Pregnant after LEEP & Cone Biopsy

Hello, I am 37 years old and just found out I am approximately 6 weeks pregnant. I had both a LEEP procedure and Cone Biopsy in 1997 at the age of 24. What can I expect and what precautions should I take? Any input will be greatly appreciated!!!


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I had a cone then got pregnant and carried a beautiful baby girl until 42 weeks. Your modwife will monitor you and possible stitch your cervix at 14 weeks and take out the stitch at 37 weeks. This is to make sure you dont go into labour early because you have a weak cervix.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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that's so great to hear, we were just going to start trying and then I got the bad news about having to get the cone. Thank you, that gives me hope!

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Thanks for the kind words but unfortunately, I had a miscarriage on Tuesday! I am absolutely devastated and don't know what to do from here! I want to try again but don't know if I can handle the heartbreak! My doctor said it had nothing to do with my prior procedures, just wasn't meant to be I guess! :(

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I'm so sorry to hear that! I can't image what you are going through! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, but just know that it is possible for you to have a healthy baby even after having gone through the surgery. I had a cone biopsy in September of '09 and they gave me a pregnancy test at the hospital and it was negative. Come to find out, I was about 2 weeks pregnant, which wasn't far enough along to register on the test. I was a nervous wreck about not having had any time for my cervix to heal before getting pregnant, as my doctor had said we should wait at least 6 months before trying. But, there were no complications throughout the duration of my pregnancy and I never even needed a cerclage! I delivered a healthy baby girl one year ago and am now pregnant with her little brother.

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Thank you for the words of encouragement everyone! I want to try again but am a bit scared! My partner is all ready to try again - he was so excited about my first pregnancy! I guess if it is meant to be it will happen and hearing your stories gives me much hope! Thank you all again! :)

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