Pregnant post Trachelectomy- worrying symptoms

I had a radical trachelectomy in 2009, and just started trying to get pregnant early this year. I am happy to say that it only took a few months and now I'm pregnant.

I have wonderful care, however as post trachelectomy pregnancies provide little history or background, it is difficult to know what is "normal" in these sorts of situations.

Just a week ago I experienced bleeding. As it was not a continuous flow and the fact that I was not experiencing cramps, the doctor said that it was no cause for concern. 4 days later I experienced the same again, this time the doctor asked that I come in. I got an ultrasound and everything appeared to be fine. Later the same day, blood again, another ultrasound, and everything seemed fine.

The doctor said that there can be unexplained blood loss during pregnancies and the fact that I had a trachelectomy could be one of the causes but doesn't necessarily indicate a problem with the pregnancy. He said that we would just keep an eye on it and that I should report future blood loss and/or cramps.

That was 2 days ago, I have blood loss again. I'm sitting here crying, I would like to think everything is ok, but it has been drilled in my head that bleeding during pregnacy is not good. I still have 24 weeks to go!

Has anyone else experienced these sorts of symptoms during your pregnancy?

scared and frustrated

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I didn't experience any bleeding during either of my pregnancies (the first with a stage 1 tumour on my cervix, the second after my trachelectomy).

I also think that your doctor's attitude sounds a bit casual. It is possible to be having cramps without feeling them - I have a friend who is pregnant with twins and she had some bleeding and was hospitalised for a few days - when they put the monitor on her it was apparent she was having contractions, even though she hadn't felt anything. I also think that the trachelectomy might affect the nerves in the area - apart from the numb area of skin around my incision, I have not experienced any menstrual cramps since my trachelectomy.

Have you contacted your doctor again about the latest bleeding? Please let us know what he says, and how you're doing.

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Congrats on getting pregnant!

I am 26 years old and also had a trachelectomy in 2009. My husband and I are trying to having a baby for four months now and nothing is happening so far. I am constintly on my toes about every little change I see or feel in my body. I sympithize with your worries and understand how stressful it is to worry. But I feel it is important to say that you should never second guess yourself on whether or not to tell your doctor. If your worried; see your doctor. Unfortunitly I can't give much advice on bleeding during pregnancy, since i am not nor ever been pregnant since my surgury. But I can tell you, that since then I have experiences spotting and full out bleeding at random times during my cycle. This bleeding never occurs with cramps. Often caused by intercourse but not always. I have talked with my doctor about this on several occasions and his answer is always the same: tissue that is not normally exposed, is now exposed as a result of the surgury, therefore it is easily irratated which inturn causes light to heavy spotting. He has also told me that it will probably be that way for the rest of my life, but it is NOT a sign of anything wrong. Atleast in my case and I feel it probably is the same for you. Trust your doctor but dont be afriad to ask question. I was curious though did you get pregnant naturely? I'm starting to worry I'll never get pregnant.

