Pap was to figure out what is wrong with me..

Well, I received a call from the receptionist at my OB's office on Monday and she said that my pap came back negative. I am relieved in a sense but not relieved because I want to know what is wrong with me then. The low burning type back pain is still here, discharge, bleeding after sex (though not all the time) etc. Also, the ultrasound was negative for cysts. I am thankful that it came back negative and I can now relax though.

I think I should make a plan to go to my primary care doctor. Maybe it's a kidney stone?

Thanks for all the support while I waited! I still want to hang around here! I guess it is true that your body can really fight the HPV!


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Hello there, please try to go to gyn/onc if possible, we all know that pap smear alone is not always enough, I have read a lot of stories even Jade Goody(+) was misdiagnosed back then. I am a sccc 1b1 survivor. It's good to know that your pap is negative, but since you have this discharge and bleeding after sex please get another opinion if possible get the opinion of gyn/oncologist, there is no harm in trying. Be your own advocate, I have discharge and bleeding after sex before my diagnosis. I'm not sure if u can request a more thorough exam like D&C sort in your place, it is better because they can get more cells from you and have less tendency to miss a spot although they only do this procedure after a miscarriage or with very heavy bleeding but they may give you if you insist. Do not get me wrong, I don't want to scare you. I will hope and pray that all your symptoms are not serious. I wish no more momen will suffer from this disease. Everyday I pray that my cancer will not comeback. It's hard but I live everyday hoping and praying and praying that no one will have to endure this again. Maybe in the future cervical cancer will be a history, it is not impossible, vaccine is here now and in the next generations we hope to see less and less cc victims until it will be no more.

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Please make sure you continue to follow up carefully with this. Every single pap of mine has been normal but I had HPV and cervical carcinoma in situ. I no longer trust pap smears because of this. I now get colposcopy's every 4 months with HPV testing.

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If you have discharge and bleeding, your body is telling you something. Don't ignore this symptom! With your symptoms I wouldn't put it off. Good luck and keep us posted. Many of us had those symptoms. Mk

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Yes - I'm glad to hear the PAP was negative, however, and I don't mean to alarm you - but PAPs can be wrong and there is a type of rare cervical cancer, Small Cell Neuroendocrine Adenocarcinoma (Small cell cervical cancer - SCCC) that will not show on a PAP. It took colposcopy biopsies and a hysterectomy to confirm mine - and even then the pathology lab got it wrong and my sample had to be sent to Mass. General Hosp to the SCCC expert to confirm. I went from having normal PAPs to this rare form of agressive cancer in a matter of months. Luckily, because it was caught early the tumor up in my cervical canal in the glands had not spread. But I still needed a hysterectomy, margins, lymph nodes removed and 6 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of daily external pelvic radiation. Today, 11 years later, I am alive and well. Don't trust PAPs alone - go to a GYN specialist if you are having pain, bleeding, anything odd. It might just be an infection(that's what we thought) since I don't have HPV, or it could be something serious. Be your own advocate and get some further testing done. All the best to you!

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Thank you everyone for your care and concern. It just puzzles me that the HPV test also came back negative. I had cryotherapy about 8? years ago for the HPV (I had all sorts of different strains including I think 16 and 18?). The back pain is what is the worst, I'm having it right now and had it all day yesterday. I am probably going to contact my primary care doctor and talk with her about it. The OB I went to is a new one for me (but she was the one who 8 years ago performed the cryotherapy when she was in a different practise and now she owns her own).

My last pap about 2 years ago now (almost 3) was normal also or at least I was not told. This was right after I got pregnant with my now 20 month old.

Again, thanks for your concern. I'm going to try and make an appointment next week with my GP. She is wonderful and truly listens to me and my concerns so we will see what she says!

As a side note, the bleeding after sex is not all the time only on a few occaisions but the discharge is kind of bothersome (TMI) but it always feels wet "down there". The discharge is almost like I'm constantly ovulating (though not as thick) and last month I had brown/blood tinged discharge for about 2 days (though could have been related to ovulation but I've never had that before).

Thanks and many prayers and blessings to you all!


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Oh, also wanted to add that I did have an external and internal ultrasound which showed nothing. Would something have showed up there?

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I, too, have been experiencing spotting after sex for the past year. It tends to be during the two weeks prior to my period but does occasionally happen outside that time frame. I freaked out when the symptoms started because my postpartum pap (Oct 2008) had come back as ASC-H. The followup biopsy (Dec 2008) was CIN I and we decided to watch it. A pap in March 2009 came back normal. The symptoms began in August 2008 and a pap, cultures, and ECC were performed and came back normal. An additional pap and HPV test in January 2009 came back normal as well. I insisted on another colposcopy and the doctor was able to see the area of my cervix that was bleeding so easily. She took several punch biopsies, all of which came back normal. Now the plan is for me to go back again in October for another pap. The explanation that my doctor gave for the bleeding is that my cervix never healed properly after the birth of my son. The symptoms were likely delayed a year because I breastfed and the hormones affect blood flow to the cervix (puts you in a sort of early menopause). Once I stopped breastfeeding and the hormones returned to normal, the symptoms began. I really hope she's right but part of me wonders if she is. I'm not really sure what else to do though.

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