat belt. I took my little pillow with me throughout the house for several was my best friend as I used it to hold my abdomen when I had to go to the bathroom, cough or just helps to hold everything so that you do not expand too much.

As I mentioned in my previous message. I was able to drive after the first week. I started a new job just after two weeks. I LOVE to workout several times a week. I did not to go the gym for six weeks. I have seen several people say they were working out after the first few weeks, but I chose to listen to my doctor who has performed this surgery hundreds of times. He clearly said that the surgery I would need to correct a problem if it goes wrong, is much worse than the hysterectomy. Sure, they told me I could go to the gym after the first couple of weeks if I wanted to walk.....slow. During the first two weeks I would not even load the dishwasher, pick up a laundry basket.....almost nothing. After that, just a little more at a time. Still for six bending, stretching or lifting anything over 10lbs. This means being very careful when you are out grocery shopping during those weeks. FYI - I believe a gallon of milk weights 7lbs.

I felt great after the first couple of weeks, but I feel it is very important to tell you not to pay attention to how good you feel on the outside.....keep in mind that you will NOT be well on the inside.

Likely you are where I was before the surgery.....scared of the unknown! I was fearful of what it was going to be like, what was I going to experience and if I was going to change. I am back to normal and most of the days I do not even think about the surgery even though it was just a short time ago. The incisions are very small, I'm back at the gym, sex life is great (must admit there is still a little bit of pain which is getting better).

Please remember that every emotion you are feeling at this time is generated by a thought, so try not to stress yourself over this too much as it will be over with before you know it. And, please try not to read too much into the negative things which you may find on the internet. After the will still be the whole woman that you are now!

I know this is rather lengthy, but I hope it helps. Feel free to ask any question you may have.


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When is your surgery? sorry about the loss of your grandmother!

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Thankyou all for all the information you have provided...My surgery date is 4/21/10...I am having it done by the Davinci method...As of right now I am told I will be home the same day no hospital stay which I am hoping stays that way...I would rather be home resting than at the hospital....I have been going thru some bad emotions....I actually had to stay home from work till my surgery cuz I drive a school bus and am finding myself that as I am driving I am thinking too much and then find myself in tears...I have even went thru a red light and I felt it was best for me to stay home...I have too much responsibility driving a bus and want to keep all my children safe....Im finding it hard to keep my head clear....Thankgod for the support I have....But, they truly dont know how I am feeling inside....I wanna thank you all for all your replies....

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I understand your trepidation and concern..I had the robotic assisted TOTAL/ vaginal hysterectomy on April 9th 2010, so I am a little ove 2 weeks post op....I was told that this technology will save me pain and recovery time...The surgery was to take @ 2 1/2 hours mine took almost 5 hours because my bladder was fused to my uterus, due to the C-section I had 14 months earlier. The sites where they put the robot in one on the left one in the belly button and 2 on the right healed already, they super-glued (durmabond) mine shut which i was greatful stitches to remove later.
I was told not to life anything, unfortunately I have no choice I have a 14 month old and no help when hubby is at has not been easy they gave me 20 pain killers and sent me on my way the very next morning. I am still in pain with bowel movements and gas pains are the worst! An slight incontinance due to the bladder being fused. The Doctor says just keep my bowels and bladder as empty as I can....easier said then done of course. I don't even go see the Dr. until 4 weeks post-op....Dr. warned me not to get constipated and of course the very 1st day home what happens...well that has past, and now I am taking gas-X with meals and dealing with the pain as it aside from the BM and gas pain it all in all was a surprisingly easy experiance. Good Luck!

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I had the Davinci robot method for a radical hysterectomy in June, 2009. Removed cervix, uterus, and ovaries. I was in the hospital 3 days and I agree, the gas from the surgery was the worse! It felt like a truck ran over me for about 4-6 days. I had a lot of bedrest, like 2+ weeks and was back on my feet and pretty much back to normal by July. I understand the Davinci allows them to be incredibly accurate with what they see and remove - my doctor told me he can tease away nerve endings it is that magnified. I can't imagine having this done as an outpatient surgery! Insist they keep you at least overnight for observation.

Good luck with your surgery. Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way.

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This has been helpful, I am having a radical hysterectomy (possibly total with ovaries) this Thursday and I was so excited until now because of the pain I have been in. I am now getting nervous as the surgery draws near. If you read the personal stories on Davinci surgery, it sounds like a cinch. They say I will likely go home the same day which is fine with me. Thank you for your honest insight

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I'm not sure if you've had kids. The surgery was far easier than recovery from my 2 C Sections. Remember, it is still surgery. When I asked to get up at about 10 hours it was because I could feel the gas building up. I remembered from my kids. walking helps tremendously. It's the shuffle actually-- but you will be fine. There is also the combination of stress frocm fear, narcotics of being knocked out for hours, plus exhaustion both mental and physical because of this whole cancer thing. Best if luck on Thursday. I'll be thinking of you--


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Hi! lovescritters thank you for all the given us.I gonna have total hysterectomy this coming June and I'm worried about the side effects, especially the bowel movement which is causing me problem since I have my cone biospsy last march 23. Its been 7 weeks now but the pain in my bottom is unberable.I very active woman I play tennis a lot golf and go in the gym 4 times a week.My surgery is fine but the bowel movement is worse than my surgery.I think is gonna worse after my hysterectomy, I'm afraid.pls.give some advise what to do thank's.

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