P.S. sorry about my horrible spelling

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I too had a trach 11 years ago. I had a stitch placed in my non exsistant cervix and was told that it would hold a pregnancy. At the time of my surgery I was not thinking about getting pregnant again as I had a 6 year old and my main concern was getting well. 6 years ago I met my husband and we started trying to have a baby and ofcoarse after 4 years of trying, cervical dilation, many IUI's it did not happen. We had given up and I booked an appointment for a hysterectomy as I was done with the pain that I had every month when I would get my period and also then there would be no more wondering if I would become pregnant.....well 3 days after booking my appointment I found out I was pregnant. I don't want to scare you with what I am going to write but I want to be honest. I had bleeding right from the day my period was due. I went for an ultrasound at 6 weeks and I was bleeding so much that I told the ultrasound tech that I am sorry I may be wasting his time.....I wasn't. We saw his beautiful heart beat. The bleeding stopped for about 2 weeks and then started again, I went to the hospital and was told that I was bleeding from my cervix and the baby was fine. I had my 12 week appointment with the high risk specialist, again at this point I was bleeding alittle and again was told everything looked good, my cervix was closed so nothing to worry about. I look back now and think ofcoarse my cervix is is sewn shut!!! At 16 weeks I had some cramping, it felt like my stitch was pulling and I had some slight bleeding so I went to he hospital. They couldn't do an ultrasound till the next day, when I went back the OB that I saw said she wouldn't do anything for me and sent me to Women's Hospital. I was once again seen by the doctor(the one that told me I could carry a pregnancy no problem) and he again told me my cervix is closed, go home and be on bedrest for a couple days. 2 days later my husband and I are rushing to the hospital at 2am because I am passing clots the size of tennis balls. For 2 days I stayed in the hospital with cramps and slight bleeding, by the second night they told me that we had to terminate the pregnancy because my cervix was flush with my uterus and there was nothing they could do to stop it, and if I didn't terminate I would tear right threw my stitch.. My water had not broke, I had not lost any fluid, my son's heart was stitch just could not hold him. I lost faith in the doctors that I had seem as none of them had any experience with a woman like my self, and they didn't bother to contact a doctor that has had experience with pregnancy after a trach. In the end I found a doctor myself that does the TAC, I pushed my way in to getting this done because if I had I known about it before I probably wouldn't have lost my son. Do you have a cervical stitch or an abdominal stitch? I know that the cervix needs to be monitored every 2 weeks, I would not feel bad about going to the hospital every time I felt something was wrong. I wish I had pushed a little harder last year because I may have found out about the TAC in time. So, now we have been trying once again since November with no luck.....I am trying IUI's again, but after getting some not so good results about my egg reserve (i am 38) I am not very confident that we will get pregnant again and the doctor's will not do IVf with my eggs because they won't be good quality because of my age. But I am trying to be optomistic and we will do an IUI friday!!!
Bottom line is no one knows your body like you do and if you feel that something is not right keep going to the doctor or the hosptial untill you get the answers that you are looking for you feel better. This is a time that you are suppose to be happy and overcome with joy, and I for one know how scared and worried you are. Try to keep off your feet as much as possible, drink lots of water, watch that you don't become constipated and try to relax. I hope everything works out for you......please keep us posted. Good luck (sorry I babbled on)
ps we could not have intercoarse as it caused spotting as well because it causes the uterus to contract, and not once did the doctors ever say not to, even as a precaution....

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm always happy to hear those who have come out on the other side with a healthy pregnancy. I definitely listed to my gut feeling, and have been back to the doctor for several checks. Good thing is that they are open 24 hours and I have received attentive care so I am so pleased with that. I will keep hoping that everything goes well.

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Thank you for letting me know your situations with bleeding. My doctor just told me yesterday that he has another patient in my same situation that is two weeks further than me (she is 18 weeks) and she also experienced bleeding, so much so that they thought she was having a miscarriage and she was rushed to the hospital. The bleeding has stopped, and her pregnancy is seemingly fine now, and there was also no apparant cause for the bleeding. Somehow the story gave me peace...someone is also going through the same thing as me. I think my doctor will keep me posted as the two of us are going through this together.

I can imagine your worries about getting pregnant. I am a very impatient person and I am usually positive, but I was really expecting the worst and didn't think I would post trachelectomy. Unlike your young self, I am 38, so that is the additional miracle. To be honest I wasn't trying intensely in the first few months, and the moment that I relaxed (and also used an at home ovulation test) boom, it happened! Everyone is different, and we never know what the affects of this surgery has been on us, but I would say be patient, relax, as it could take some time (my doctors were surprised that I got pregnant naturally in under a year...and being 38 and all.)


So hang in there, and I hope that you get your dream

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Dear Greeneiz,

What a touching story. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can imagine how helpless you must have felt, especially when there was no one who could help with your situation. I am also 38, but this is my first baby so I am so hopeful that it all works out alright.

The one thing I didn't mention is that I am going to a doctor who is in a University hospital. The same hospital that performed my trachelectomy. For me to get pregnant was a success for them and their focus to do as much as they can to get me and the baby safely to the end of it. Although my doctor had no experience with my situation, he immediately connected with a team of colleagues to discuss it and suggest a course of action. Before the bleeding even started, he determined that the best route is to check my cerclage (cervical) every two weeks and to start giving me weekly progesterone shots to relax the womb to discourage it from going into premature labor. I had my first shot yesterday. My cerclage appears to be in place and he said that it is completely closed- so no pulling or tearing. He double checked on the ultrasound as well. From what I understand, these frequent checks and weekly injections, and taking care of myself are all I can do.

You are so right, I need to make sure that if I have concerns I go to the doctor and I need to make sure that they are giving my case the attention it deserves.

I will keep you posted!

p.s. intercourse??? ....don't even remember what the looks like :-) Once I found out I was pregnant we took the extra precaution to obstain...better safe than sorry.

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