precancerous cells on vaginal wall

Hi I am 55 yo and had HPV 4 years ago and had a hysterectomy. I see a lot of young women on here. i didn't have a papsamear after my hysterectomy. I didn't know I had to. My new gynocologist said you usually don't need one but u have HPV and u should have had 1 every 6 months. He gave me a papsmear and also checked for blood in my stool. My stool came back pos for blood and my pap came back with displaysia and it was high so I had biopsies of vaginal wall and I haven't gotten results. I have appt tuesday and they will tell me then. Weather they come back high or not I will have to see a gynological/oncologist. If it comes back low it will eventually go high. That's how it works. You always have HPV. I was told I will probably have to have radiation and chemo because of where it is.

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Can't they just removed the pre-cancerous abnormal cells? If it's not cancer yet then why would they do radiation and chemo? Did they say they are doing that no matter what or only when it becomes cancer?

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I would think they could do that but I had a hysterectomy with precancerous cels but that was because I wasn't having any more kids and was going through menopause anyway but when I had my paps mear they found precancerous cells and now I am waiting for tue for results....the doctor told me I would go to gyno/oncologist. I really wasn't told that though. I'm assuming thats what they will do because I don't and haven't read anything on this. I've been looking though. I was thinking there must be a way to scrape off 1st line of the wall and I think theyu do radiation to be sure in case they didn't get all of the cells but I don't know. It was his nurse that mentioned radiation. TY for asking cause I don't really know for sure until I see doctor. I will post after I see doctor on tue.

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I can't believe your Dr. didn't tell you to come back and do paps. I am at 5 yrs and my Dr. still sets up appointments and he does paps every appt. He found adnormal in my last one but that is not the first time. They can't find anything wrong when they do a colposcopy and another pap. Hang in there and stay positive. Prayers are being said for you. Take care.

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It was the nurse who called me and told me I had dispasia and that I needed biopsies. I asked her if it comes out high for precancerous cells that I would see gyno/oncologist. She said I would probably need radiation and possibly chemo. When I saw my doctor for biopsies he told me sometimes if your pap comes back high they do biopsies to make sure. When u have HPV you always have it. First precancerous low for cervix then 6 months later after 2 papsmears it was high. I never had a pap after hysterectomy because I thought the HPV was gone but he told me because I have HPV i should of had paps every 6 months. My doctor only told me if biopsies were high i would go to gyno/oncologist. So I don't know what they r going to do. It was the nurse who told me radiation and chemo. The doctor didn't say anything. There should be a way to take 1 layer of skin off in vagina and make sure it didn't go further. But because they r precancerous I would think that they would want me to have radiation after that to make sure because they could turn cancerous. There are 150 diffy HPV's and 40 of them are cancerous. I go tomorrow...Tuesday to see my gyno and ger results of biopsies. I don't think the nurse should have told me what she did. It's the oncologist who decides what options I have and up to me if I do it. The very top of my vagina is caved in so they had a really hard time getting a good biopsy from there. I think they should cut out the top lol. Radiation just assures me that if they missed any precancerous cells it will take care of that.

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WhenI had my hysterectomy, the day after I went into complete respiratory failure do to an allergy in my lungs. I really don't know if my then gyno told me because I was very very sick. I have a new gyno now and he is very good. so the other gyno could have told me but I didn't remember, so I didn't have any paps. TY for the prayers God Bless

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I have been cancer free almost 5 years in January, but I as of july of this year test HPV positive after being negative after cancer treatments. They found abnormal cells so they went in and did laser surgery which only took 15 minutes (I was totally knocked out) and then I had my checkup on October 10, 2011 and I am again HPV Negative and NO abnormal cells. Was told I don't have to go back for a year. So actually the HPV can go away but then come back. Oh the surgery was on the vaginal wall ( only have the top part of my vagina due to a radical hysterectomy in 08.) so you might ask about that.
Good luck and hope its good news today at your doctors

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