Please help me get in contact with Virolab for Mel-1 vaccine

I know that some of you, including oheather, curehpv, and bfly have gone to mexico for the vaccine, and I want to go as well. I plan to go as soon as possible, so I want to book an appointment with the reputable clinic that others have already attended and been treated successfully. I am immunocompromised, and so hpv will be especially difficult to treat for me. I really really need the vaccine.

I would appreciate your help so much!!!


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Fill out information here. I am going myself when I have the money and my boyfriend and I can go.

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Thanks so much WantToClear95. I really appreciate your help.

Happy Holidays


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Hello, re-inventionrl. I was wondering if you had any luck getting in touch with someone from the clinc or if you got any answers back from I already left a message there about a month ago but no one answered or anything.. I would REALLY REALLY like and need to believe that that vaccine and the whole deal with dr.Rosales is the real deal but sometimes I cant help but feel that there's too much unwarranted secrecy from the people who already had the vaccine regarding contact information and stuff like that.. I dont get why really

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They are secret because it's a small office, and they don't want to overwhelm them.

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